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Summer dresses - the choice in the summer of 2019 is incredibly diverse

Summer dresses - the choice in the summer of 2019 is incredibly diverse

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You can not think of a season better than summer. This is a period of bright colors, weightless fabrics and sexuality. When else, if not in summer, you need to look fashionable and feminine.

Let's see, what kind of dresses will become a real secret weapon for the beautiful half of humanity in the summer season?



In this season, long summer dresses and sundresses, which can be worn both for everyday use and for any celebration, become topical. It's all about flowing matter, giving the image an incredible lightness.


If you are the owner of an ideal figure, short dresses will most suit you. It does not matter what style: whether it will be a tight, fascinating dress or a dress of a free cut.

Middle length

Summer dresses of medium length are suitable for more formal events or for work.

Styles and fashion models

The new summer season will delight us with a large variety of fashionable dresses that can satisfy every taste.

Straight and tight

Even in summer, you cannot do without a classic sheath dress. Fitted models with asymmetry, closed or open, with straps or sleeves, with a variety of decor continue to break the applause.

Tight-fitting dress with a basque knee-length will make the figure more slender, and add height.

You can decorate your appearance in a bright year dress with any solemn event.


Hot summer does not fit well with the crinoline and multi-layered long skirts, only on a very special evening you can dress up in a light fluffy dress made of organza or chiffon.

Short puffy models in the style of baby dollars, in the style of the 60s, with a skirt pack and balloon are especially relevant.

I especially want to stay on the balloon dress. It is suitable for all girls without exception. In addition, knitted, for example, knitwear can be worn every day, and from colored chiffon - to the party.

Dress A-line

Comfort and freedom are appreciated in hot weather, because trapeze silhouette dresses are very popular.

With sleeve

In cool weather or for an evening exit, pay attention to dresses with a three-quarter semi-transparent sleeve or with a long free one. In the heat, on the contrary, cover your shoulders with a short sleeve.

Dress shirt

The most practical dress is a shirt dress. From what material it would not be sewn - stylishness is guaranteed.

High-low (short front long back)

Dresses high-low in most cases are presented in the form of cocktail and evening dresses. At the same time, a model with a tropical print or a bright geometric pattern will become indispensable during the holidays.

High waist

High waist is typical for dresses in the Empire style and Greek. The length can be absolute any, as well as a reason to wear them.

With smell

Straight dresses with the smell do not leave the podium, because they are suitable for women of any configuration. The cut remains the same, only some details change, for example, asymmetry or openness appears.

Depending on the color and material, you can wear it at a business meeting or a meeting with friends.


Sundresses, stitched from lightweight fabrics with or without shoulder straps, short or long, of any cut are ideal in hot weather.

Since the sundresses have a simple cut, the decorated line of the decollete, unusual colors, ruches and belts serve as decoration.

With frills, ruffles and ruffles

Dresses with frills and ruffles are suitable for owners of ideal forms, and for pyshnotelyh.


Dresses in retro style will become fashionable this summer:

  • trapezoidal;
  • sheath dresses;
  • A-silhouette.

For lovers of comfortable clothes fit dresses in a sporty style of free or form-fitting. These will be dresses, T-shirts, polo dresses.

Various ties, zippers and hoods with pockets or a collar will serve as a decor for simple dresses.

The summer look in nautical style will be very bright. The marine theme is expressed in such details: the image of ships, sails and any marine paraphernalia, as well as in the bands.

A few forgotten boho dresses are coming back.

The essence of this trend is a combination of seemingly completely incompatible materials: a multi-layered light dress and a knitted scarf, fur and lace.

Fashionable classics are Chanel-style dresses. But due to fashion trends, the style can be somewhat complicated by layering.

The purpose of this onion remains unchanged - to emphasize the elegance and unsurpassed taste of its owner.


Mini dresses have always been considered the sexiest. This summer, models with an original top and a frankly deep neckline do not lose their relevance.

Will excite all those surrounding your appearance in the dress:

  • with cutouts;
  • with deep cuts;
  • with open back;
  • with frank neckline
  • models in the linen style.

This also applies to transparent dresses that are best suited for walking on the beach, but are actively used in evening fashion.


It is tempting to look model beach dresses:

  • original crochet;
  • with American armhole;
  • with armhole over one shoulder;
  • flared tunic dresses;
  • short sundresses;
  • mesh dresses.

Do not go unnoticed, walking along the beach in a short dress in hippie style.

Bright, color and print

The color range of summer outfits is fully consistent with this time of year.

These are the brightest and rich colors:

  • deep blue and sky blue;
  • turquoise and green;
  • sunny yellow and bright orange;
  • seductive red and tender purple;
  • delicate pink and coral,
  • natural beige and brown;
  • Gray.

Evening outfits in classic white and black will be excellent.

Trendy colors in this season will be dresses with an extraordinary print. The most common prints will be:

  • bright ethnic;
  • interesting geometric (cell, strip, rhombus);
  • symbolic vegetable;
  • animals;
  • romantic flower;
  • peas.

On hot summer days, comfort and a feeling of lightness will create bright long and short dresses.

Models on thin straps perfectly emphasize all the bends and seductively fit the silhouette.

the cloth

In order for your body to breathe and bring nothing discomfort, when choosing a summer dress you should pay attention to the fabric. It should be light, cool, soak up and evaporate moisture.

Should draw your attention to the dress of chiffon. Models of long dresses from this material are suitable for evening and important events. Shortened with an A-shaped silhouette, belted with a thin belt are good for work. For cocktail parties, midi-length dresses with thin straps will be appropriate.

