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Maroon evening dresses

Maroon evening dresses

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  1. Color features
  2. Styles
  3. What to wear
  4. Choice of accessories

You can emphasize your courage with clothes using the color "Bordeaux". This original name is as common as burgundy or cherry. In fact, all these colors are different shades of red, although they have very subtle and almost imperceptible differences that may not be noticeable to everyone. A more fashionable color, which is used to create women's clothing than Bordeaux, will be difficult to find. He is also able to enrich the image, add color and expressiveness.

There are no simple burgundy evening dresses, just as there are no unsuitable reasons for putting on such a bright dress.

Color features

Solidity, confidence and conservatism, stability and stability - all this is reflected in burgundy color. Accordingly, lovers of burgundy things confidently go through life, do not show unnecessary emotions and have a strong character.

In the burgundy color there is sophistication, it brings brightness to life, and makes a person more cheerful. Never a girl in a burgundy evening dress will feel like a gray mouse and merge with the general mass of guests.


It will not be possible to limit yourself in choosing the style of the Bordeaux evening dress, as the stores try to satisfy every taste and present their guests with the simplest and most unusual and bold variations of cut. From it can be created the whole image or only individual elements. The choice should be based on where you are going to go in this dress. The most effective image will turn out in an evening dress of claret color in a floor.

For a youth party would be a good choice dress of the color of red wine. Silk dress of deep burgundy color will make you irresistible. Good options are dresses made of brocade or chiffon.

We have already mentioned the versatility of burgundy color, but there are still certain styles that will be more advantageous and look good in this color:

  1. The first type of dress has similar elements with the Greek style, for example, high waist.
  2. The second excellent option for the embodiment of Bordeaux will be a dress with a V-neck, but not deep and too revealing. Let it only slightly creates intrigue, and the seductiveness of the image will lie on the color.
  3. The third - the model with drapery.

If the outfit is chosen for work, then there will undoubtedly be predominantly classic fit. All other elements of the image can be made in olive or gray. If this color does not suit you much, but the desire to possess a burgundy dress overpowers you, then pay attention to other shades.

What to wear

It is not so simple actually turns a burgundy dress when you start to pick up accessories and other items of clothing. And not only the style here plays the largest role, namely color.

Always a good and winning option is a combination of black elements with burgundy color. It will bring restraint and rigor.

Well, if this option does not suit you, then mixing different burgundy shades in one image is very fashionable now. Dark blue and purple, beige and pink, purple and dark gray - all this can be chosen to complement the burgundy dress.

For the evening exit, you can use a light cape and clutch in silver color.

Choice of accessories

Since the burgundy color itself is rich and bright, the decorations should not be massive, screaming and challenging.

The main thing in the selection of accessories is restraint and conciseness. Bracelet or chain of gold or silver, a small brooch with natural stone. It makes sense to experiment with a golden belt or a scarf.

Black and white colors should be present in the make-up. For lips, choose burgundy color, which can be replaced with neutral shades.

  1. Margarita

    Maroon evening dress is not as flashy as red, but at the same time attracts attention. The dress on the 3m photo seems to be just gorgeous with rose petals.

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