About the site and its editors

Our site is dedicated to dresses, because they help to be truly feminine and charming.

Each of our authors is an expert in his field and is happy to share the knowledge accumulated over the years when working with various clients. Keeping track of news and fashion trends makes our articles relevant and useful for every fashionista.

The main task of our editorial office is to help a woman create a harmonious image and find her individual style. In their articles, experienced stylists, image makers and designers reveal the secrets of the correct choice of dresses and give recommendations that will be useful to women of any body type, appearance and character.

Thanks to the talent and irrepressible imagination of designers, every year there is a huge number of new collections, and it’s easy to choose a dress according to your figure, appearance and temperament.

Learn the nuances, experiment, follow our advice - and you will be able to create your own style, reflecting your inner "I".

our team

Alexandra Vavulina

Chief editor of the site

As an experienced image-maker and fashion designer, Alexandra knows many subtleties in creating an image and gives personal recommendations for finding a modern and harmonious style. There is an experience in tailoring of dresses by the individual order. Speaking as chief editor of the site, he gives professional advice on choosing a dress for any occasion. Refers to work with soul and love.

Anna Orach

Fashion blogger

Anna in her images adheres to minimalism and femininity. Experiencing a special passion for handmade clothes, she prefers to wear unique clothes made according to her own designs.

Alina Ivanova

Fashion blogger

Alina loves experimenting in clothes and is always looking for something new and unusual. He likes a mix of different styles, eclecticism, dynamic street-style.

Ksenia Mashtakova

Fashion blogger

Ksenia is pleased to write about the history and current fashion trends. Preferred styles in clothing - preppy, smart casual, grunge for special occasions, and for every day - minimalism.

Elena Lisova

psychosomat, psychologist

Elena Lisova is well-versed in psychology and medicine, she has relevant education. Courses in psychosomatics helped to better understand the relationship between these sciences. Raising four children and counseling loved ones helped to develop the practice.

Elena Troshina


Elena Troshina She graduated from Penza State Pedagogical University in the direction of "pedagogy and psychology." More than 6 years she worked in a comprehensive school. Gained considerable versatile experience in working with children, teenagers and parents. In working with the latter, she often acted as a family counselor. With sincere joy and desire to help, I am ready to share with the readers of the site the accumulated experiences and knowledge.

Larisa Kurtmullaeva


Larisa Kurtmullaeva - teacher, psychologist and journalist. Working as a correspondent, she provided psychological assistance to all who needed it. She has experience in raising children. Larisa shares her life and educational skills with everyone.

Information provided for reference purposes. Do not self-medicate. For health, always consult a specialist.