Be sure this summer in your wardrobe should be a dress of lace. It can be made entirely of lace or decorated with separate lace inserts.

Going to a club or on a date in a short satin dress will be appreciated by others. Particularly fashionable will look such a dress with a geometric or floral print.

Will perfectly sit and not hamper in the movements of the same silk dresses.

Feeling cool in the hot summer days you will be able to give a flax dress. This fabric has the property to reduce body temperature by 1-2 degrees.

Cotton products have a high strength and property of absorbing moisture. You will feel cozy in a dress made of this natural fabric.

Soft and natural dress will add a light dress with a floral print or embroidery from chintz.

Denim dresses have not lost their relevance this summer.

A very popular material in the tailoring of summer dresses has become a pleasant to the touch and non-fadeable staple. Out of competition will be dresses made of viscose. This matter also gives coolness, is pleasant to the body, practically not crushed - it is universal.

Many advantages have summer dresses from knitwear. Their styles are so diverse that you can choose a dress for every taste and occasion.

Crochet and knitting

Such knitted models can also be interesting and unusual versions of a summer dress:

  • sundresses;
  • tunics;
  • maxi dresses;
  • loose or flared midi dresses;
  • looks elegant knitted evening dress to the floor.

All you need is your skill, crochet threads or knitting needles and knitting pattern. A lot of important will be the choice of yarn. The cotton thread which is well passing air is ideally suited for a summer option of a dress.

By combining crocheted openwork crochet patterns with any other knitting, you can create a gorgeous romantic dress.

It will be interesting to look knitted dresses, combined with a fabric - silk, linen, satin or chiffon. That is, it can be a dress made of any summer fabric, decorated, for example, with knitted ruffles, frills or shoulder straps.

For summer walks, you can choose a dress with a chiffon skirt and a knitted top. If the hem is sewn from lush organza, it will give the dress a more solemn look.

For full

The ideal option for full girls will be a light fitted dress with small floral motifs. They will distract attention from figure flaws.

Regarding the style, it is worth noting flared silhouette or dress with a smell.

For pregnant

In choosing a wardrobe for pregnant women need to be approached responsibly. Dresses should not bring discomfort, and fabrics should breathe.

Ideal for future mothers monochrome dresses and bright colors in the Greek style, A-silhouette dresses, dresses, tunics, dresses with the smell and prints.

It will be interesting to look long sundress with a cut of a trapezoid, diluted with several frills.

For 50 year old women

How to look elegant and confident for women aged? Age is not a hindrance in the desire to be beautiful and stylish.

Summer onions of mature women should be as convenient and comfortable as possible. To help light flowing with a floral print dress.

In a fashion long dresses that will be more impressed by this type of women. Dresses of a free cut will not begin to hold down in movements. The length of the same hide all the flaws of the figure, visually stretch the silhouette of low women.

Do not want to open your hands, pay attention to the variety of summer dresses with a wide sleeve in three quarters. If you are the owner of a toned body, you will suit midi length dresses.


In the line of summer wedding dresses presented a variety of models:

  • flesh-colored and champagne, repeating the nudity of the body with a variety of embroidery and appliqués;
  • short;
  • lace;
  • tight-fitting;
  • with an open back and train.

Wedding dresses are made from a variety of flowing, light and lace materials. Kaka is always popular multi-layer dresses and A-line dresses.


Of the huge number of options for prom dresses, the following trends of this summer can be identified:

  • dress rich color or with a graphic print of flying fabric;
  • long cuts in maxi dress are long;
  • short models of complex cut;
  • asymmetrical outfits of medium length;
  • slinky dresses with removable transparent skirts.

Unusual dress will look with an American armhole. In it shoulders effectively open due to the elongated cut of the armhole.

Evening and cocktail

Refined and discreet style is present in summer dresses of this year's evening fashion. As a rule, these are long dresses made of chiffon, satin lace, guipure. Among the popular dresses in retro style, Greek style and the same little black dress.

Also, attention is paid to the short cocktail dresses in the style of classic and unusual lush.


Dress for every day should be chosen for reasons of comfort. This can be a shirt-cut dress of jeans and knitwear, as well as knitted dresses, dresses with the smell, dresses, tunics, dresses in sports style and boho.

The choice of length and color is yours.


The main element in the wardrobe of the office dress code is the dress. The main criterion is elegance and rigor.

The most favorite models were the midi-length sheath dress with the neckline of the boat, an elegant dress-dress of restrained colors, a knitted dress with draperies and lace inserts.

Star dresses

Just look at how superb the stars look in trendy summer outfits.

What to wear

To complete the summer look, various straps, barely noticeable stud earrings, massive earrings and bracelets in ethnic style, large-brimmed hats, shoulder bags with fringe can serve as accessories.

With regards to shoes - it should match your style and occasion. If this is a casual dress, then you can combine it with Roman sandals on a flat course.

Attending cocktail parties, stiletto or wedge sandals will be appropriate. To dress with a skirt-bell, you can shovel flat loafers. Boat shoes can be combined with dresses with a bright print.

For cool summer evenings in combination with a bright dress, you can put on a light jacket. Also appropriate jacket will be to complement the office bow.

The owners of magnificent forms in a shortened jacket over the dress will be irresistible.

The styles and colors of summer dresses are incredibly diverse! By choosing one or another to your taste, you can emphasize your originality and stand out from the crowd.

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