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Turquoise Evening Dresses

Turquoise Evening Dresses

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When choosing an image, it is impossible to discard its color performance, which also cannot be assigned the last role in importance. In addition, each color has a deep meaning, and about the combination of colors with each other can not be forgotten. Turquoise evening dresses for several seasons in a row do not go out of fashion, we will tell about them in this article.

Color value

Water and green - two shades that form the basis of creating a turquoise color. If we turn to ancient knowledge, it turns out that it is this color that serves as a magnet for all natural forces aimed at protecting people from the influence of evil spirits.

Eastern women believed that if a newborn was wrapped in a turquoise canvas, it would be protected from death and disease.

The dress for the bride was impossible without the addition of the turquoise element, which served as a symbol of changes in the girl's life and helped her to move into a new image of a married woman.

If you turn to psychology, you will find the connection between the love of turquoise color and the desire for spiritual purity. The effect of color on the state of a person and his mood has already been proven.

Recharge optimism, to get a share of confidence and become more good-natured, it is possible due to the clothing of turquoise tones. Even the attitude of others changes on a subconscious level at the sight of a person dressed in turquoise.

Any clothes of this color are suitable for going to a romantic date and for holding a business meeting.


The hit of the season from year to year serves turquoise evening dress. One of the few, this color has no age restrictions, it goes full, thin and slender. Isn't this a sign of color uniqueness?

If the conversation comes about femininity and romance, then it is the turquoise color that is in priority. Fortunately, there are an unlimited number of models of turquoise dresses, despite the fact that there are only 5 styles, so there certainly won't be any problems in choosing a dress from this color range.

Relevant are:

  • Empire style and Greek;
  • lush outfits;
  • straight models;
  • a-silhouette models;
  • mermaid.

As for the length of the dresses, there are no restrictions as such; you can only focus on the reason that caused the purchase of a turquoise dress:

  • at the party, in a nightclub and for dancing, short models (even mini) are suitable, possibly with an open back, decorated with sequins or a fringe;
  • A romantic evening to have a good time in a long dress and drown in luxury, which is also suitable for a family anniversary, a significant anniversary or attending a wedding celebration. A long outfit with a floor length will be perfectly complemented by a high hairstyle with neatly gathered hair or curly locks. This image will add the missing harmony.

Turquoise colors in the collections of famous designers

Does it make sense to engage in a detailed listing of all existing styles, after all, designers from Italy and France have already diversified their collections with such models, from which the gift of speech is taken away. Everything is present in them, without which the dress ceases to be a decoration of a woman: elegance, sophistication, beauty.

All fabrics that can flow and have weightlessness are appropriate: a body satin cooling, soft silk, magical guipure.

Rosa Clara

The famous brand Rosa Clara has not bypassed the color of the sea wave in a recent collection, which used all shades of turquoise.

The models turned out to be tender, interesting and stylish. Most of them are in the shade of dark turquoise.

Saiid Kobeisy

In the recent spring-summer collection, Saiid Kobeisy presented several models in turquoise.

Strictly closed for conservative girls, sexy with a cut for fashionistas and short with a full skirt for summer holiday parties - in a word, the variety is impressive.

Saiid Kobeisy dresses are sexy and feminine, they captivate with their lightness and style.

To suit

When we talk about a turquoise dress, we make a mistake, because this color has huge variations in tones, shades and subtones. It will be difficult not to choose a suitable dress in the required color, even if we take into account the color type of a person.

But without attention all the same it is impossible to leave those features of appearance that are fundamental when choosing clothes:

  • fair-haired blondes will enjoy light turquoise, similar to all shades that are present on a cloudless sky;
  • brunettes with dark skin and brown-haired women will be appropriate to all shades from the palette of natural turquoise. Bright, well-saturated color solutions deserve special attention;
  • bright red and fiery copper hair are the reason to choose a combination of turquoise and green.

Well, if you still doubt, feel free to choose the color of natural, pure turquoise, because for each girl it will be the perfect option.

A color scheme

If we talk about additions to the turquoise dress, then two options are most often chosen - white and black. These combinations are win-win, but still turquoise - so unique color that the introduction of any other will not create a conflict. For experiments, limitless possibilities open here and even by choosing green shoes under a turquoise dress, you can be sure of the perfectness of your image.

Gray and even brown tones will also create harmony and stand out on a turquoise dress. But they can be replaced by clutches, bracelets and belts.

Love for gold should not be hidden just because they decided to shine in turquoise. Bronze color of gold jewelry is more suitable than bright yellow.

Do not get carried away with purple and red flowers in accessories, because the spectacular turquoise dress will fade.

Do you want to add a leopard scarf or a scarf? In courage you are not worthy, although in such a combination there is a sense. Any abstraction and floral prints will carry originality and even creativity. Ethno style additions are no exception. The main thing here is not to get too into the taste and stop in time. More than two accessories - already bust.

  1. Masha

    I think there is no prettier color! Turquoise dress - the most favorite in my wardrobe. In it you feel somehow especially.

  2. Vika

    I wear only gold jewelry to any dress, and turquoise is certainly no exception. The color itself is bright, why create unnecessary accents? Loved the collection of Rose Clara.

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