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Brown dress - confident image

Brown dress - confident image

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Brown-colored clothes are preferred by self-confident people, standing firmly on their feet and looking soberly at the world. In other words - those who are in trouble with the surrounding reality. A brown dress will help you feel calmer and more confident, so this is a great choice for important events in life.

The brown color palette includes many shades - from beige to chocolate. Among such a wealth of choice, girls with various types of appearance will surely find the shade of brown color that suits them.


Let's get acquainted with the variety of shades of this beautiful and noble color.

Light coloured

Light brown includes the following shades of brown: golden brown, cream, gray brown, wheat, terracotta, walnut, caramel, ocher and the like.

This color scheme is suitable mainly warm color type. Light brown dresses do not belong so clearly to the business style of clothing. Warm, soft tones can emphasize the femininity and romance of the image, so a dress in light brown colors can be put on a date or some festive event.


Dark brown shades include black-brown, chocolate, chestnut, coffee, red-brown, copper, umber, and sepia.

Dark brown color is more strict and restrained, therefore it is often chosen for business suits, training uniforms, etc. A dark brown dress is an excellent option for work, especially if you have to turn in business circles.

If we are talking about an elegant dress, then it must necessarily be sewn from a beautiful, unusual fabric or have an original cut.


Long and curvaceous, short and tight - from the variety of styles of brown dresses, presented by designers in recent times, just the eyes diverge. Let's look at the most popular options together.

Long to the floor

A long brown dress can be both strict and romantic. For ceremonial exits you should choose a dress of lighter shades, although if you have a spectacular decor or style, a dark brown dress will be an excellent choice.

Fabrics with glitter are often used to sew long evening dresses, and in the case of brown, this technique is more than justified. The fabric gleaming at artificial light perfectly smoothes some restraint and coldness of brown color.

Mature women will certainly prefer Cinderella's ball gown for a more elegant outfit. We advise such ladies to stay on a narrowed dress with a spectacular neckline or a beautiful neckline.


Brown dress midi length, depending on the style can be both office and official, and seductive.

This color is so multifaceted that dresses in this color scheme are the basic piece of clothing, on the basis of which diametrically opposite images can be created.

A short

Brown dress with a skirt above the knee, many will cause associations with school uniform. Some girls like this comparison, and they gladly complement this outfit with a snow-white collar.

The other half of the women of fashion will prefer to give up this image in order not to look like a schoolgirl from Soviet times.

For a party, feel free to choose flirtatious models with an asymmetrical neckline or transparent inserts.

A short brown dress in itself looks very laconic. But in this simplicity lies both grace and elegance. Brown mini-dress is recommended to liven up with flashy, stylish accessories that are surely contrasting in color. A belt of bright leather, large earrings or a necklace, an unusual handbag - a pair of such details will make the image thoughtful and memorable.

A business dress with a cropped skirt should be as simple as possible and be closed at the top.


With black

Black and brown are rather dark and dark colors, so this combination is not perceived very well. Dark brown outfit is good for a work day, but sometimes suitable for a festive evening. Admirers of this color pair can be advised to combine black with a light shade of brown, for example, with dark beige, caramel or terracotta. So the combination of colors becomes more contrast and expressive.

It should be noted that the combination of black + brown loved to use in their collections of clothing, Yves Saint Laurent.

With white

What associations do you have in combination with brown and white? Surely something appetizing: ice cream with chocolate syrup, coffee with creamy crema, chocolate cake with cream, etc. So, the combination of brown + white looks very "tasty."

In general, the image in this color scheme breathes confidence and tranquility. If this combination seems too boring to you, do not be afraid to dilute it with accessories of bright colors, such as turquoise or crimson.

With beige

Beige is considered one of the varieties of brown, so together they form a very harmonious pair. The dress in brown and beige color is great for the cold season, when you want so much warmth and comfort.

Based on this color pair, you can create a soft, cozy image that will look great even without blotches of bright spots.

If the ensemble in brown and beige tones seems to you too dull, you can dilute it with golden ornaments.

With blue

Oddly enough, but the "cold" blue color and the "warm" brown match perfectly with each other. Combining these two colors in clothes it is important to observe one and only rule: the lighter the shade of brown, the darker the brown tone should be. In the opposite direction, this rule also applies: for a dark brown dress you should choose accessories in a light blue color. Experiment with different shades to find the most beautiful combination.

With red

The presence of brown and red at the same time in clothes may seem to someone a very strange, unjustified decision. In fact, if you choose the right shades in this color pair, you can create a very unusual, memorable image.

The red color goes well with soft, light shades of brown, for example, beige or coffee with milk. At the same time, red elements should not be too bright, it is better to stick to dark, muted shades, such as wine.

