Evening dresses

Green evening dresses

Green evening dresses

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  2. How to choose color and shades?
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The color of the dress can be so unusual that even accessories will be superfluous and unnecessary. One of these colors is green, even in evening dress he finds a successful performance.

Color features

There are colors that fall under the definition of the mysterious, charming and special. In fact, they are few, one of them is green. It is not enough to say that it is attractive and elegant. Green is the color that symbolizes the purity, renewal, youth and freshness of the May grass after rain. Even for the human eye, the green color is the most pleasant, and its characteristics are the most positive. This is the most calm and very balanced color, which is best suited for the nervous system.

Green color in clothing is preferable for open, confident girls, who are characterized by a strong temperament and balanced behavior. All this can be understood only by looking at the girl in the green evening dress. To experience comfort in a green dress is possible for a person with a very powerful internal energy and willingness to accept personal changes.

How to choose color and shades?

It will be difficult to determine the type of girls with whom a green dress would be contraindicated. We are dealing with the versatility of color that can be combined with all other shades. At the same time, it is characterized by the presence of many shades, the choice of which is influenced by the hair. Yes, yes, it is from the color of the hair that you need to make a start, choosing for yourself an outfit in green.

  1. Brown-haired and brunettes whose hair has a deep and rich color, will look good in a light green dress. It will shade their hair and will not merge with them.
  2. For blondes, bright or even dark green will be a good choice.
  3. The dark and dark skin color will favorably accentuate the whole of the green shade, including the sea wave.
  4. But for light-skinned women a bright dress in the color of young spring greens can only further emphasize the lightness and pallor of the skin.


When forming an image in which the main element is a green dress, make-up should not be overlooked and treat it dismissively. Green color will emphasize the lack of appearance.

If an evening out is planned, then there can only be a very clear and moderately bright make-up. Otherwise, the face will acquire an earthy hue and you can even think that you are unwell. Warm tones, sea motifs and coolish shades are a good option. In the presence of the slightest fear of dull colors, you must immediately and unconditionally refuse.


Properly chosen outfit in green color will serve as a good option for any occasion: graduation, visiting a restaurant, first date, any social event. Dark green tones are welcome in business and work wear.

Dress to the floor

In any green evening dress there are short and long options. For summer - a short dress, for a formal reception, party or celebration - a long green dress.

In long skirts there is often a magnificent chiffon, a smooth satin, a magic organza. Each option will be beautiful and unusual:

  • the silhouette of "princess" will make you a fantastic heroine;
  • the mermaid dress will conquer all those around with the smoothness that is preserved in each line;
  • floor length high waist and large cuts - the royal choice;
  • a long, flowing dress with an open back, will create an image incredible in its beauty.

In order not to spoil a perfectly matched dress to the floor, follow some rules and then you will definitely be irresistible.

Stick to the rule of three colors. In practice, this rule can be applied in the following version: a green straight dress, a black narrow belt, discreet shoes and yellow or silver jewelery.

Evening green dress with a cut on the back and black lace trim looks no less impressive.

You can do with one color, using its various shades, but, you need to choose either cold or warm shades. Mixing is not strongly recommended. The combination of a green evening dress with a bolero is permissible only if these details are combined in colors.

Lace outfit

Lace and openwork applications are invaluable material for designers. It is especially because it looks good as a whole canvas, and as separate inserts. At the same time, various types of openwork patterns are also well assembled. And rhinestones only give nobility gentle material.

Since the lace itself is an ornament, such a dress, and even in green, does not need any ornaments at all. Take a black clutch and choose neat studs.

Some designers go on bold steps, combining incompatible, and create original outfits, such as evening dress, consisting of halves of different models of dresses. Delicate lace and thick fabric embody modesty and frankness.

Any dress in the floor, made in deep green color, will be undeniably elegant, feminine and elegant option for evening dress. Yes, and if necessary, hide the shortcomings of the legs, if any. Here, even the presence of heels is not necessary - the silhouette and so will be extended.

Models mini and midi

Short versions of a green dress will allow demonstrating legs, emphasizing their tan, slimness and perfect skin condition. The difference between the models can be hidden in the pomp or straight cut of the short skirt, the shape of the bodice and variations in the performance of the straps.

Green satin and short cut will be relevant for a bridesmaid or going to a cocktail party.

Order fed up with a dress-case in black, gray or white shades. In green color such a dress will look new, unusual and bright.

All shades of mint, which can go even in emerald-turquoise, are perfect for a dress-case, and can be added to the Basque.

Open shoulders in combination with light and flowing tissues have a fascinating effect on others. Such models emphasize a warm skin tone, which creates a contrast with the cool freshness of the canvas of the dress itself.

The assortment of green cocktail dresses is not surprising and confused, since they are very well suited for informal meetings. In the choice of fabrics there are few restrictions: silk, light chiffon, richly decorated with lace elements. For decorative elements, the restriction can only be the imagination of the designers, as well as for the form, the notch on the neck, the sleeves and the length.

Green color is not so simple, it can look spectacular and advantageous only with a well thought out silhouette.

Summer models

Despite the universality of the green color, many people consider it informal and refer only to flight details. Floral patterns, complex abstract prints, national themes, color play and interesting variations of combining green with other colors are relevant here.

In the choice of summer attire, lovers of green are not limited to: a dress-sundress, a well-fitting mini dress, and a free dress-tunic.

It is not necessary to choose a pure green color for the summer version. Emerald, any shade of mint, green apple and even celadon are relevant in all seasons.All of them are in harmony with jewelry.

The dullness of the image and the green color are in no way related to each other, the designers here did their best, adding beautiful cuts, original finishes and unusual cuts to their models.

As you know, cold shades are slim, but because the wardrobe of a full girl simply cannot exist without green.


If the dress is made in green color, then it is already elegant, restrained and elegant. At least this is exactly what evening dresses by Elie Saab, a designer who managed to give green color a new life, look like. And her collection has many successful options, but very few people are able to tear off their bewitched look from a green outfit with a brilliant decor scattered throughout the material.

The century-old milestone of the popularity of embroidery in decorating clothes, where a contrast is created with the help of blue and red threads, has already passed. If the main color is green, then the best option for creating embroidery will be shiny threads.

In addition, rhinestones, beads, sequins, lace and flower appliqué look good on a green background. This season, flounces, colored stones and a shoulder strap, thrown over one shoulder, have gained unchildish popularity. Well, where without originality? In our case, you can play with a different length, which is combined in one model: a short dress with a long train.

You can successfully play on a combination of colors: black-green, white-green and other equally bold combinations.

Since the green evening dress is already an ornament of a woman, it does not need much in additions in the form of accessories. Otherwise, when choosing jewelery, it is necessary to make a comparison with nature: if such a combination of colors is present in the natural environment, then it can be in your image.

  1. Lena

    Emerald green is the most beautiful. I have so many things of this color, but he still can not get bored!

  2. Sofia

    The first dress and dress with gradient tints are the most spectacular. I would not refuse such.

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