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Beige Evening Dresses

Beige Evening Dresses

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  1. Color features
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Styles
  4. Combination with other colors
  5. Evening dresses in the style of nude
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When choosing an evening dress, most girls pay attention primarily to its color. The style can be picked up later. The primary task is to decide on a touch. It is no secret that different colors can look differently on those or other young ladies. It depends on skin color, eye color, hair color, and even body type. Beige evening dresses for many decades do not go out of fashion. This is a calm, pastel tone with the color of the skin, able to emphasize the advantages of the lady, and at the same time hide certain figure flaws.

Color features

Many for some reason believe that beige is too simple. In fact, it is not. In clothes, beige color can manifest itself in a variety of ways.

You like experiments, but it seems to you that such a color is boring, discreet and completely faceless? In vain. In fact, beige is often the crown of famous designers.

It should be understood that under the unusual names of complex, such as pink vanilla, pale sea lobster or ice mocha, it actually hides a beige color.

This is not a faded shade. He is quite capable of being feminine, incredibly soft. Choosing summer outfits beige, you create a light, weightless image. If you prefer more dense fabrics, then you can add elegance and elegance to your appearance.

Many successfully move from the already annoying black to beige. This is a great alternative that can play with new colors and give new impressions. No wonder that recently on the red carpet the stars of the stage and television are increasingly appearing in beige outfits.

Who is suitable?

Today the world of fashion offers a very wide variety of styles of evening dresses, made in beige shades. It only says that every girl and woman will be able to choose the perfect option for themselves.

If you have brown hair, then we recommend to prefer a beige dress. Honey blonde can go the same way, because beige provides a fashionable spa-effect, that is, it makes the face fresh, emphasizes the natural attractiveness of the body and face.

It is important to remember that the color of the dress and the shade of the skin should in no way coincide. To avoid this situation, use the possibilities of textured fabrics, satin, prints and lace. A striking example is the combination of black and beige evening dress, which is ideal for fair-haired beauties.


You can choose short models not only for trips to evening meetings. This is a very elegant option that can highlight your beauty at a celebration or a cocktail party.

Long options for dresses are now presented in all sorts of forms. Among this variety, I would like to particularly highlight the outfit with a deep V-neck in the neck area, as well as with notches on the back. Add to this light and transparent fabric, which will create a unique airy image. You will be floating in the air.

Do not forget that we are dealing with a neutral color. This indicates a very important point - you will need to use an unusual cut with drapes, beads. Such outfits should be supplemented with embroidery, feathers, stones and sequins or other additions to the dress itself, or an emphasis should be made on bright and well-chosen jewelery. You can choose only one thing.All this adds to the high cost of the dress, emphasizes the sophistication and femininity of the image.

If you are planning to go on a romantic date, then a beige dress is best done on the basis of lace, guipure, or stop the choice on a cocktail dress. The fitting model is perfectly combined with black jackets, leather jackets, as well as batilions with a high heel of a similar shade.

Combination with other colors

It is no secret that plain dresses can look gorgeous, but then a special requirement is made for jewelry and accessories. As for the outfits, in which not one but two or more colors are used, there are also certain specific nuances.

Beige is an incredibly flexible color that can be successfully combined with almost all the pastel shades.

In addition, he likes to make a tandem with classic flowers:

  • black
  • gray;
  • red;
  • white;
  • purple;
  • emerald;
  • wine;
  • dark blue, etc.

You can use the important advantages of beige - a good combination in contrasts.

However, certain situations or the nature of the event may require that your outfit be more restrained. For such cases it is better to combine beige shades with pastel and white solutions.

As practice shows, beige dress is ideal for events that last more than a couple or even a few hours. Here we are talking about weddings, proms. A good addition in this case will be a shawl or jacket. You can wear them if the holiday began in the afternoon, and ended only in the evening, when it became somewhat cooler.

