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Dress mustard color - for spectacular women

Dress mustard color - for spectacular women

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In the cold season, I especially want to dilute my wardrobe with some original thing of an unusual color. Some girls, to "warm up", add peppercorns to their wardrobe. But the most stylish and original prefer to add "mustard" in the form of a dress of thick mustard-colored fabric. Why do they make such a choice, and why is such a fairly complex color popular in summer?


Mustard refers to warm colors, warms the eyes, activates the physiological processes of the body with its sharpness and subconscious associations. It is wonderfully combined with autumn foliage, “falling asleep” nature and solar warming glow.

At the level of intuition, even without being professional stylists, we feel that, for example, a drawing with palm trees will be completely inappropriate in the autumn-winter period. But a coat or dress of mustard shade - just right.

Who is suitable?

Blondes are more suitable muted shades of mustard. If your skin is especially pale, it is better if the shades of your mustard dress are calm.

Other shades are perfect for girls with tanned skin.

A female brunette of the “winter” color type can pick up a dress of contrasting shades or complex color combinations in whose rows a bright mustard tone will be included.

Brown-haired people use mustard color in their image very often, and correctly: the color is uneasy and attracts attention.

Almost all red-haired women will wear a mustard-colored dress, but you need to be very careful when choosing a shade. The most successful choice would be a mustard-yellow shade, where the proportion of mustard is not so great.

A bright expressive image will create a dress with a variety of color content. On the main mustard it can be color accents - black rim or golden collar. Another suitable option - interesting patterns or prints of a logically suitable color.

Mustard-colored dresses are also popular with bridesmaids to create their identical look.

With lace elements

Mustard itself is quite a complex color. In order to make it more suitable for everyone, designers often resort to certain color tricks: dilute the mustard dress with contrasting decorative elements.

So, a dress of this shade can have a lace white collar, which came into fashion a couple of years ago and to this day remains relevant. White lace collar is able to transform any thing. If it is removable and embroidered with large beads, it will give the mustard dress an elegant festive look, in those moments when you need it.

Sleeves and lining on pockets can be laced, which will also make your look unique. Shades of lace can contrast with the main tone of the dress or, conversely, complement it. In the first case, you will get the image of a bright, spectacular woman, in the second - the image of an elegant socialite.

Mustard dress can be laced, which looks especially non-standard. Lace gives femininity to the image.

What colors does mustard mix?

With sand, beige and brown

The simplest and at the same time calm combination of mustard color happens with colors that are contiguous in shades, and that is, sand, beige, and shades of brown.

Often in design collections you can find dresses with a repeating geometric pattern of these listed options. Geometrically repeating pattern gives the mustard dress energy and incredible dynamism. This option is designed for energetic open women who find it difficult to sit still.

The basic rule in the combination of adjacent colors: muted shades are combined with muted, bright with bright. In general, if mustard has a rich shade, then brown should not lag behind it. Interesting may also look like a combination of mustard and chocolate flowers. This option will be especially advantageous to look for brunettes with brown or green eyes.

With blue or sea wave

Another option - a contrast combination with blue (ultramarine), or the color of "sea wave".

Contrast combination on the one hand balances the opposite color, on the other hand makes the image more catchy, adding sharpness.

With black / white

The variant with which it is simply impossible to make a mistake is a combination of mustard and black or white color, as well as their joint trio.

Black or white can be separate auxiliary wardrobe items, for example, a jacket or cardigan, accessories, in the form of jewelry, a leather strap and other accessories, as well as decorative elements on the dress itself or original prints of these monochrome colors. Even the simplest at first glance print - a classic black or white pea - on a mustard dress looks very unusual.

The most winning pattern - the Scottish cell - it is one of the most noble fabric prints and is especially popular among fashionable women of fashion. The Scottish cell always adds exclusivity and "high prices".

What color tights fit?

As for tights, the most suitable for the autumn-winter period will be opaque dense black tights. This color perfectly gets on with any other. For warmer weather, more pantyhose of flesh-colored, barely noticeable on female legs, will be more suitable.

Accessories and decorations

Warm colors are always beneficial combined with gold jewelry. It is successfully harmonized with mustard and bronze ebb of massive expensive accessories.

If you prefer precious metals plastic jewelry, then pick the appropriate shade. It should advantageously shade the color of your skin. Choose one of the options: brown, beige, blue, white, black, chocolate, green, plum.


In summer, sandals with safari style straps will be most suitable. They always have a noble shade of light brown color. A more variegated version - beige shoes with animal print or black peas.

For a dress that combines several color accents, it is easier to choose shoes. Choose a tone-on-tone one of the shades on the dress, preferably not the main one.

If it is difficult for you to decide whether or not it is possible to select a suitable variant for each dress, then black classic boats will always come to your aid. In winter, it can be plain mustard or dark green boots in combination with thick black tights.


When creating a casual look, make up in natural shades. For the spring and autumn color types, it is enough to emphasize the natural beauty by adding a bead of beige gloss to the lips and light brown shadows for the eyelids. The remaining color types can choose a palette of cold shades with a smoky touch.

If this is your secular outlet for any important event, then cherry or even red lipstick will be more appropriate than ever. It goes well with light skin and mustard-tone dress.Smokey ice make-up is best avoided.


Neutral manicure is appropriate with any way. The most expensive looking is still a classic french. If you paint your nails yourself, then choose a natural solid color. For special occasions - a golden coating, and a pair of shiny rhinestones will add festivity.


Do not be afraid of a combination of complex colors in your wardrobe. After all, they make our image unique and fashionable. There is one rule with mustard color - it always dominates the ensemble. Whatever mustard dress you choose, do not forget that the key to a successful image is always a friendly smile and a good mood!

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    A friend recommended to look at mustard dresses, but I still do not like them. I think you need a bright enough makeup to the image was quite bright and contrast.

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