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Wine-colored dress - easy or tart will you choose?

Wine-colored dress - easy or tart will you choose?

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  1. Color features
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Shades
  4. What to wear
  5. Length
  6. Shoes
  7. Accessories
  8. Makeup

Color features

“Wine” is the most popular color name, which is also called “Bordeaux” and “Burgundy.” This noble shade is obtained by mixing red and brown colors. It is not by chance that it is named after refined grape varieties - it is this color that red grapes take in the process of fermentation.

Wine color in clothes became widespread at the end of the 19th century, and since then interest in it has been dying away, now growing again. Every few years Bordeaux steadily becomes the main trend of the next fashion season.

The dignity of the wine color is that it is perfect for clothes of various styles. A spectacular dress for an evening out, a spacious sweater for a walk, a tracksuit for going to the gym - burgundy things will always be in place.

Who is suitable?

Wine color is good because it has few restrictions on the type of appearance. The stereotype that only bright brunettes can wear burgundy clothes has long been a thing of the past. Not very good wine color looks on girls with skin of yellowish or olive hue, but if you really try, with the help of modern cosmetics, you can give the skin a healthy color and blush and wear things of this color boldly.

The darker your skin, the richer shades of wine color you can choose. Pale-skinned girls should treat this color more carefully: do not dress in clothes of this color from head to toe and dwell on lighter shades.


Wine is one of the shades of red, of which there are a great many. In the color palette close to the wine one there are chestnut, cardinal, terracotta, sangria, carmine, maroon and Falun red. These shades are quite easy to confuse with each other, so often all of them are called simply "burgundy."

Wine is in the neighborhood with both warm and cold shades, so the owner of any type of appearance can choose a suitable burgundy color. At the same time, both the light and dark shades of the wine color spectrum look equally good on the "winter" and "summer" girls.

What to wear

Wine color has a wide range of compatibility. Wine clothes can be combined with clothes and accessories of various colors. Classic is the combination of burgundy with black or white, for example, burgundy dress and black shoes.

In addition, the wine perfectly manifests itself in combination with beige, gray and pink. Light, pastel shades serve as the best background for a dress of wine color.

Other successful combinations include wine + yellow, wine + blue, and wine + green. At the same time, the color partners to the wine color should be chosen very carefully. For example, not all shades of the above listed colors will make up with a harmonious wine color pair. Give up bright, acidic shades and stick to a noble, restrained color palette.


A wine dress - elegant or casual - is able to present any figure in a winning light. It is only necessary to choose the right style. Undoubtedly, the most important role will be played by the length of the dress.

Long to the floor

Not every girl is capable of dressing up in a long, to the toe dress of wine-colored color, because in this case she will surely attract attention.If you like to rivet the eyes of others, then this is exactly what you need.

A long dress, if you know how to wear it correctly, will hide all the flaws (real and invented!). Girls with curvaceous should choose those models that effectively emphasize the chest and "shape" the waist.

A beautiful neckline on the top, a straight skirt with no extra decorations on the hips - something like this should be the perfect wine dress for owners of seductive forms.


The dress of wine color of medium length is a universal solution for almost all situations. It will be equally relevant in the office, in the theater or on the opening day, as well as in the bar, club and any other institution where you can go on Friday evening after a busy work week.

Wine color loves expensive, noble fabrics, so if possible, choose dresses from quality materials. For cold winter days, wool or cashmere models are suitable. For more solemn outlets, take a look at velvet and silk dresses.

Midi dresses look good on a variety of figures, so fans of wine-colored may not be afraid to make the wrong choice. A modern woman knows the recommendations regarding her type of figure - be guided by them when buying a wine dress of medium length, and the result will please not only you.

A short

A short dress is not necessarily an option for dancing or a cocktail, because now there is a huge selection of mini models that are suitable for both everyday activities and leisure.

Wine is an incredibly refined and noble color, it is in itself the main decoration of your dress. Therefore, you should not get too carried away by the decor - neckline, guipure, Basque - all together it will look too defiant. Just one spectacular decoration is a short, wine-colored dress of simple cut with the same basque - an elegant and concise solution for many different situations.


Shoes for a wine dress should be selected based on what effect you want to achieve. For a brighter, solemn look shoes fit or different in several shades - purple, maroon or crimson.

Universal black or beige shoes are suitable for a discreet look. Beige shoes are just an irreplaceable thing, and if there are no such shoes in your wardrobe, you must buy them. A wine-colored dress and beige shoes are just a win-win combination.

As for the style of shoes, here you need to be guided by only one rule: the more “complex” the dress, the simpler the model, the shoes must be chosen, and vice versa.


As we said above, the wine color is very self-sufficient. Wine dress will look spectacular, even without additional decorations. However, there are situations when you need to appear in all splendor, and you cannot do without “reinforcement” in the form of accessories. In this case, you will have to take care of at least a suitable handbag. It should be chosen, guided by the same rules as when choosing shoes: it can be the same light as the dress or a neutral shade, for example, beige or black.

Wine - a noble color and it requires the same noble decorations.

Gold earrings and other jewelry made of this metal will be a wonderful addition to a smart dress of wine color.


In order for a girl in a wine dress to look really luxurious, you need to complement the image with suitable makeup. Since the wine color itself is quite saturated, bright cosmetics should be abandoned.

Natural makeup will be the most appropriate solution. Do not pay excessive attention to the eyes, it is better to work well on the skin, eliminating all the flaws and giving the skin a fresh and healthy look. If we are talking about a solemn exit or just about a festive event, emphasize your lips by choosing a lipstick of a wine tint or close to it.

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    Wine color ... it is like an expensive wine - playful, noble, seasoned. Very beautiful!

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