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What to wear with a yellow dress?

What to wear with a yellow dress?

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The yellow dress is designed to raise the mood not only for its owner, but also for the people around him. This color is considered a summer shade, although in some variations it can be worn in the winter or in demi-season.

Yellow tone requires special attention. On the one hand, it suits almost everyone, but is demanding of combinations with other shades.


For each style of yellow dress and every situation you need to choose the right shoes.

For the summer model of the dress, boots-gladiators or coral, orange and fuchsia-colored sandals, classic shoes or moccasins are best suited.

Shoes with a flower or butterfly print are welcome under the yellow dress.

Under the trapeze dress it is best to put on sharp pointed flats or shoes that have a buckle. Choosing the color of the shoe to match the tone of the collar, you can create a winning option.

Flared, fitted model blends in beautifully with elegant dark-colored pumps with an open spout.

Under the dress in safari style, it is better to choose sandals, the color of which will ideally be combined with a hint of a belt. The sole of the sandal must be flat or on the wedge so that you can go for a long walk.

If you choose semi-sport sandals on a small square heels, this outfit will be suitable for outdoor use or for office work.

Shoes of brown, milk and beige color are suitable for office.


With what to wear a yellow dress to create a spectacular image?

Leather belt and silk ribbon will be a great addition to the dress, with no restrictions on the choice of color. But the buckle should not be large.

For the solemn event, it is better to combine a dress with bright blue and red decorations. For example, you can choose a lacquered belt in one color, a stylish elegant clutch and beautiful shoes.

Black and yellow - a classic, especially relevant in the evening image.

Snake print goes well with a yellow dress, but yellow shoes are not the worst option for social events.

Not large earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of white metal with crystals and rhinestones, various costume jewelry, only gold products are prohibited, will suit the evening dress.

The restaurant is better to wear a dress with pearl jewelry or silver accessories. A bolero jacket will add sophistication to the image.

White and pale pink accessories will give a romantic look.

For a walk, for example, with a yellow dress, it is better to wear ballet flats, and from above put on a knitted cardigan, a denim jacket.

In the daytime, you can experiment with blue sandals and large jewelry, green clutch and shoes.

The brown belt will complement the yellow dress, as well as accessories of chocolate shades and coffee color. Choose from wooden jewelry beads or amber earrings. Replace shoes with lace leather boots, and choose a wide-brimmed hat as a hat.

To create a business image is better to choose a simple dress and decorate it with a scarf.

Brightness of yellow will be muffled by light gray and pearl accessories. A fine accent will be a leather woven belt, it will add elegance to the whole image.

Creating an office style, such an outfit is better to wear with solid solid and not shiny tights.

Glasses are best to choose with red, brown or golden rim.


With the choice of tights should be careful. Pantyhose for skin tone or pantyhose for one / two tones darker would be an ideal option for a yellow shade dress.Gray tights can be combined with lemon color attire. Carefully thought out image will allow you to wear black tights that will look great with a yellow dress.

For example, for a tight dress with a luxurious tulip skirt and a high waist from shoes, boots will be more suitable, you can wear a stylish scarf and leather jacket, black tights will be a great addition.


A sheath dress or a dress in the original new look style can be complemented with a classic jacket. In combination to the image it is better to choose shoes with elegant little handbag.

A black blazer / cardigan will be a great outfit choice to complete the look of a yellow dress. By itself, black is quite versatile.

By the way, the jacket and cardigan can be of different lengths to perfectly match the dress and its length and color. This combination is quite possible, only this image is not for everyone.

If we are talking about early spring / autumn, then it is quite appropriate to put on a fur vest from above on a yellow dress.

A leather belt with a small buckle will be a wonderful decoration that will perfectly accentuate the waist. From shoes it is better to choose ankle boots to match the dress.

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