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What to wear with a green dress and what accessories to choose?

What to wear with a green dress and what accessories to choose?

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  1. The combination of shades of green with other colors
  2. Emerald
  3. Laced
  4. Long
  5. Short dress
  6. Footwear
  7. Jewelry and accessories
  8. Tights
  9. Outerwear

The chosen dress can tell a lot about its owner. For example, green indicates tenderness and calmness of a girl. Usually green lovers are those who admire life.

But you need to take into account the fact that brunettes, like brown-haired women, should prefer transparent greenish colors, while blondes are recommended to stay on brighter and more saturated shades.

The combination of shades of green with other colors

Dress from dark green to light green shades will always be relevant. Just every woman of fashion needs to find her own color that will complement her beauty and emphasize, for example, the color of her eyes.

With what shades can you combine green? In fact, the green color goes well with various shades:

  • Blue, purple, yellow, crimson, white, gray or black are often worn in combination with green;
  • Khaki with earthy, ocher or warm cinnamon tinge will be the perfect complement to the green color of the dress;
  • With ultraviolet light looks great celadon;
  • An interesting solution would be a combination of purple and green.


This color is attributed to an elegant tone, which in its own way is also considered a vintage hue. Combine it with chocolate and coffee shades.

Dark green

The dress of dark green color perfectly emphasizes the shades of Burgundy, black colors and leopard prints. The pistachio shade perfectly harmonizes with the dark green tone.

But with a dress of bright green color coral, white and yellow shades of accessories, outerwear and shoes are best combined.

Light green

For dresses in a cool green color, it is best to select silver accessories that emphasize the solemnity of the whole image. Very nice green dress will look with a bag and shoes of golden and peach color.


Lacy dress of green shade will always look interesting enough. In fact, such a beautiful outfit is already considered an ornament. The dress is quite self-sufficient and therefore does not require any additional and all the more voluminous accessories.

For such a gorgeous dress, a clutch bag or a small handbag to match is perfect. But from the jewelry gold chain, rings, a thin bracelet and earrings will be more suitable for a dark green shade of the dress.


A green floor dress made from expensive materials such as satin, velvet or lace is a luxurious evening dress. Accessories are selected simple, such as a contrasting belt or clutch.

Short dress

A short casual dress of emerald hue goes well with stiletto heels, ballet flats, gym shoes and sandals in black or white.

But a short formal dress is best, of course, to wear with high-heeled shoes. It is better to choose the color of the shoes in the color of accessories, that is, in accordance with the handbag, jewelry and belt. Elegant will look, for example, black or beige color.


The choice of a particular shade of shoes is considered quite important point. It is necessary to remember that warm shades are combined only with warm tones, and cold, respectively, only with cold.

Classic shoes are, for example, white shoes. Firstly, this color is universal, and secondly, it is best combined with any green shade.

Jewelry and accessories

You can choose jewelery and accessories to match a green dress or slightly different colors by a few tones, but it’s best to play with rich colors of companions.

An elegant belt will be a luxurious accent for a green dress. With the help of a neat belt, the waistline is emphasized, and the silhouette will be more subtle and feminine.

But classic shoes and a big bag in a contrasting color will be a great finish.

If we talk about jewelry, they can be massive, while the top of the dress should be open.

The rich green shades of the dress easily emphasize silver and gold jewelry.


Color tights also should not be overlooked. Usually, black tights, which visually lengthen the legs, are chosen to be dark green, but neutral or physical tights are best suited to warm shades and light green tones.


For a simple knit dress, a leather jacket of red or black is best, you can also wear a blazer or jacket. The bolero or fur cape will add sophistication to an evening dress. Cardigan can be thrown over the dress shirt.

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