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Eggplant Dresses

Eggplant Dresses

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Eggplant color is a mixed dark shade based on purple and violet. It is very interesting that its components are diametrically opposed. If purple is calm, tranquility and even detachment, then red, on the contrary, expresses passion, energy and dynamism. Such a merger has a huge impact on the person. Violet may become a kind of antidepressant.

Eggplant color has a certain severity, so it is recommended to combine it with other colors or to purchase shortened models.

For business meetings, the addition of eggplant in other colors is welcome.

In general, the color is universal and the created image will never look boring, it is always interesting. It is important to take into account the cut of clothing and its style. Feel free to use eggplant in sports and casual images, in vintage, gothic and urban chic.

Who is suitable?

Eggplant color is noble, aristocratic and mysterious. It will suit almost everyone, regardless of shape, body and hair color. The exception is blondes who have a pale complexion. A rich eggplant will exacerbate pallor and make it unhealthy. Therefore, if a woman with blond hair wants to wear purple clothes, first of all she needs to tan.

Particularly gorgeous will look red-haired woman in a dress in the color of eggplant.

Bright shades are a godsend for dark-haired brunettes. Saturation will emphasize their skin color. And cold shades are designed for black-haired girls with fair skin.

The dress for the bridesmaids for the wedding can also be eggplant. He will set off the whiteness of the wedding dress of the hero of the occasion. The color is also well suited to the suit of the groom, will make a noble touch to his image.

Eggplant became especially popular after Timati's Eggplant song. You can see the image of the girl from the clip in the following photos.


A short

A short dress can be used in two ways. It is ideal for both casual and elegant look, and for the evening. You can add and sandals, and boats.


A dress of medium length is suitable for a date or celebration. Especially if it is made of lace. Shoes - classic beige shoes. The final point of the image is a black silk clutch. Such a bow looks luxurious and spectacular.

A jersey midi dress is also perfect for an evening out. Thanks to the soft folds and draperies, it does not need to be overloaded. It is complemented by a black thin strap, black shoes and a small black handbag.


Dress to the floor is only suitable for an evening out. In it you will look charming at a wedding and a cocktail party. A wonderful addition will be metallic sandals and a small handbag trimmed with pearls.

To transform it to a less formal event, wear beige platform sandals. As an accessory - a brown bag with a long strap.

Spectacular combinations

Black and eggplant color, perhaps, one of the winning and spectacular combinations. But in order not to drown the image in gloomy colors, it should be diluted with light accents.

If this is a casual look, then you can add a black bag, beige shoes and silver jewelry to the eggplant dress (white gold will do). Jewelery with black stones will enliven the evening look. Their brilliance and shimmer will bring chic and mystery.

Pastel colors in creating an image can be used without fear. This combination is perfect for the image of everyday life. Pink, for example, will add romance.

Eggplant and mint / turquoise is the freshness and lightness that applies to spring and autumn. Combinations for everyday onions.

Shades of brown and eggplant are simply created for brevity of business style, especially the combination with golden brown. This is both austerity and a predisposition to communicate.

Gray and eggplant - an option for the office. In this case, gray inserts can be not just monophonic, but with a print (cells, stripes, etc.).

Green and eggplant give refinement to the image, but overload with large details is unacceptable. Shoe and strap will be enough.

Golden yellow blends well with the eggplant dress as decorations or elements of the dress itself.

Red color brings a touch of cunning and showiness to the image. The combination for the so-called type, vamp.


Since the eggplant color itself is very noticeable and bright, it is desirable to choose accessories in a neutral color.

Earrings and rings with stones the color of eggplant, will be the ideal solution in the selection of jewelry to the dress.

If you want to create a bold image, then get a dress with a basque. Wear fuchsia sandals to him, and take a bright yellow clutch in your hands.

In general, pumps are the perfect accessory for an eggplant-colored dress. Only the color palette of the dress and shoes should be the same. Young women of fashion can try on shoes with metal elements. Shoes can make the image sparkle completely different colors. Luxury will give the shoes the color of precious metals, extravagance - leopard print, originality - bright colors from lemon to emerald.

Accessories of one color with eggplant look great with a dress. This - brooches, straps, scarves will be a great addition to it.


Purple eggplant is the color of sexuality. Starting the imposition of makeup, first determine what color palette you need. Follow the eye color. Pinkish-purple shades are intended for green and gray eyes, silvery-flesh are brown. Do not use too pale lipstick. Otherwise, the lips just dissolve in the purple splendor.

Whatever the dress, the golden rule of makeup remains in force - the emphasis is on either the eyes or the lips.

First option

We start with the eyes. For their contour, a black or dark purple pencil is used. The upper contour goes to the arrow. The entire moving part of the upper eyelid is covered with lilac shadows. Dark shades are applied to the outside and shaded to the inside. The bulge to deep-set eyes will give a spot of shadows of the lightest shade. It must be applied to the middle of the century and shade to the nose. Pearl flare is created by applying the appropriate color under the eyebrow from the outside.

A double layer of mascara is required for eyelashes on top. For the bottom one is enough. The final stage - blush. Their color is mocha. On the lips we apply a bright lipstick in pinkish-lilac tones.

Second option

Violet-gold gamma. Under the eyebrows are applied golden shadows, and purple - on the eyelids. The choice of pencil and eyeliner is dictated by eye color.

For green eyes, a palette of pinkish-purple shades is suitable. The outline is underlined in black or dark gray.

The blue-violet gamma of shadows is intended for eyes of blue or gray color. The depth of view will emphasize the dark blue color of the contour. You can use a pencil or eyeliner. Lipstick - pink and gold.

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