With yellow

If you look closely at the color palette, you will see that yellow and brown are next door. This means that they are close in their characteristics and fit well with each other. The combination of these two colors looks very summer-like, even if sunny, yellow tones are present in the attire to a minimum. In a pair of colors with yellow look good both light and dark shades of brown. As for the yellow color, you can safely experiment with the whole palette of shades: from light lemon to mustard.

With green

Brown and green are the most natural combination that nature itself has given us. Grass growing on the ground, foliage tree branches are only the first associations that come to mind at the mention of a given color pair. An outfit in a brown-green color scheme cannot look defiant, it always looks very noble. True, in such an ensemble, green mostly dominates.

You can pick up accessories of different shades of green to a brown dress, including rare and unusual ones, for example, olive, emerald, coniferous, etc.


With animal print

Animal print dresses almost every fashion season returns to the catwalks and store shelves. The greatest love of designers and fashionistas enjoys, of course, leopard design.

Dress with a leopard print is a weapon with the help of which every girl can turn into a real seductress. For a less catchy, but still sensual image, you can choose an outfit in which the leopard pattern is only fragmentary. Read more in the article about leopard dresses.

Leather and suede

A dress made of leather (natural or artificial) is a rather bold decision. Not every girl dares to dress in leather outfit, as it will certainly attract the attention of others. Brown leather dress should not be long, the maximum - to the middle of the knee. It is better if the dress is narrow and emphasizes the elegance of your figure.

An alternative to this dress - suede outfit. Due to the peculiarities of the texture of the material, the girl in the suede dress does not look so aggressive, the image is softer.

Guipure, lace

A brown dress made of guipure is an option to go out. Long or short, with a full skirt or tight - this dress always looks elegant. Brown guipure dresses are loved by mature women, but also young girls in such a dress will look great if you choose the right style.

Young ladies should look at models with a fluffy skirt or dresses, tight-fitting figure.


Polka-dot dresses were especially popular in the middle of the last century - our grandmothers wore them with pleasure. The brown dress in white peas is a real classic of the time.

Today, clothes with such a pattern in something copy the fashion of past years, so they are associated with retro style. To feel like a girl from the films of that time, you need to choose models with a full skirt to the knees and, possibly, a flashlight sleeve.

Brown polka-dot dress became especially popular after the release of the movie "Pretty Woman", in which the heroine Julia Roberts was very feminine and elegant.

With sleeves

Brown dress with sleeves, as a rule, serves as a variant of warm clothing for the autumn-winter season. This warmed dress made of wool or other dense material is the best way to remain feminine, even in cold weather.

However, when it comes to an idle event, it is better to give preference to other materials. Elegant dresses with long guipure sleeves are popular. Asymmetrical models with only one sleeve look original.


What tights to choose for a brown dress depends on the shade of the dress. If the dress is light brown, it is worthwhile to dwell on dark pantyhose - chocolate or even black. With a dark brown dress is better to wear light tights, for example, beige or milky shade. Patterned tights will effectively look with a concise dress of a simple cut.

Thin body tights are versatile and fit almost any image.

Do not forget about the bright accents: emerald green, orange or maroon panty hoses are perfect for a brown-colored dress for girls with a hint of shocking.

Shoes, shoes

A monochromatic brown dress is an excellent occasion to showcase your most beautiful shoes. Black shoes, of course, are almost always appropriate, but high-heeled shoes with a leopard pattern or turquoise sandals with a brown dress will look much more interesting. Sandals and sandals are an option for light summer outfits. If a solemn event occurs in cold weather - complete the set with shoes with a closed nose or elegant boots.

Shoes in contrasting colors are a great addition.

Accessories and jewelry

When choosing accessories for a brown dress, the main thing is to follow the principle of contrast. For a dark dress you need to wear light jewelry and vice versa.

All shades of gold will look great with a brown outfit, so you can simply put on your favorite gold earrings or bracelet. Ornaments made of stones, such as turquoise or coral, are well suited to a brown dress. Leather belt and satchel handbag will be the final touch.

Do not forget that complex designer dresses are self-sufficient. Do not overload the image with details.


Stylists offer several makeup options for a brown dress. Most often, girls choose neutral solutions: makeup in brown, beige or golden tones.

Those who like bright accents can recommend contrasting shades, for example, turquoise or pink. Colored shadows and eyeliner not only emphasize the color of the eyes, but also refresh the image as a whole. If you prefer makeup in neutral tones, be sure to make at least a slight emphasis on the lips.


When choosing the color of nail polish to brown dress should be guided by the same principles as when creating makeup. If you prefer a strict classic, then stop at the manicure in beige-brown tones. To create a more extravagant look, choose lacquer bright, saturated colors, such as scarlet or orange. Can't decide? Classic jacket fits absolutely any outfit.

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