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Dress with basky - a spectacular image

Dress with basky - a spectacular image

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What is a Basque, knows every girl who seeks to follow the fashion. If you have not met with this item of clothing before, let us explain: the Basque is a wide flounce at the waist of a dress or skirt.

It was named after the Basque in honor of the nation inhabiting one of the regions of Spain - the Basques, since it was a traditional part of their national costume. In the middle of the last century, the Basque became incredibly fashionable, but was used as a dress for cloaks and coats.

Then this item of clothing was forgotten for a long time, and they remembered about it quite recently. Today dresses with basque are very popular.

Who is suitable?

Baska is not only a decorative, but also a functional detail of a dress. Its purpose is to visually correct the figure flaws. Basque is usually located just below the waist line, thereby increasing the difference between the hips and waist. For girls with the “rectangle” type of figure, this Basque property will be very useful.

In addition, the Basque will help balance the broad shoulders - a feature of the figure, which is often in athletes and just tall girls. If you need to divert attention from the protruding tummy, then the dress from the basques will help you with this.

Basque pluses

  • The presence of the Basques helps mask some of the flaws in the figure - a very important quality for any dress. In addition, this dress is suitable for girls of different heights and build. The only exception is the owners of the pear-shaped figure. In their case, the Basque makes the lower part of the body even more heavy.
  • Baska is able to decorate even the simplest dress. For a long time, she remained on the periphery of fashion, but now that season in a row she appears in collections of dresses by famous designers. So, you can count on the fact that dresses with basques will be popular for a long time.

Options basques

Long basca similar to a skirt, worn over the dress. This impression is enhanced if the basque is made of a fabric of a different color or texture.

Double basca - an element stitched from two layers of fabric. This Basque is usually shorter and more magnificent than the classic version.

Incomplete basca, in contrast to the solid, does not occupy the entire belt of the dress. As a rule, it is a “wings” protruding on the sides of the attire.

Asymmetrical basca - the most modern variation of this dress detail. On the one hand, it is shorter, but on the other - longer. This type also includes the Basque, forming a kind of zapah.

Sheath Dress

Basque can decorate a dress of almost any style, but most effectively it looks on dresses with a narrowed silhouette.

A sheath dress with basque has become a real classic in recent years. This outfit looks incredibly feminine and elegant. After all, the case is in itself a win-win, and the addition of the Basque makes it very sophisticated. A sheath dress with basque is good for different occasions: from work to dancing, which is why girls all over the world love it so much.

With sleeves

We remember that Basque was originally used as a decoration for women's clothing top. Perhaps that is why she looks so good on dresses with long sleeves. The main thing - that the skirt was not too lush. It is better if it is narrowed, for example, "pencil". Long sleeves add severity to the dress, but the flirty Basque compensates for the excessive seriousness of the image.

There are also models of dresses with a basky, having a short sleeve. In this case, the sleeves are often of an original form, which makes the image somewhat extravagant.

With train

Dresses with a train is, as a rule, an option for the most solemn events. Quite often, such dresses are chosen by the bride, paying tribute to European wedding traditions. Recently, Basca has snuck into wedding fashion, so in the salons you can find models of dresses with a basque, smoothly turning into a train. Look at the photos - these dresses look really beautiful and unusual. However, it should be noted that such a number of horizontal lines "flatten" the figure, so this option is suitable only for fairly tall girls.


For the Basque to keep its shape, it must be sewn from thick fabric or from a two-layer material. By the very same dress no requirements regarding the fabric there.

The dress with the basque can be made of natural or synthetic fabric, thin or dense, elastic or not. You only need to choose, based on your own ideas about beauty, features of the figure, time of year and format of the event. You can combine several types of fabric in one model. For example, a dress and a peplum can be sewn from knitwear, and sleeves can be made from guipure.


Baska can be present on a dress with a skirt of any length - from mini to maxi. But the Basque itself must necessarily be shorter than the dress, otherwise the whole effect will disappear.

Long to the floor

The dress with the Basque always looks elegant, but for special occasions it is necessary to choose evening dresses with a skirt to the floor. Baska looks incredibly impressive on a narrow long skirt. This element is often decorated with silhouette dresses with a skirt, tight hips and dramatically expanding downwards. Best of all this style is suitable for tall girls with the type of hourglass figure.


Dresses with a skirt of medium length are the most popular, as they are suitable for a variety of situations; They are comfortable and elegant. The dress with a basky style "midi" looks especially good in the presence of a pencil skirt.

If such a dress is made in a restrained color scheme and it is quite closed, it is quite possible to appear in the office in it. Brighter outfits are suitable for informal meetings.

