Evening dresses

Purple Evening Dresses

Purple Evening Dresses

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  1. Selection features
  2. Color combinations
  3. Dark shade
  4. Gentle shade
  5. Accessories
  6. Shoes, options for the selection of accessories and shoes
  7. Makeup
  8. Manicure

Not so long ago, it was believed that purple is only for creative people or for those who have mental problems. But now clothes in violet tones have firmly entered the wardrobes of women of different ages. Such clothes are preferred by romantic people who have a well-developed intuition. Unlike classic black dresses, purple looks mysterious, bold and playful. In such dresses, a woman looks elegant and seductive.

In a purple evening dress you will be irresistible. This noble color looks great on women of any age and in the presence of a deep dark shade visually makes the figure more slender.

Concerns about buying a dress in purple are usually associated with a lack of understanding about what to wear it with. Choosing the right outfit and accessories to it can be a dead end, if you do not know what purple dresses are, what other colors you can dilute purple, and also how to successfully complement the image.

Selection features

Choosing a purple dress, remember these nuances:

  • Do not fully dress in purple.
  • The brighter your skin and hair, the darker and richer the purple tone should be.
  • The darker the tone of your skin and hair, the brighter you can choose a shade of purple.
  • Purple has a slimming property.

In choosing your “own” violet shade, consider the color of your hair. If it is copper, chestnut or reddish, and your eyes are gray-green or greenish-brown, then the best choice among purple tones would be plum and shades approaching red (purple-red or purple-red).

Burning brown-eyed brunettes best go dark purple color, for example, with a hint of indigo or blueberry tone. Also, such girls are perfect saturated and bright purple tone.

For fair-haired girls with fair skin and gray eyes (as well as gray-blue and gray-green), we recommend a light gray-purple hue, as well as violet and lavender evening dress.

Color combinations

Successful combinations of purple tones can be called a combination with:

  1. Brown. Such a duet is very warm and attractive. Brown can be represented by dark tones (for example, chocolate), and lighter shades (for example, sand). Purple can be added to brown in any variation and proportion.
  2. White This combination looks fresh, unusual and spring-like. Among other neutral colors, successfully combined with tones of purple, also called gray, beige and black.
  3. Green. This combination is stylish, romantic and warm. Purple, choose bright, and let the green be rich (light green, turquoise, emerald) or muted (bottle, khaki, pistachio).
  4. Yellow A very bright and extraordinary combination that appeals to people seeking individuality. In this case, note that yellow is preferred in small quantities, for example, wear a bright purple dress with a yellow scarf or yellow brooch.

The combination of violet with neutral colors - black, gray, white and beige will be a win-win. But other "deep" colors will do. Try and experiment.

Dark shade

The dark shade of purple looks restrained and stern. In addition, the dark tones of purple emphasize spirituality.

Such rich shades as eggplant or plum, can be called royal.They combine perfectly with black, white, gray and classic blue.

You can also add golden, bright green, bright pink, emerald, coral, dark lemon, crimson and orange tones to rich purple.

You should not allow a combination of dark purple outfit with a print of a different color (except black and white). Well, if you add only one neutral or bright tone to such a violet version.

Gentle shade

Light delicate violet shades are designed to emphasize sensuality. They are represented by light translucent shades of lilac and violet, therefore they are associated with heat and spring. A good addition to these tones will be silver, peach, white, cream, beige, pink, lemon, milky, light gray and lime shade.

If you are interested in pale purple dresses, look photos of lavender evening dresses.


Since purple is a very noticeable and bright color, its accessories must be neutral. If you add bright colors to it, then, taking into account their similarity, therefore, among the most successful shades of accessories for purple outfits you can call all shades of purple.

If you want contrast, choose red, bright orange or yellow accessories. It is important not to overload your image by adding a few non-violet hues.

Remarkably fit to any version of the purple evening dress black and neutral tones accessories.

If your purple dress is represented by a bright shade, complement it with a small amount of jewelry. An image in purple can include silver and gold jewelry. You can wear a string of pearls to a long purple dress.

Shoes, options for the selection of accessories and shoes

Purple dresses are good for boats. If you pick up shoes in purple, decorated with metal fittings, you get a very elegant look.

For warm weather, boats can be beige, and for cool ones - black. An interesting and extravagant selection of boats to purple along - shoes, on which there is a leopard, serpentine or tiger print. Such bright variants of boats as emerald, lemon or crimson varnish shoes also look very advantageous. A variety of models represented by the presence of the platform, straps, different shapes and heels, open toe, and so on.

For a glamorous party, purple dress is recommended to add a golden jacket. A short cocktail lilac dress will look beautiful with a black leather jacket. For a gentle and sensual look, combine a lilac dress with yellow shoes. You can also diversify the image with small patches of pink and orange, for example, take an orange handbag to a purple dress.

Chiffon purple dress with a short skirt is a good option for elegant outlets, and for everyday use. To him you can wear silver sandals with straps or pumps with rivets. A brilliant clutch and an elegant necklace will help to complement the vivid image.

The ideal choice for a date or an event in a restaurant would be a lace dress in a purple tone. We recommend that you wear beige pumps and grab a black clutch. The purple dress is very effectively decorated with a black belt. It is worth adding black shoes and a black handbag.

An elegant long dress in a purple tone can also be worn with a thin belt and sandals decorated with metal fittings. A clutch to such an outfit can be trimmed with pearls. Also, purple maxi-dresses are successfully complemented by beige sandals on a platform and a chocolate-colored handbag.

To create a bold and memorable image, choose a sandal with a fuchsia shade and a yellow rectangular clutch for an evening purple dress.


Make-up to such a dress, like a purple dress, should be natural and very beautiful.

A good choice of shadows will be a purple palette. But be careful: with improper handling, the eyes will look tired.

Blonde beauty lipstick can choose a bright red, and dark-skinned girls with bright eyes - golden-orange.

Below is a photo of Selena Gomez with makeup that fits purple dresses.

And a couple of examples)


An excellent choice would be to make a manicure in the same range as your dress. You can also use similar shades of the spectrum - green, blue and blue. For a manicure, complementing the image in purple, are allowed and drawings on the nails. For example, you can cover your nails with bright purple lacquer and draw white lace lines.

  1. Maria

    Purple - noble and rich. It used to be said that those who choose purple are not satisfied with a man’s women. Recent research has denied this. So feel free to wear a dress of this color!

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