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Marsala dresses - depth and saturation

Marsala dresses - depth and saturation

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The color is called wine. Depth and saturation, like the expensive sweet and strong Sicilian wine Marsala. About him not to say that he is catchy. In this regard, it is ideal for blouses, skirts, dresses and outerwear.

Fits almost everything. The exceptions are girls with fiery red hair. Marsala will make them faded, so they need to use this color sparingly. Coats, dresses and overalls marsala color are contraindicated.

Color is versatile in texture and style.

Aggression and activity - this is not about Marsala. The addition of brown pigment makes it softer and calmer. It is ideal in a casual style, urban or street. Feminine images are also not alien to him - romantic, retro and oriental styles.

The palette of shades is rich, and it allows everyone to choose what they need. In addition, Marsala visually slim, so for full girls and women - this is a real find.


Casual dress color gives charm and elegance. Dress length - short or slightly elongated. The dress, fitted in combination with a bell skirt, is a walking option. Dress in a simple style and with a narrow skirt is an excellent option for business and office style. Marsala will give its owner confidence and internal stability.

Cotton fabric is perfect for everyday dress.

If you want to use additional colors, the combination of Marsala and dim blue, green, brown, gray, white is ideal for everyday life. Black color is best diluted with white or beige.

Dresses for everyday life:

  • midi sundress;
  • a dress with a skirt the sun and a neckline in the form of a square;
  • dress case;
  • dress free cut with a high waist.


Marsala evening gown is the epitome of celebration and celebration. This - brutality, romance and tenderness.

Dress should be long. If preference is given to a short dress, then it can be made of lace.

Marsala color is perfect for bridesmaids, creating a striking contrast with a snow-white wedding dress.


For a custom-made wedding dress, Marsala is perfect. It is not as bright as red and will not be defiant. The bride will look luxurious.

Those who are not ready for such metamorphosis can recommend Marsal-colored accessories (gloves, shoes, belt, etc.).


A short

This length is ideal for girls of small stature. Add black classic shoes - that's gorgeous bow.

To create a casual look, you need a short dress, sneakers or sneakers of the same shade as the dress. The final stage of image formation will be a cap-toe.


A mid-length shirt dress is a stylish casual look. Black shoes are the perfect shoe.


A long dress is suitable not only for special occasions. Made from light and flowing fabric, it will be ideal for a romantic date or a party.

If the skirt has a small fold, then it visually lengthens the figure.

For a long dress is suitable velvet, satin, chiffon, silk. This texture will make the dress elegant and expensive. Hue better to take a darker. Dress looks very effectively "fish" style.

With lace

A marsala lace dress is an adornment in itself. Just add black or beige shoes.

Lace can be used as inserts, which is no less beautiful.

Spectacular combinations

In the first place, of course, black. Marsala tandem and black will create a full image. Black can be used in clothing color and accessories. Non-congestion and style, so you can say about the wardrobe with the use of these two colors.

Marsala and beige in its various shades are well combined. Neatness, tenderness and tranquility characterize such a wardrobe.

For accessories and makeup perfect red. This is an image for the evening.

Marsala with green create a very interesting image - a flower in a frame of green leaves. It is important not to overload with greens. Light shades should be used very carefully. Ideal emerald green and dirty green.

Marsala and turquoise, blue, navy blue look spectacular. When creating an image, it is important that the base color is 60-65% gamma.

But from the scale of orange-yellow it is better to choose light shades.

What to wear?

When choosing a wardrobe, do not forget that Marsala will always be the main color. In this regard, it can be combined with classical colors or fully focus on it.

The dress of marsala color with flesh-colored shoes looks stylish and spectacular. The creamy or white blouse will add a lightness to the image. You will be the object of close attention, so the makeup and hairstyle must also be impeccable.

Black, dark green, dark blue bags and shoes - this is a good version of the combination.

Stars in Marsala Dresses

World celebrities demonstrate on the red carpet the most elegant and sophisticated clothes of Marsala color, creating incredible images. Draperies, decorative knots, cuts look stylish, inimitable and impressive.

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    What a deep and noble color. I found a couple of dresses that I will definitely buy. Thanks for the selection!

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