Evening dresses

Black evening dress

Black evening dress

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Eternal catwalk hit is black dresses. And at the last shows, designers have relied on their revival. They presented fresh and bold ideas for such a versatile and elegant color. Many immediately recall Coco Chanel with her “little black dress”.

Fashion models

Black dresses on the floor seemed to take us back to the past, when courteous gentlemen courteously courted ladies, presented them with compliments, flowers and gifts. Their fair skin looked great against a dark dress. And this added to the image of mystery and mystery.

Even now, only a woman decides how far she will go in terms of showing her charms:

  • The sleeveless dress is the choice of those who want to show beautiful handles, gentle hangers;
  • A high cut is suitable for those who have long and slender legs;
  • Deep cleavage will show an appetizing chest;
  • Decorated straps or one shoulder strap will show how beautiful and well-groomed back;
  • Cutouts in the waist zone will expose the body, but will not overstep the limits of what is permitted.


If you need a refined, elegant evening dress, then this is an exceptionally black long dress. With its help you will emphasize the elegance of your figure, add slimness where it is required, hide those parts of the body that you don’t want to show.

This season, the designers paid special attention to satin shiny fabric, which shows all its nobility and high cost in black. Most importantly, they do not create the effect of additional volume.

The main accents are placed on femininity and sophistication, because the silhouettes are mostly concise, but not without a hint of sexuality. Provocative cleavage has become a trend among designers, and Basque will give only originality to the image. Also, you do not have to worry about skin tone, since black color will suit any type.

The skirt looks especially chic, if decorated with the color of gold with sequins, loose rhinestones or beads, embroidery, drapery or fluffy flare is used. If there are ideal proportions of the figure, you will look chic in a tight-fitting model with a neckline along the entire thigh.

Make the same impression on others, avoiding excessive exposure, will help the effect of layering dress. Here, chiffon shows all its charm.

Short and medium length

Modern fashion is incredibly diverse, in connection with which there is almost no mandatory items of clothing for every girl. But the exceptions still remained.

And above all, this is a short black dress. He came up with the world famous Coco Chanel. It is her idea that is the basis for creating the most incredible modern short evening dresses.

The key feature of the sheath dress should be a semifitted silhouette, closed neckline, focus on the waist. The length is slightly lower than the kneecap. All ingenious is simple, and this outfit is a direct proof of that.

Little evening dress in black is presented in other styles. For example, the A-shaped silhouette is a length from the knee and above, voluminous puffy skirts, large but flat pockets, as well as shuttlecocks, ruches, various folds and tucks. In short, shortened models perfectly “accept” a variety of means for expressing style.

Do not forget about the decor, decorations and accessories.They should not be much and they have no right to attract all the attention to themselves. The main element is always the dress.

Dresses with asymmetry

The side skirt does not cease to be in fashion. And it does not matter - it is the length of the split or the skirt is cut to one side. Also popular are the models on one shoulder and with asymmetry on the neck.


As practice shows, it is a black sheath dress in combination with lace fabric is the most ideal option for an evening look. You will never lose if you choose it.

The image is incredibly feminine, elegant, and the cut gives the figure extra slimness.

Very often under black lace they use a contrasting or skin-colored substrate. Both options favorably emphasize the beauty of the pattern.

Combining a tight lace outfit is better with heels and a clutch, and the best places for its "use" will be cultural evenings, trips to theaters, opera, a high-class restaurant.

Choose the perfect style for yourself based on the shape. A lace backless without lining and, of course, the illusion of a deep cleavage will add to the image.

Do not be afraid to replenish your wardrobe with a long or knee-length dress, complemented by lace, as they will remain at the top of fashion for a very long time.

Of course, completely a dress of thin lace is quite frank, because not everyone decides on it. An alternative can serve as a model with lace inserts in the form of sleeves, bodice. And they can both repeat the black color of the dress itself, and play on the contrast with white paints.

White lace on a black canvas visibly softens the image, which means it is perfect for corporate events, business meetings and other similar events. Although it is worth adding a few catchy accessories, and you are ready for a gala dinner.

With open back

Earlier it was mentioned that the open back gives spice along. The depth of the cut-out depends only on your modesty, and the shape - on the designer's imagination. Considered to be fashionable depth opening blades or falling below the waist line.

The edges of the neckline can be decorated with lace, like the back itself. Then a tattoo effect is created, which sometimes looks rather bold.

Diluting black color

Black is among the most versatile colors for women's fashion. Therefore with it all shades of a color palette are perfectly combined.

The most classic, but never out of fashion combination is black with white.

With their help, you can create a festive image, suitable for all kinds of celebrations. White can act as a bright top, a geometric insert, or even a loop. Now a striped dress has become fashionable.

One of the most popular and harmonious contrasts is the combination of black with solid or beige.

Although in no way inferior to this combination of black and pink. Dresses are pretty, tender and romantic.

The red and black version of the evening dress will emphasize your determination and passion. Many brides today choose this image to be really not the same as everyone else.

Also pay attention to black and green. This pair of flowers creates an amazing ensemble.

A great alternative is a pair of black and blue, or gray and black. Smooth transitions provide an excellent effect.

the cloth

When choosing a style, you should always pay special attention to the fabrics used. Due to the color focuses on the nuances of the cut. Therefore, designers recommend choosing matte and exclusively natural fabrics.

A prime example is silk, wool, natural leather and lace.. Their combination allows you to create masterpieces of design art.


Dark shades of evening dress make special demands on makeup. The minimum amount of cosmetics here will not work. Makeup should be rich and bright.

But in no case do not confuse the concept of bright and vulgar makeup, because these are completely different things.

Here are some important rules:

  1. Focus on one thing — eyes or lips.
  2. If these are eyes, then all shades of beige, silver and gold will do. Or you can stay on the classic white, gray or black shadows.
  3. If the emphasis is still on the lips, then lipstick is a classic red. Choose a shade based on personal preferences, skin and hair color.
  4. To correctly complete the make-up, use lengthening black mascara, in order to emphasize the impact of your look.
  5. In certain situations, it is possible to use false eyelashes, if your own do not allow you to make your eyes expressive and attractive with just mascara and eyeliner.
  1. Irina

    Plain black dresses are boring. But if you dilute it with red lipstick and red accessories, hold on! The image turns "fire"!

  2. Vika

    Black lace dresses are amazing!

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