Evening dresses

Red evening dresses

Red evening dresses

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  2. To the floor
  3. Midi
  4. Short
  5. With lace
  6. Red dress with open back
  7. Red and white evening dress
  8. Red and black evening dress
  9. For full
  10. Evening makeup under a red dress

It seems that the new fashion season literally violates all the established rules. Designers and fashion houses all use bright and clean shades. They paid special attention to red color, which was literally everywhere - in casual clothes, office style, evening dresses. The red evening dress is a spectacular solution that creates an attractive image.

Color features

Red is the color of flame, passion and fragrant roses. It is associated with energy and unbridled sexuality.

That is why women who wear such clothes call attention to themselves, show the boldness of their image, attract the views of men. They see you as a beautiful flower, but at the same time they fear thorns.

Immediately, we note that not every girl can afford red. She must be self-confident, have a will. As a rule, these are purposeful ladies who know what they want from life and are confidently moving towards their goal. They easily achieve the location of men, establish business connections.

Women in red are leaders, strong, self-confident individuals.

Also do not forget that red is an aggressive color that can reflect the beauty of a beautiful woman. Do not even try to argue with a woman in a red dress, as this is a completely useless exercise. They always know that they are right and will not rest until they prove it to those who disagree with them.

To the floor

Time has shown that a red dress on the floor is appropriate anytime and wherever you want to become the center of attention. This season shows a penchant for lightweight ball style.

A bodice with a corset, a long skirt, the almost complete lack of decor, emphasizing the aristocratic image. On the one hand, it is simple, but on the other - incredibly luxurious.

Red along is perfect:

  • fine drape;
  • layering;
  • original cut;
  • expensive materials. This is especially true for natural and matte silk.

Look for red satin floor-length dresses that demonstrate femininity and romance. It is also important to use such an element as a collar for an evening dress. The presence of the cut will provide an emphasis on slender legs.

Do not forget about the train, which perfectly emphasizes the royally majestic image. It can be made of chiffon, transparent fabrics, supplemented with a full skirt or an original finish. As for the sleeves, the length depends on the preferences.


Already in itself, the red dress is self-sufficient, because even the most simple models look great.

Therefore, you should not be surprised at the styles that were presented in the framework of fashion shows by the best designers from around the world. The essence of their red outfits was to use a semi-fitted or straight silhouette, below the knee or mid-ankle length, with a three-quarter sleeve. On the basis of this basic style, each added its own raisins and nuances. Looks great and quite practical.


Do not be afraid that this is too bold decision. This season you can and should wear similar outfits. The provocative length of the mini will suit even those who have followed a conservative fashion all their lives. And all because the dress plays with bright shades, violates the established rules and traditions.

If you want to lure, seduce others, your best solution is a short red dress.It is suitable for nightclubs, because it does not hinder movement, allows you to dance as you like. Plus you will emphasize the beauty of their legs.

As for the sleeves, there is a place for experiments. One will suit an impressive sleeve, the other - open shoulders, back and even a decollete. You can add them to rhinestones, glitter, use satin or guipure as the basis. The most important thing is that the dress emphasizes your strong qualities, and does not demonstrate the flaws of the figure or skin.

But what should be discarded is an overly open chest, provocative cuts. This is not fashionable and overly frank.

With lace

Lace creates incredibly seductive images, so in the case of a red dress it will be most welcome. Especially if there is no lining in the dress. The length can be below the knees, in the floor or mini, the silhouette of a fitted or semi-fitted. Anyway, the red dress of lace gives femininity, makes the girl a real yoke.

It will not be superfluous to use the atlas as a lining, for decorating a skirt or bodice.

The real trend of this season is a long red dress on the floor with a lace top. Also for the prom a great choice would be such a dress, but with a length to the middle of the calf, along with a contrast lining. Just make sure that under it you have stiletto heels, clutch bag and neat jewelry. Do not place too much emphasis on accessories, so as not to divert attention from the outfit itself.

Also in the trend remains the illusion of the naked body and lace sleeves.

Red dress with open back

If you want to make your image feminine and seductive, choose this version of the red dress. But remember, he has a certain drawback - the model will emphasize the shortcomings of your figure, therefore, if there is excess weight or excessive leanness, it is better to give up the dress.

Putting on a red dress with an open back, pick up the appropriate underwear. No traditional bras, only strapless or as a last resort on silicone straps. When choosing the length of the floor, cutout can choose any to your taste. The most courageous choose a neckline to the waist or even lower, and only the shoulders and shoulder blades bare the shy woman.

Red and white evening dress

Red color goes well with many shades. But the best companion is a versatile white color. It is used as inserts or underlays for red lace. White patterns on red fabric look very interesting.

Red and black evening dress

The latest fashionable novelty was black decor in the form of appliqués and lace, adorning red outfits.

For full

It is important to understand how attractive the red color is, and so much is it insidious. This is especially true for full girls. To look in red as spectacularly and successfully as possible, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Shades will attract attention, because the red dress is desirable to choose a frosted. All kinds of sparkles, bright decor, sequins will only make you visually larger.
  2. The red outfit does not have to be made from a single fabric of red color. One bright accent may suffice, for example, in the bodice zone, and make the skirt dark. If you focus on a beautiful large breasts, it will divert attention from imperfect waist or legs.
  3. Vertical drawings in combination with a monochromatic red background - this is the perfect solution for full beauties.
  4. The style should be restrained, concise. For example, a case. Such a red dress, complemented by an exquisite jacket, will create a unique elegant look.
  5. Do not take a small length. The best option - to the middle of the knee. In this case, shoes should be high heels.

Evening makeup under a red dress

If you decide to wear a solemn event, an important meeting or another event, a red outfit, in no case do not combine it with bright, rich makeup.

Dark colors of cosmetics are not recommended for blondes, as they make the image heavy. Prefer eyeliner on a liquid basis or even thin arrows made with a black pencil. The shadows are extremely light, preferably with a shimmering effect. For eyelashes should choose bulk mascara.

Brunettes fit smoky makeup, shimmering shadows, but the color may be black or dark gray. Some very natural tone fit. On the upper eyelids, make a neat arrow that will give the image of coquettishness. False or extended eyelashes are allowed, as they make the look more expressive.

Red lipstick can perfectly complement your image. Without which girls who do make-up under an amazing red dress cannot do without blush. Shades only natural, emphasizing the protruding corners of the cheekbones. And from the pink and red shades of blush refuse: in combination with a red dress, they will be completely inappropriate.

  1. Katya

    There is nothing more beautiful than red dresses! My heart stops, but what's going on with men ... we can only guess.

  2. Lyuba

    Red dress is not all. You need to be able to present yourself in such a dress, the image must be confident. Otherwise, the girl in such a dress may look ridiculous.

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