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Lilac Evening Dresses

Lilac Evening Dresses

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Lilac color symbolizes wisdom, serenity and tranquility. Therefore, it is preferred by intellectual, creative people who do not like to strongly express their emotions and have a somewhat mystical nature. And if you want to create a pleasant and unforgettable impression at a corporate evening or a secular reception, or become a prominent figure at someone's wedding, then be sure to wear a purple dress.


You must remember that everyone can have a lilac dress in her own wardrobe. This is a solution that defies the dictations of modern fashion. It was and will always remain relevant. In fact, this is the main feature of color.

As practice shows, lilac is perfect for almost any girl. The type of appearance does not play a big role. Outfit gives aristocracy and romance to your image. Many people advise you to choose silk dresses, because the fabric allows the lilac color to shimmer in the sun, play in different shades, set you apart from the gray crowd.

These dresses go well with the following decorative elements:

  • bows;
  • shuttlecocks;
  • ruches;
  • drapery;
  • satin ribbons;
  • sequins, rhinestones, beads.

An important advantage of lilac is that it emphasizes young beauty. That is why young beauties are advised to choose cocktail dresses in lilac design. This creates a luxurious look. Especially if chiffon or knitwear is used as materials.

However, do not think that only young people can use this color.

The exception is the bright purple color, which is more suitable for young girls.

Lavender, light lilac and violet tones are usually attributed to lilac color, so in this article we will look at them all.

Secrets of choice

Of course, you can not go to the store and choose the first dress just because it is lilac in color.

To approach the issue of choice should be competent, focus on a number of factors and nuances:

  1. Lilac outfit looks best when using lightweight materials. Therefore, most designers use light silk when sewing such dresses. As a result, a feminine and gentle look is obtained.
  2. Small and thin young ladies are advised to pay attention to the high waist in models of lilac dresses. It is desirable to choose a dress with draperies, and leave the skirt free. But the long flowing skirts on the contrary, can conceal the figure.
  3. This color well emphasizes fair-skinned beauties, although the most luxurious image is created against the background of tanned skin. Dark-haired brunettes and brown-haired should definitely try themselves in white and lilac evening dresses.
  4. It should be emphasized that lilac is an ideal choice for red-haired, and also light-skinned girls, because it is difficult for them to choose dark tones. In the lilac they will look great.
  5. When choosing a shade of lilac dress, it is imperative to attach the fabric to the face. The peculiarity of the color is such that it will emphasize the imperfections present on the skin. So if any, be sure to bring the skin in order.


Despite the fact that the lilac color is quite complex, it looks interesting in different styles and styles of evening dresses. Lilac outfits can create a modest or vice versa, a luxurious image. It directly depends on the chosen accessories, jewelry, and also placed accents. As for the length, it all depends directly on your taste. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that the short versions somewhat level the significance of the chosen color.


At the graduation party and other festive evening events, dresses in the style of a princess or A-silhouette will be appropriate. The choice is better to stop on the dark colors of lilac, down to purple. So you will stand out from the crowd.

Saturated color is rich in itself, but with the help of beads you can focus on the bodice, emphasizing the beauty of the chest, or vice versa choose a model with a fluffy multi-layered chiffon skirt than distract attention from the problem area.

Actual this season was the gradient. A smooth transition of colors is a fascinating sight, thanks to which you will definitely stay in the spotlight.

Straight lines

Lilac is also a color for business ladies, business women. In a sheath dress you will look both stern and chic, feminine at the same time. Experiment with a variety of shades, try from the darkest to the lightest.

Just keep in mind that dark lilac variants will add you a few extra years. To compensate for this effect, use precious metals or shiny stones for decoration.

Lovers of more romantic outfits or even outspoken need to pay attention to the model with a slit, in the Greek style, with an asymmetric top or bottom.


Delicate lilac color goes well with lace. It may be in the tone of the main fabric or slightly different. Also interesting are openwork appliqués or embroidery. The dress does not have to be completely laced, you can use inserts, for example on the bodice.


If some straight and short styles of evening dresses are suitable for everyday life, then you can’t say that about a mermaid. The style has a lush "tail", although in the modern version it is replaced by a long train.

The invariable rule is a slinky top, but there are a lot of options for its performance - draping, all kinds of decorations, the illusion of a naked body. Decollete can be open and closed with sleeves or with shoulder straps. In a word in a mermaid the color of lilac can really feel special.

Short models

If we talk about summer celebrations, club parties or themed evenings in the style of the 50-60s, it is worth to stay on the shortened models. All shades of lilac are appropriate in them. It is worth noting that short dresses are primarily interesting types of skirts. This may be a tutu, bell skirt or just a fluffy multi-layer.

Do not lose the relevance of mini dress. They can be safely worn by girls with beautiful legs and a sandy figure. Why hide beauty? The choice of models is also not scanty: with drapery, with elements of Greek style, bows, ruffles and other decorations.

If you want to plunge into the days of style, then you can change the characteristic bright colors for the dresses of those times to gentle lilac and use beads as bright elements.

Models shortened in the front, long in the back, fascinate with an unusual cut, a long train and at the same time with open legs.

For full and pregnant

If you have certain problems with excess weight or you expect a child, but you do not want to give up lilac color, then give preference to the Greek style. This style will allow you to hide the defects of the figure, as well as focus on the chest.

If you want to focus on the decollete area, then the best solution is a V-shaped neckline. You should not use a lot of accessories, you can limit yourself to a wide belt, a rhinestone strip, or exquisite ribbons.

Stylish combinations

If you want to emphasize the lilac color in the best way, try to combine it with:

  • purple;
  • lavender;
  • pink;
  • lemon;
  • peach;
  • white;
  • mint;
  • silver.

Together with blue you can create an unusual gradient.

Sometimes the dress uses the so-called modulations - related colors, shades of the same color. So, lilac, purple and lavender look spectacular together.

But still most often you can see a combination of white and lilac. It looks spectacular.

During cool weather under lilac outfit, choose cardigans of any of the specified colors. If your goal is a strict and discreet look, then the jacket should be dark blue.

The issue of shoes is also important. As practice shows, sandals or shoes are suitable for lilac dresses, but preferably of a silvery shade. Golden sandals with a pin will create a no less solemn look.

If you don't like shiny shoes, stop choosing gray, white, beige or steel shoes.

As you can see, the original lilac evening dress can be an excellent choice for corporate parties, birthday parties or even weddings. Of course, not in the role of the bride, but as her girlfriend. Although no one forbids you to experiment, even with wedding dresses, play on shades. The lilac color should complement you, and not play a dominant role.

Having chosen the right shade, supplement it with makeup of pink or deep-violet tones. Such solutions are not used in everyday life, which means you will definitely leave an unforgettable impression on others. And more than positive.

  1. Tatyana

    Lilac dresses are very beautiful and beautiful in spring. They resemble a real lilac, especially if the fabric with modulations.

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