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Dresses for the figure "Rectangle"

Dresses for a figure Rectangle

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  1. Features of the figure
  2. Stars with this type of figure
  3. Suitable styles
  4. Tips for choosing

Choosing the right styles and models of dresses that will look on the girl the most attractive, be sure to take into account the type of his figure. One of the most common types of physique is the H-silhouette. The shape of the girl at the same time resembles its shape of a rectangle.

Features of the figure

H-shaped figure is characterized by the presence of:

  • Non-expressed waist
  • Protruding belly
  • Straight sides
  • About the same width of the hips and shoulders
  • Slender legs
  • Flat buttocks

Gaining extra pounds, a woman "rectangle" notes the accumulation of fat mainly in the abdomen and thighs.

Stars with this type of figure

A shape resembling a rectangle is marked with:

  • Anna Kournikova
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Julia Roberts
  • Mischa Barton

Suitable styles

Women with H-type bodyguards are advised to choose such styles that will repeat their silhouette. They look good skirts straight cut, straight dresses without a pronounced waist, as well as narrowed to the bottom of the model. A nice choice would be a dress with a skirt trapeze, the sun, a tulip or a pencil. Also good options are skirts, cut which provides a yoke or low waist.

The most successful styles for the "rectangle" are:

  1. Empire style dresses. They are well emphasized and lifted chest, and a wide waist hides behind loose folds.
  2. Sheath Dress It is important that the model is not tight and too tight. If such a dress is made of thick fabric, it will smooth out all the flaws in the figure.
  3. Dresses with a smell. In such outfits the outlines of the H-silhouette will be feminine and tender, the girl will have the appearance of a waist, and the figure will look more elegant.
  4. Dresses, tunics and dresses, trapeze. In them, attention from the waist will be diverted to other parts of the figure, especially if the bodice is tight.

Tips for choosing

  • If a girl has slender legs, she can safely wear short dresses. Otherwise, you should prefer dresses with medium length or skirt to the floor.
  • Fabrics for dresses for girls- "rectangles" should be quite dense. A good choice would be wool, thick silk and gabardine, and light airy materials are advised to avoid.
  • The neckline in dresses for an H-like figure should not be too deep, especially if the neckline is round. A good choice would be an oval and square neckline.
  • Best of all on the H-shape look sleeves without sleeves. If a girl with such a physique wants to buy a dress with a sleeve, then it should be short.
  • Girls with this type of figure can afford different decorative finishing of dresses above and below the waist, for example, asymmetrical lines and seams, side slits, jabot, ruffles and other large elements of decoration on the chest.
  • Baggy and overly tight dresses are advised to avoid.
  • Coloring experiments help make the waist visually thinner. The dress can be of two shades, while their separation will be at the waist level. Also the bodice can have a horizontal print, and on the waistline the pattern is placed diagonally. It is only important to remember that in the waist area there should be no ornament, especially horizontal.
  • For the visual narrowing of the waist, the “rectangle” girl is also advised to wear dresses with wide belts or belts.
  1. Lina

    I love flared dresses. And for good reason) I'm just a rectangle.

  2. Arina

    Rectangles are fairly easy, varying the styles of the skirts of a dress, create a figure like an hourglass. Many people tell me that I have an ideal shape, although I am a rectangle. I just can pick the right clothes.

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