A short

Short dresses - the best option for parties, because in them it is so convenient to dance! A girl in a cocktail dress with a basque always attracts attention, because this element brings unique charm to the dress. Baska makes the dress more flirty and playful, so in such a dress you will catch admiring glances all evening.

Popular colors


A black dress with a basque can be both a classic of a working wardrobe and a dress for publication. It all depends on the features of the model.

For example, a short skirt and neckline would be appropriate in an informal setting, and for business or cultural events it is better to prefer something more strict. Black color in combination with basky has the ability to model a figure, saving it from some drawbacks.


White color surrounds the girl with a halo of purity and innocence, regardless of what age she is. The girls in white dress cause only positive emotions in others, because this color is associated with a good start.

A white dress is not necessarily a bridal outfit. In addition to the wedding there are many other situations where a white dress with a basque would be absolutely appropriate, for example, a graduation party, a theater premiere, etc.


In no other dress, a woman feels as attractive and seductive as in red. The red dress is a real find for a girl who wants to play the role of a fatal beauty.

Since red is a very expressive color, the dress should be as simple as possible. Let Basque be the only decorative element of your outfit.


The blue color is very expressive, but at the same time calm, which is why it is one of the most beloved of so many girls.

Blue dress can never be vulgar (except for very very frank models) - in it you will always look elegant. Baska is a great way to liven up the restraint of a blue dress.


Green promises to be one of the most fashionable colors over the next few seasons. At least one green dress should appear in the wardrobe of each, especially since among the many available shades of this color, each of us will find the one that suits her the most.

Emerald, turquoise, apple - dresses with basques look incredibly attractive in any color range.


Evening dresses women wear in the most solemn occasions when you need to appear in all the glitter. If you do not lead an active social life, then the chance to appear before others in all its glory does not come to you as often. That is why the choice of evening dress girls are very carefully. The evening dress with basky should be long and not magnificent. Be sure to take a look at the mermaid style with a corsage top and a narrow skirt flared at the bottom. If the dress is a straight silhouette, pay attention to the models from the basque of irregular shape.


Wedding fashion also does not bypass dresses with the Basque side. Recently, more and more brides are choosing exactly the same style for the most important event in their lives. Girls are guided by a variety of reasons: some want to follow the fashion, others - to show a beautiful figure, and still others - to hide the inclined belly. In all cases, a dress with a basky will look very beautiful and will help to present all the features of appearance in a favorable light.

Many brides refuse traditions and prefer short dresses. In this case, a basque dress is a great way to create a modern and elegant wedding look.

Should I wear full?

Fat girls, of course, can wear basque dresses. Provided that the outfit is chosen correctly, he is able to correct some moments, often becoming the cause of the disorder of plump young ladies. The main rule is that the Basque should be located below or above the zone that you consider problematic.

For example, with a protruding abdomen you need a dress with a basque, which begins almost under the breast and is pumped on the hip line. Lush beauties should pay attention to the models in which the shuttle comes from the waist. In any case, those who have luxurious forms should choose dresses with a wide basque, since small elements only emphasize volumes.

What to wear?

You can combine a dress with a basky with a variety of things from your wardrobe. The most ordinary clothes it can make play in a new way. To create a business look, wear a jacket on the dress (but it should not be too short). Very nice dress with a basque looks with a classic trench and strict shoes. Thin beige tights or stockings will always be appropriate, but in the cold season you can get by with tight dark tights. Summer models combine well with wide-brimmed hats in a romantic style. A slim strap and a small, elegant handbag will help complete the look.


The dress with the Basque does not belong to any style in clothes, so it fits well with any accessories. For example, a black sheath dress with a leather jacket and large jewelry made of leather and metal is a completely harmonious outfit in the rocker style. The same dress with a light jacket and pumps shoes is an image perfect for a business woman. Take off your jacket, put on bright jewelry and high-heeled sandals - in this form you can safely go to the party.

In search of the perfect image, you can experiment with a variety of accessories: luxurious jewelry, original jewelry, watches, glasses and scarves. As a result, you will definitely be able to find some interesting stylistic solutions.


Dress with basque does not require any particular shoes. Of course, like any other dress, it looks best with high heels. After all, in the shoes with heels, the girls look especially attractive, and their walk is just fascinating. Shoes must be selected, depending on what occasion you wear a dress. For work it will be strict office shoes, for walking around the city - elegant boots, and for the holiday - spectacular sandals. The color of the shoes may be close to the dress or, on the contrary, contrasting in tone.

  1. Lena

    Dress with Basque great for corporate parties. It is both strict and at the same time very feminine. I have a black dress for this occasion, now I want another blue one.

  2. Masha

    I also bow to those who invented the Basque. Just salvation for my figure!

  3. Vika

    I love dresses with basky! Baska give volume to my unexpressed hips.

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