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Yellow evening dresses

Yellow evening dresses

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It is no secret that certain colors fit every girl. The choice of a particular color depends on many factors. Most often, ladies are guided by hair color, skin tone, eye color. Picking up the appropriate outfit, they look the most attractive and interesting. Yellow evening dresses are very popular because they allow you to create a bright sunny image. With proper selection of the color of this color, you can divert attention from those areas that the girl does not consider her strengths.


The choice in favor of a yellow evening dress can often be explained by the main advantages of this color:

  1. Yellow beautifully emphasizes the blue eyes of blondes, suitable gray-eyed brown-haired, and also perfectly focuses attention to the brown eyes of a hot brunette.
  2. Yellow is a variety of shades, from pale and muffled to bright and saturated. You can find an option for any event, mood and time of year.
  3. This outfit charges with energy, creates a bright, positive image. Even if there are clouds and rain on the street, you will be like the sun.
  4. Yellow - one of the best colors in terms of compatibility with other shades. It looks great with a cold palette, warm colors.
  5. The yellow dress is suitable for special occasions and for everyday life. Of course, you need to pay attention to accessories, decor and a number of other points that give the party a sense of celebration.
  6. Looks great at all, regardless of age. So, the yellow dress is suitable for graduation at school, but in the same color a lady of Balzac age can dress up for her anniversary, the wedding of children and so on. Age restrictions do not exist, and it is pleasantly pleased.


Choosing a yellow outfit, you thereby rely on the attractiveness and originality of this color. Dresses create the image of a pretty and at the same time mysterious woman. It directly depends on the chosen tone.

The length, in fact, you can choose any. This factor has no fundamental significance. Exquisitely girls look both in short models and in dresses in the floor.


Slender young ladies are very much to face yellow dresses in the style of a princess. Their peculiarity consists in a fluffy skirt, open shoulders and a gang bodice. The cut should be light, elegant.

This season, the designers presented models of a complex cut with abstract skirts that will suit creative girls and those who want to stand out from the crowd.

New look style also found itself in yellow shades. Since it is universal, it will suit all girls without exception.

Only if there is such a problem as overweight, should you choose the yellow color carefully. The fact is that mostly all shades of yellow are bright, saturated and bright. In this regard, the color adds volume to the figure. But thin people can even recommend it, since you will visually add the missing curvaceous shapes to your figure.

Greek style and Empire

Evening celebrations are an excellent reason to feel yourself, if not for a long time, but a Greek goddess. A sun-colored outfit with draperies, an asymmetrically shaped bodice and cuts - such an antique image will fill the audience for a long time.

The Empire style also has antique roots, but it is more modest.Characterized by sleeves lanterns and high waist.

Straight lines

Straight dress gives the silhouette of sophistication and sophistication. It can be supplemented with basques, drapes, cuts and perforations. Restrictions are only in the figure.

Please note that in a yellow evening dress in no case can not walk gloomily. Radiate a positive, it will further reveal the potential of your sunny color ensemble. Plus, it was proved that being around people dressed in yellow gives others a good mood.


Perhaps the mermaid style is not associated with yellow, but more with blue waves and white sea foam, but the designers were able to depart from the standards here and created wonderful models in various shades of yellow.


Yellow evening dress models are versatile. Some of them will look equally well for a celebration, and for going to the office. Just use the appropriate jewelry, shoes, makeup, and do not forget about the hairstyle.

When choosing a yellow evening dress, be sure to bring the fabric to your face. Do not forget, yellow somewhat changes the shade of the skin, making it earthy. Therefore, if there are problems on the skin of the face, the dress will only emphasize them. Correct the situation will help competent makeup. But this is only a temporary measure. It is better to immediately deal with rehabilitation. Plus a light tan would not hurt.

A short

Yellow dresses with a length above the knee - this is a good option for almost any event and occasion. However, if you have to attend a celebration, a party, then choose a sophisticated cut, embroidery, rhinestones or drapery as a supplement to the image.

Yellow mini outfits and sheath dresses are deservedly popular. Decorative elements, however, they should not be much. But you will be able to choose accessories different, depending on taste and imagination.

Sheath dresses have become a real discovery for girls who do not want to look like gray mice in their office, but at the same time obey the strict requirements of the dress code at work.

For themed parties in the style of style just need a "puppet" outfit.

A yellow short dress with a full skirt in the style of new look with a lace top and a multi-layered tulle skirt that looks like a coquettish look would be the best for you.

For retro-style, a fancy dress with a fringe will be a good option.

If we talk about the autumn celebrations, you should not write off the short yellow dresses. Choosing knitted fabric or lace, you dilute your bright outfit dull and dark autumn days.

Do not forget, with the arrival of autumn, many dress up in dark clothes, which means that your bright bright image can perfectly stand out against the background of gray mass.