Evening dresses in the style of nude

The last two seasons clearly indicate that the huge popularity of lingerie and nude style has come. Spring-summer of this year showed a lot of collections from popular designers, in which translucent fabrics, nets, lace, amazing cuts, open back areas became an important element.

The basis for creating a dress with a nude effect can be either a translucent or transparent fabric, or simple silk, satin with a dense structure, flowing fabrics. As a rule, the outcrop effect is relevant specifically for evening dresses. They require certain decorations that look best from beads, stones or embroidery.

Of course, they complement the bikini or bust zone. It turns out a very interesting game. It would seem, on the one hand, all the charms are covered, but on the other - it is to these "shameful" places that most attention of others is attracted. The image is not vulgar, but at the same time incredibly attractive.

All thanks to a beige shade. After all, it is the best way to create the effect of the naked body. Envious women will definitely try to see if you have shown something extra, whether you managed to close everything with beads and embroidery. But in fact, you will be perfectly dressed, without any extra sexuality, frankness.

Yet you should not cross the line of true femininity and go to the elements of vulgarity. This lady will not allow this, even when choosing an evening dress to go to a restaurant with her beloved.

It is noteworthy that the nude effect often becomes a real trend in the framework of the Oscars. Many stars have already used outfits, emphasizing the delights of skin and body.

It should be understood that the color nude is simply an attempt to copy the color of your own skin with a dress. It is due to this that the impression is created that you are completely naked, and only a small bead or lace hides “shame”.

Nobody talks about outcrop, the use of full transparent fabrics. It is too vulgar and defiant. Proper use of the effect of exposure allows you to give the lady refinement, elitism, maintain dignity and show the true taste in terms of choice of clothes.But keep in mind, the use of nude colors, such as caramel, sand, cream or solid, makes to a certain extent match it.

So, the effect of exposure will not tolerate, if the image is lax and revolutionary. In this case, in no case should we do strange, bold hairstyles, use progressive shoes, which is unknown to which stylistic direction belongs.

On the other hand, a discreet styling of classic forms, or a fashionable, but neat and well-groomed haircut, is perfect for nude effect. It is impossible that the hair was sticking out in all directions and even more so were collected in some shapeless bundle.

The same can be said about the choice of shoes. The ideal solution will serve as a classic boat. Whether the platform will be on them or not is a purely individual decision. Alternatively, use sandals, clogs, complemented by shiny straps. If the shoes are decorated with stones, this will create the most profitable image, combined with the effect of the naked body.


Quite a few gentle, sophisticated looks are created with beige outfits. It makes competent approach to the choice of accessories. For example, choose shoes or exquisite sandals in a traditional, classic style. But do not wear high heels. Wanting to give brightness along, shoes and accessories are better to take gentle shades - blue, coral, pink, etc.

Choosing a gold or sand outfit, under them is better to use brighter jewelry and accessories.

Many forget about the importance of stockings and tights. But in fact there should also be careful. Remember, pantyhose to choose the right skin tone. However, some stylists say the opposite - the black tights are the perfect choice for them. Here you can choose, try and experiment.

As you can see, the beige color is not as boring and monotonous, as many might think. Of course, it is necessary to choose a dress competently in order to achieve the desired result. In fact, similar words can be attributed to any color.

An important advantage of beige is that it is not necessary to have an ideal figure or proportions for its use in the evening look. Just decide on the style, length, pick the right accessories, place accents on the obvious advantages, and also use effective methods to hide flaws.

The choice of an evening dress is a difficult, but in many respects interesting process. Here you can and should experiment, clearly feel the line between femininity and vulgarity, and also make the best use of what nature has given you. Never forget how beautiful you are and that you deserve only the best. The most beautiful decoration for a dress is your smile and confidence in your own attractiveness. Remember this always.

  1. Alice

    When a beige is in skin color, a very provocative dress is obtained ...

  2. Katya

    Beige dresses are very beautiful, but not all are suitable. But in my wardrobe this color is often.

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