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Blue Evening Dresses

Blue Evening Dresses

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Blue is the color of heaven, ocean, deep sea. Because it is not surprising that many girls loved him so much, and designers are so actively using when creating more and more new masterpieces of evening fashion. Blue evening dress looks spectacular and with the right choice makes the girl irresistible.


Blue color perfectly showed itself in all sorts of fashionable evening style options. You can with certainty replace them with a black dress that creates an extra drama, and at the same time it will not yield to it in terms of showiness.

To look really gorgeous and noble, designers suggest using necklines, cuts, and taffeta, satin or silk as main materials. The most fashionable shades are called azure, sky blue and cornflower blue.

Fashionable evening dresses in blue floor, varied in performance:

  • classic and strict ballroom;
  • mermaid;
  • sheath dresses;
  • Greek and Empire style;
  • A-silhouette;
  • with sleeves;
  • frank models.

In them you will look appropriate at any event, regardless of its status and solemnity.

Do not descend from the catwalk and semi-fitted models with a slightly flared skirt and a V-neck. They are the best way to emphasize the color type and frame the figure, focusing on its merits.

Stylists recommend not to overload the image of a blue dress with an extra decor, but to concentrate all attention on the color. Because a great solution would be bead embroidery, the use of glass beads, but be sure to match, or rhinestones that decorate the neckline.

Blue evening dresses look gorgeous in the floor with a fully or partially open back.


Short blue outfits are also presented in different styles. For parties and weddings, it is better to give preference to a tight fit, which perfectly describes your figure and favorably plays with expensive, high-quality fabrics. Add a pattern to the tone of the dress, and the image will be a win-win.


If you want something shorter, but you are afraid of the mini, then the shortened A-shape dress styled for the 50s will do for you. Here the main elements are the fitted bodice and lush hem. This hit of the season, literally created for the gala evening.


Pay attention to the lace. The texture of this fabric in the best way emphasizes the advantages of shades of blue.

Moreover, the cut is desirable to choose a simple, underlined exquisite drawings. So the azure shade or color of a sea wave will show the abilities to add and decorate the woman.

Combined with contrast

Black and blue blend well together. World-famous designers, who presented their collections of evening dresses, show that the outfits do not look gloomy.

An important advantage of a blue-black dress is its ability to emphasize the beauty of hair in brunettes and blondes. To make the look more solemn, just add a little silver or gold. And for parties, bright accessories will come in handy. For example, violet clutch or red slim strap at the waist.

Yellow looks very beautiful against a blue background. But in evening clothes such a combination is quite difficult to find.

White is often used as a contrast. The outfit becomes more fresh, airy, light.


An ideal partner for a blue dress will be silver shades in shoes and accessories.Pointed nose boats, neat sandals, a small handbag or clutch accentuate the depth of blue, and also show true beauty. Interestingly, this image can not be called a purely evening, because it is firmly in everyday fashion for those who always and everywhere want to look spectacular.

Also, you will not lose if you choose nude-colored shoes, or give preference to pearl shades. Designers unanimously declare that wearing a blue dress is possible only with the fact that it will complement and not distract attention.

From jewelry it is better to opt for silver or fine jewelry. For a solemn evening it is recommended to choose natural stones, but only in a single color palette. The dress should dominate, and the decorations should only complement it. And nothing else.


Here the choice is entirely yours, because the features of the blue dress allow you to use both bright and discreet makeup. Focus on the mood, desires.

The only thing that experts advise is to focus on the eyes. A striking example is the exquisite smoky effect that creates an expressive, alluring look, filled with mystery and naked sexuality. Shadows take gray or blue, and lipstick and blush - a neutral shade. In general, it is better to abandon the usual lipstick, and replace it with shine, because it will not distract attention from the eyes, and the sponge will make it even more attractive.


Regarding the manicure, there are a lot of tips and recommendations from leading stylists. However, their essence lies in one thing - take into account the shade and style of the dress, and also consider the theme of the event that you plan to attend.

If you are not a fan of experiments, then your choice is a french jacket. A classic that always remains relevant and in demand. Most importantly, here the shade of the dress does not play a role, since the French manicure is advantageously combined with the entire extensive palette of blue. In order to achieve a certain "highlight", on the tips of your fingers, apply varnish in the color of the dress.

White mother of pearl is also a great combination with dark shades of blue dress, exactly like silver or golden nail polish. They create additional luxury, make the image more solemn.

Varnish in the color of the dress - a competent and interesting decision. Just pick up the tone is not worth it. Choose something 2-3 tones lighter or darker, depending on how you prefer to apply.

A lover of experiments boldly choose yellow, red or pink varnish. Just remember, a similar shade must be present in the image in addition to nails. Here you will come to the aid accessories, shoes, handbag and so on.

In the presence of long nails it is quite possible to experiment with sparkles, patterns and rhinestones. Just do not oversaturated them with shiny elements, because this image may suffer.

As you can see, the blue dress is a real find for millions of girls and women. This color will suit almost everyone, regardless of age. Focus on the nuances of your figure to find your perfect style and shade.

Following the fairly simple rules, you will create a delightful image, the main link in which will be exactly the blue evening dress.

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    I love blue color very much. He is not boring, and quite business. Versatility is a big deal. I like to wear white jewelry to a blue dress. Or gold)

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