Colors of dresses

Gray dress is not boring!

Gray dress is not boring!

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  1. Color features
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Length
  4. Shades
  5. Spectacular combinations
  6. What to wear?
  7. Accessories
  8. Shoes
  9. Makeup
  10. Stars in gray

Color features

Gray is intermediate between classic black and white. Therefore, a gray dress is refinement and versatility.

Gray color has many shades from silver and pearl to the color of wet asphalt. The breadth of the palette allows each woman to choose exactly what will favorably emphasize her figure.

Another feature of color is its “plasticity”, i.e. he will be able to adapt to any of his owner.

Who is suitable?

Youth and youth will emphasize the pearl and silver shade. For more mature age, the shades are more restrained.

The dress in a classic style is suitable for special occasions, for the office is an ideal sheath dress.

Dresses made of satin will create a chic look for an evening or wedding. A gray dress made of guipure will create an airy and attractive look.


A short

Very impressive is a short dress with a relief pattern and black shoes. A black wide belt and a silver necklace will complement the look.

For an evening look, a gray mini dress with an abundance of draperies will do. Light gray sandals and vintage earrings will be the final moment in creating an image.

In the cold season to the mini dress, wear high boots of a light gray color.

In autumn and winter, you can wear a tube dress or a sweater dress. These styles are suitable shoes with a wide heel.


The dress is of medium length suitable for everyday work. As for the style, the sheath dress will be optimal. We supplement it with flesh-colored tights, stiletto heels and a brooch or a bright scarf on the neck. If it gets colder, then throw a jacket to match the tone.

A dress with a flared skirt will also perfectly complement your office style.

However, the length does not impose stamps. Gray midi dress looks great in a solemn manner.


The long gray dress is perfect for the gala evening event.

For the brave and confident natures, a translucent model that looks incredibly sexy due to the fact that it shows open areas of the body is suitable.

Those who do not like such candid outfits can recommend a dress in silk floor. Flowing fabric will play playfully, and a string of pearls and black shoes will complete the luxurious look.

A long gray dress can be a casual option for the summer. Style - dress. Shoes - sandals, flip-flops or sneakers. Having added it with a short jacket from jeans, we receive a youth image.


Gray color is very versatile. Its shades range from smoky gray and ashen to asphalt and graphite. Pearl, pearl and platinum are very beautiful. They are for young fashionistas.

Spectacular combinations

With white

Use the white jacket to create the image. But be sure to note that its length should be in harmony with the length of the dress.

With blue

Blue and gray is a combination of a classic, business style variation. Only blue should be a dark shade. When combining, use a rich shade of blue and pearl gray.

Fabrics will help to get away from the business style. The texture will add freshness and radically transform the bow.

With red

Red color brings a fresh stream to the image. Bright shoes of the same shade of clutch - a ready-made image for a party. Red and gray - a combination for the evening, but not for the office.

With pink

Pink will add an interesting and romantic contrast.Try a gray midi dress, a pink pullover and shoes with a strap. Pearl bracelet will be the perfect accessory that will complete the retro style.

Pink beads will suit any gray dress.

With blue

Blue and gray - a combination of spectacular and harmonious. It does not depend on the shades of each and always looks restrained and noble.

With brown

Brown looks good in combination with a dress-shirt. A light, almost beige cardigan with a large knit, rich brown boots and a handbag, several bracelets in bronze, a light scarf with a floral print will create an interesting look.

With green

Green color serves as a peculiar framing for gray. Create a stylish and spectacular bow is easy: green shoes, the same shade of a thin strap and necklace. If it's cool outside, put on a green coat. All the "greens" should always be one tone.

Ideal shades of aqua and young green. Effectively the green metallic looks.

With yellow

Yellow adds a positive to gray, even if it is pale or cold. Cool yellow and gray is an elegant option. Bright yellow shade emphasizes the originality of the owner of the image.

What to wear?

A gray dress, made of knitwear, will be a convenient option for a casual summer style. Comfortable option - shirt dress. The presence of a belt that will advantageously underline the waist (brown looks good) is obligatory. As shoes, use moccasins or ballet flats. If the dress has a dusty gray tint, the shoes and bag should be a bright color spot image.

We recommend to experiment with the waist line. Try on a dress with a low and high waist. In any case, the dress looks unusual and interesting.

For summer, get a dress with thin straps and a detachable bodice. Dinah it to the floor. Such a dress will look fashionable and beautiful if its color gradually becomes darker towards the hem. Such a gradient will make the image very spectacular.

A warm knitted gray dress is worn with black boots.

A gray office dress complements a black blazer or trench coat. If you wear a black leather jacket, then in this form you can go for a walk around the city or to the cinema.

A gray dress made of knitwear will be complemented by collars of various textures and cut: a collar, turn-down, stand, and fur.


Gray needs bright accents that complement and revive it. White gold, mother of pearl, turquoise, silver would be an ideal option.

Jewelry made of stones look very beautiful. Their color should be cold.

Accessories are combined with shoes. For example, the decoration of the color of coral and the same shoes.

Properly matched accessories for a gray dress can dramatically change the appearance. Bright makeup and a few bracelets will turn a gray office dress into a party outfit.

Sheath dress in which you go to work can be refined and elegant for an evening celebration. Just change your usual bag to work on the clutch, put on the sandals on the stud metal steel color. Complement the image of earrings in vintage style.


A gray dress with black shoes and sandals is a stylish look for the office. Heel - stud. Shoes set the tone for the selection of belts, tights or stockings.

Very interesting and beautiful looking terracotta shoes and gray dress. The bow is complemented with a terracotta scarf.

Bright shoes (purple, red, orange, yellow) are suitable for a party and will make a glamorous note.


Make makeup under the gray dress is easy. The most important thing in this is its compliance with the event and the time of day. Like any other makeup, he must hide the flaws and highlight the personality and strengths.

Start with cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Next, apply the basic base, tonal and powder. This will provide makeup stamina.


Applying blush - a prerequisite.Otherwise, the skin looks very faded, and the color of the dress will add a gray and painful look.

Blush red and bright suit girls, the type of appearance of which - "winter". For the type of "summer" pink blush is ideal. Color beige and peach are designed for the appearance of "spring." The color of gold and brown are for “autumn.”


If you want to look like a fatal and mysterious woman, then the option of smoky eyes (gray-black tones) will be most welcome.

Pink pastel shades are suitable for a young lady. But not red! Pink will add a note of freshness, and red, on the contrary, - fatigue.

Brown-eyed bright brunette with dark skin looks very impressive if it uses blue and pearl shades. The contour of the eye will emphasize blue eyeliner.

Green shadows, green eyeliner in a darker tone and brown mascara will create a light and playful look.

Beautifully looks purple eye framing.

Universal version - beige-brown gamma.


Red, brown, coral color. But do not forget that in the makeup the emphasis is either on the lips or on the eyes. The listed colors look harmonious if the eyes emphasize the line of the liner and mascara.

Delicate pink, pastel color is applicable when focusing on the eyes. You can also use colorless shine.

Stars in gray

Gray color is loved by many stars. Hollywood beauties are charming in gray dresses and on the red carpet, and at parties. Silvery, saturated, of various shades - they favorably emphasize the seductive forms of their owners.

Often the cut of the dresses is unusual and even fanciful. But despite this, they are all just awesome. And this proves that gray cannot be dull and dull.

  1. Sveta

    A gray dress can have so many beautiful shades. I love most of all gray with a blue undertone. He is quite neutral and kind of noble.

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