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Dresses for the figure "Inverted Triangle"

Dresses for figure Inverted Triangle

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  1. Features of the figure
  2. Stars with this type of figure
  3. Suitable styles
  4. Tips for choosing

The figure, similar to an inverted triangle, is considered disproportionate, so its owners should pick up clothes very carefully. In particular, in choosing a dress with a similar build, it is worth looking at models that will focus on the lower part of the body. In such dresses the silhouette will be leveled.

Features of the figure

The type of figure "inverted triangle", which is also called the V-silhouette, is distinguished by the presence of:

  • Broad shoulders;
  • Pretty lush breasts;
  • Narrow hips;
  • Slender or even thin legs;
  • Thin waist;
  • Unexpressed buttocks;
  • Slight difference between waist and hip girth.

When a girl of this body type begins to gain weight, first of all, extra centimeters appear in the upper part of the body.

Stars with this type of figure

The V-type pattern is noted in:

  • Madonna;
  • Charlize Theron;
  • Sigourney Weaver;
  • Angelina Jolie;
  • Naomi Cambell;
  • Demmy Moor;
  • Sher;
  • Anna Kournikova;
  • Yana Klochkova;
  • Teri Hatcher;
  • Nastya Volochkova.

Suitable styles

First of all, with a figure that looks like an inverted triangle, you should pay attention to dresses, in which the skirt is presented in the following styles:

  • Half sun
  • Trapezium
  • Pleated
  • The sun
  • Tulip

The above styles will increase the volume of the lower part of the figure, leveling it with the shoulders. Look very impressive on girls with a similar body type dresses in the Greek style. They flow smoothly around the figure, hiding flaws. At the same time, the length of the dress is selected according to your taste, as in a long and short dress of this style the wide-shouldered girl will look attractive.

When choosing an evening dress for a girl with an “inverted triangle” figure, corset dresses with a princess skirt are often preferred. This skirt diverges down and creates the right amount in the hips.

Excessively narrow hips can also be hidden by choosing an outfit with a straight cut. In this case, the dress should not be slinky, but slightly loose. Another successful model with this type of figure is a dress with a basque, which should be voluminous and located slightly below the waist.

Tips for choosing

  • Buy with this type of figure dresses from flowing and easily draped soft materials.
  • When choosing a neckline for a dress, it is better to focus on the styles that will visually narrow the shoulders, for example, a deep oval neckline, a V-like neckline or a American armhole. From the rectangular cut, as well as from the cut of the boat and models with thin straps should be abandoned.
  • If a girl with a figure similar to an inverted triangle wants a dress with sleeves, models with long sleeves as well as three-quarters are the best choice. In a dress with short sleeves, broad shoulders will be even more pronounced.
  • You can visually make a figure of this type proportional with the help of color solutions. For example, the upper part of the outfit may be darker than the bottom. A good choice would be prints on the skirt, for example, with diagonal and horizontal stripes, a large cell and elongated patterns.
  • Avoid models with bows, pockets, frills and other large decorative details in the chest and shoulders area.
  1. Lana Vita

    This is great, advice will be useful to anyone with narrow hips and broad shoulders. And still looks awesome on such a figure top in the smell with a deep neckline, V-shape lengthens the upper body, and the open neckline attracts attention and others forget where to look)))))

  2. Lyuba

    Yes, I agree. Also confidence in their beauty has increased. I will follow the recommendations. Previously, about the styles did not think much.

  3. Lika

    Previously, she considered her figure very unfortunate. And looked how many stars have my figure and look awesome! Take at least my darling Angelina Jolie)

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