Evening dresses

White evening dresses

White evening dresses

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  1. Long to the floor
  2. A short
  3. Shades of white
  4. White and black evening dress
  5. White and blue
  6. White and red evening dress
  7. With sleeves
  8. With lace
  9. For pregnant and full
  10. For a club party

White color in the evening fashion is very relevant. It is festive and relevant. If you combine it with a slinky cut and complement a striking finish, then you will have a spectacular look. In addition, a white evening dress suits almost everyone.

Long to the floor

The reason to put a gorgeous dress on the floor should be special. And the white color in this outfit is very appropriate, even if it is used as a translucent inserts, or it is the main component of the whole image.

Once the legs are hidden behind the fabric, then attention should be redirected to the upper part of the outfit. Asymmetry can be used on the sleeves or neckline with an unusual shape. Wherever you need to go, this dress will look great.

If you are invited to a strict event, then you need to make sure that your image matches the dress code. A white dress on the floor here would be very appropriate. This outfit suggests two different styles:

  • strict sheath dress, diluted by the original finish;
  • seductive dress that has deep cuts on the chest and legs.

When you need to appear at a solemn event in a delightful way, you should stop the choice on white Greek dresses, which have sleeves. And if the fabric is also selected in a translucent version, with a flying effect, then prices along such lines simply will not. As for colors, monotony is not a prerequisite, an unobtrusive pattern can be present.

Dress in the Greek style can be sewn from thick fabric. Gold looks good in this image. And it does not have to be gold jewelry, any decor in gold color is acceptable. Such outfits can be safely worn black-haired beauties. But the representatives of the spring and summer color type will be well in a pearl or cream dress.

In a multi-layered skirt, a combination of several colors looks good, one of which will be white.

Attracting attention to the floor models, many designers showed at the shows. Their restraint and stiffness was diluted with high cuts that exposed the hips. With such a length looks good deep neckline.

A long skirt offers great possibilities for finishing. The fabric itself can be distinguished by a rich texture (for example, with lace elements) or have a scattering of large rhinestones.

Rhinestones look very good on white, because the background of the dress itself begins to glow, and not just serve as a background, as is the case with other shades.

A short

For young ladies, with a clean and innocent image, a slim silhouette and beautiful legs, you can safely choose a short white dress for your evening look. There are many options and they are all beautiful in their own way:

  • sheath dress;
  • dress antique;
  • dresses with various forms of skirts (sun, trapeze).

In this trendy season, decorations are not only diverse, but also unusual. And their combination can make an image romantic or, on the contrary, passionate and defiant. Even for the prom, young girls choose dresses with modulations that are present on the decorations and fabrics.

Shades of white

No matter how surprising it may sound, but it is necessary to choose a white dress from its shade, of which there are many.It is advisable to stop on only one shade, which will not be interwoven with other variations of white color. No one can argue with that.

If the cream color itself is beautiful, then next to white it will seem dirty. And in general, how the combination of two shades of white will be perceived will be affected by the lighting. It is not worth the risk and choose a dress made up on the basis of not one shade, but several. Even in the selection of accessories, experts prefer to choose color models in order not to risk.

No matter how dazzling the white color may be and no matter how impressive it may be, a really beautiful tandem will create such a dress only with dark skin. If the skin of your body has at least a slight hint of a grayish tint and salinity, then a white outfit will further highlight this drawback.

One of the most popular and favorite colors is cream or creamy white. It is characterized by the presence of a slightly noticeable yellowish-beige tone. If your skin is characterized by a warm shade, then this color will suit you. The cream shade itself is soft and gentle, so the image of the girl is the same. Cream goes well with gold if you want to be luxurious. Sweets will add chocolate-brown elements on the dress.

Another variation of white is a milky white shade. It is characterized by a slightly noticeable blueness. For blondes with a good tan, this shade is perfect.

Exquisitely pearl-white shade. It emphasizes the pink blush on the face well, but it can make a dark skin grayish. Owners of platinum blond hair need to be careful with such dresses, because the whole image will merge.

You can not confuse the color of champagne with a different shade of white, since only here may the yellowness with a subtle green tint be present. Aristocracy and elegance carries such an outfit, but it is not suitable for every girl. Complexion should be perfect and not pale.

White and black evening dress

You can not call an evening dress with a combination of black and white elegant, but in the originality it has no equal. A very popular decision by designers is:

  • black decor or inserts on white fabric;
  • the latest novelties are black and white striped dresses;
  • White top is still relevant, for example, in the form of a corset and black bottom. The shape of the skirt will not be a hindrance, so lush and fitted, short and long options are often found in fashion collections.

You can not ignore the black and white outfits created from feathers. Large feathers are stitched to the base in alternation of white and black colors. Contrast is created by uneven edges. In many models there is a brilliant belt - an element of solemnity.

White and blue

The combination of white and blue is the so-called nautical style. There are many variations of such a decision - a completely white dress with blue edging, striped outfit or equal division into blue and white. Sea-themed patterns look very good: chains, anchors or waves.

As for styles, there are practically no restrictions. Dress in the style of a mermaid, as long as possible straight or short and lush.

White and red evening dress

The next polarity companion of white color is red. Presence on a white background can be very different: in the form of a flower, stripes or decor.

With sleeves

Before dresses with long translucent lace or guipure sleeves, all other outfits fade. The sleeve will fit your arms or expand - the right of your choice.

If you still choose long sleeves, the dress can be left straight. Do not forget about the features of the V-shaped notch, here they work like never before. Long sleeve is not a mandatory rule.Three-quarters also has the right to exist, seeming as a convenient and functional element of your outfit.

With lace

Do you want to be romantic today? Then white lace goes to favorites due to its seductive lines and openwork weaves.

This dress is worn only for special occasions. For example, prom night. You can not wear a lace dress in the winter, because this fabric can bring coolness. Beauty, although it requires sacrifice, but probably not everyone in the winter reception will understand you.

For pregnant and full

There is something beautiful, beautiful and tender in pregnancy. White color on the future mom with rounded shapes will be very appropriate and attractive. This is not a state in which you should be ashamed of changes in your body, on the contrary, you should be proud of them and emphasize in every way. So all pregnant - choose for yourself the white color in clothes.

Clothing should not create discomfort, especially in the abdominal area. Therefore, high waist - this is the perfect option, in search of which are all pregnant. The chest here is underlined, the stomach is not constricted, and the movements are not constrained. If you want a decor, then the belt is the perfect place for it.

You can also dilute your wardrobe with a trapezium dress with flare on the hem. They do not have to be long and simple. Lace in the form of inserts is welcome.

For a club party

Among the club dresses there are a lot of white models. On the dance floor under the rays of ultraviolet you will become a real star in your white dress. And if the party is held outside the room, the outfit in white color will not only adorn your body, but will not attract the sun's heat, as dark fabrics can do.

To summarize, versatility is characteristic of a white evening dress. And it is the ability to wear a white dress for girls of any color type.

  1. Veronica

    White evening dresses are beautiful, but the image is more like a wedding. I prefer in such cases a combination of white with other colors or white dresses with a bright print.

  2. Svetlana

    And I like white dresses! With the help of accessories you can create a very bright and even bold image. White color is incomparable for other colors. It's like a blank sheet of paper)

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