Dress styles and models

The styles, models and types of dresses that hide the belly

The styles, models and types of dresses that hide the belly

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  1. How long should I prefer: long, midi or short?
  2. What colors fit better?
  3. A little bit about the tissues
  4. What color visually corrects the shape?
  5. Trim value
  6. What accessories to pick up?
  7. Tips: hide the stomach and sides

Dress - this is the best clothes for a girl, because only in it you can feel truly attractive and desirable. But, unfortunately, many girls refuse this outfit because of figure flaws. One of the most common problems is a protruding belly. The appearance of "tummy" is not always the fault of the girl. It can appear not only due to improper diet and neglect of sports, but also due to childbirth or illness. In an effort to disguise a protruding belly, girls usually use two radical ways: either they wear hooves to hide their figure, or they pull into tight clothes, hoping that they will visually make them slimmer.

In this article we want to tell you about the existing styles of fashionable dresses that hide the belly. You will learn that even with a non-ideal figure you can afford beautiful and stylish clothes.

How long should I prefer: long, midi or short?

Long Dresses

Visually pull the figure, so they are great in order to hide the tummy.

However, this property of dresses in the floor is not valid for girls with very small growth. "Thumbelina" long dress makes it even lower. Therefore, if you treat miniature girls, it is better to refuse him.

Medium length dresses

Midi length dresses are suitable for a wide variety of body types. This is the best option for those who wish to disguise a protruding belly.

A skirt of medium length seductively opens the legs, at the same time, hiding all problem areas of the body.

Short dresses

This is the most dangerous area for girls who are shy of their tummy. The mini-skirt, especially if it covers the hips, horizontally divides the figure in the place where this is not needed at all. Choose loose styles that won't accent your tummy. A flared skirt with narrow hips is also suitable.

To avoid mistakes, it is better to abandon ultrashort dresses altogether, having determined for oneself the maximum allowable length for one palm above the knee.

What colors fit better?

The color for the dress you need to choose the one that suits you. It is very important to remember, as many girls, knowing that dark colors visually make a slimmer person, mzbegat in their wardrobe of bright colors. Wearing a black and gray color scheme, you can, of course, correct the figure, but constantly dressing in dark colors, it is easy to forget about the other advantages of your appearance.

Fresh complexion, beautiful shade of eyes, unusual hair color - all this can be emphasized with the help of a dress of correct coloring. Therefore, bright, rich or delicate, pastel colors must be in your wardrobe.

The dress with side panels, contrasting in color, visually narrows the figure - girls with a tummy should definitely look at this style. If you like dresses with a print, then choose patterns of vertical orientation - such a drawing “pulls” the figure.

A little bit about the tissues

If there is a protruding abdomen, tight-fitting tissues should be avoided. Discard dresses from thin knitwear or elastic guipure. These materials will not only emphasize all the existing creases, but also add new ones.If you like openwork fabrics, then choose models of dresses with guipure sleeves or a decollete area, but let problem areas be covered with a more dense material.

Also, care should be taken to glossy fabrics, as the shiny surface seems more than it actually is. Therefore, silk and satin dresses should also be put aside. So, your choice is thick, matte fabrics such as cotton, linen, velor, crepe-chiffon, batis, etc.

What color visually corrects the shape?

Not only the length of the dress, but also its color can visually adjust the shape. The whole color palette is divided into two parts: one includes warm shades, and the other cold. At the same time, one color in the spectrum can have both warm and cold tones. Cold shades tend to visually make the distance to the object more, and warm shades, on the contrary, reduce it. Therefore, in order to create the illusion of volume reduction, you need to choose clothes in a cold range.

Learning to distinguish between cold and warm tones is very easy. The warmest color of the color palette is orange, and the coldest is purple. Now look closely at the color fan: the part that is closer to orange is warm, and the one that is closer to violet is cold.

Trim value

The initial function of finishing the fabric is decorative. But in case you need to hide the presence of the abdomen, finishing is given more importance because it switches the attention from the figure to the outfit. There are a great many kinds of dress decoration: drapery, lace inserts, embroidery, appliqué, and fringe — you can still list them for a very long time. To finish played on your hand, avoid horizontal lines and small pattern. Vertical decorative stitching or embroidery, drape, falling from top to bottom - these are the most effective methods of visual correction of the figure.

What accessories to pick up?

Accessories - this is another faithful assistant in the fight against the protruding belly. Just like the finish, they are designed to divert attention. There are several options for using accessories to mask this flaw:

  • Things that create vertical lines, such as long neckerchiefs or chains.
  • Bright things that create accents in the right places, for example, large brooches or artificial flowers (just do not fasten them to the waistline - it is better to choose a decollete zone for this).
  • Use a variety of straps. Wide straps, corsets should be placed directly on the waist, and thin - a little higher and worn with spacious dresses with a free cut.

Tips: hide the stomach and sides

  • Corrective underwear - This is a thing that ladies with a problem waistline should be worn, if not every day, then at least in cases when you need to look your best. Waistcloth is of different types - separate top and bottom, or a solid model, resembling a jumpsuit.
  • Develop correct posture: as soon as we begin to slouch, the abdominal muscles immediately relax and the stomach “falls out”. Try to lean on the spine when walking: then the stomach automatically tightens and you look slimmer.
  • Switch attention to the advantages of your figure, and its shortcomings will become less noticeable. What do you like most about yourself? Maybe this is a magnificent chest, and maybe a beautiful back or slender legs. What you are proud of, it is necessary to emphasize with the help of the correctly chosen dress style.
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