Summer yellow dress

The summer version of the yellow dress should be made of light, airy natural fabrics so that the body can breathe. This summer, look at the short yellow flared models, options with low or high waist.

Yellow evening dresses are very popular among world stars.

This color is very effective, in this dress you will definitely be the center of attention.

Plus, in no case pass by the dress-shirts. They are now literally hunting among fashionistas.

Short evening dress options are perfect for summer.

Yellow dress for full and pregnant

If your proportions are far from perfect, you have gained extra kilos, or you are wearing someone in your tummy, then you should pay attention to yellow dresses. They suit you perfectly.

Exquisite looks deep V-neck and straight silhouettes. A favorite of course is the Greek style. Sheath dress also fits pyshechkam. So you hide some flaws, but focus the attention of others on their obvious merits. Sleeves are better to choose elongated.

As for fabrics, here by the way there will be light, airy materials.Do not pass by models with prints. Wearing a similar outfit, you will get rid of excessive shyness. But avoid images of animals.

What is not advised to plump and pregnant women, so these are yellow outfits with cross sections. Alas, they will visually increase your figure. The cut should be solid, and the inserts must be vertical. Also a good addition is a long clasp and a geometric pattern.

Combination with other colors

Yellow in itself is an excellent distinct color. And for some reason, many people believe that if the dress is yellow, then it is necessarily monochromatic. This is not true. Feel free to dilute it with patterns, prints, bright inserts of contrasting shades and colors.

A vivid example of a refined dress is polka dots, stripes, wide circles, which advantageously complement the yellow color of the base. Thus, due to the versatility of variations, a woman of any age will find her ideal option.

With floral patterns, you should be more careful, because here only monochrome drawings look beneficial. Otherwise, you will become a likeness of the main Easter attribute.

The basis of the evening dress does not necessarily have to be yellow. You can choose for example a beige base and interesting patterns of yellow tint on it. This effect will create the illusion of the naked body.

Yellow and white dress

White has similar qualities and properties with yellow. Because such a combination will be very profitable for the summer season. But remember, white and yellow are not contrasting. In this regard, the outfit will have to pick up dark accessories. So you will look the most interesting.

Do not worry about tanning. Yellow and white outfits are equally well suited for blonde with fair skin and young lady with dark skin. If you are a dark-haired brunette, make up bright and make blonde look better with retro-style makeup with a must-have bright red lipstick.

Yellow black

In fact, this is a classic combination that is unlikely to ever go out of style. We get a very bright contrast, and you will definitely never go unnoticed.

Black color can be present both on the dress itself and in accessories that complement the image. An excellent solution would be a plain yellow outfit with a black clutch, black shoes and a black barrette. Do not forget about the black belt and buttons, which are able to incredibly successfully complement the sunny dress.

Yellow blue dress

The color of the sun and the color of the sky. What could be better? Especially, if you combine these two colors in a single ensemble. The effect is created even better than with a combination of black and yellow.

For the yellow-blue along perfectly fit a variety of accessories. But the most interesting are orange, green and red.

Finding a dress that will be sewn at the same time using yellow and blue fabrics is not so easy. Because you can go the other way, stopping at the appropriate accessories. For example, you can try a blue clutch, suede shoes, a hair ribbon or a belt.

Evening look

The lifestyle of some girls implies the need to constantly attend various events. Not everybody can afford to buy each time a new outfit, so we advise you to stop at the yellow ensemble with decorative bright elements.

For example, having replenished your own wardrobe with a fluffy dress, you do not have to buy very bright shoes or look for some kind of colorful jewelry.

Lacy yellow dress to the floor also does not need bright accessories, because the lace pattern itself is spectacular.

Under the dress of sunny color is recommended to choose a bolero, but not a jacket. The appropriate clutch and stilettos or sandals will give the necessary femininity, refinement to your image.

Yellow metal is chosen as jewelry, but gold is even better.

Remember one very important rule - in the yellow dress the main role is given to the dress, its color.Everything else only complements, decorates and enriches it.

Acting prudently, you will create a unique, bright and cheerful image. Under any type of figure, weight and height you will definitely find your own sunny dress. Do not be afraid to experiment, stand out from the gray mass, emphasize their main advantages. Plus yellow shades in that they correctly mask the problem areas.

Of course, you will have to gain some courage to wear such a dress for a solemn event. Always shine confidence, smile, be positive and do not be sad. The perception of the image of a girl in a sun-colored outfit largely depends on her mood.

  1. Alla

    How I love yellow! Sunny, positive and very bright color. Under the tanned skin of a yellow dress - fly!

  2. Natalia

    Under the bright yellow dress you need to apply bright enough makeup, especially for blondes, so as not to get lost against the background of such brightness. But color is my favorite, definitely.

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