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Dress with a skirt-sun should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista

Dress with a skirt-sun should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista

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  1. Features flared flare skirts
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. With sleeve
  4. Length
  5. Summer
  6. Colors and prints
  7. Is it complete?
  8. What to wear?

The styles of modern dresses are very diverse. And among them a special place is occupied by such a feminine outfit, like a dress with a skirt and the sun. Such dresses in fashion is not the first century.

Features flared flare skirts

The great popularity of dresses with such a skirt style is caused by the fact that it is very easy to sew them, and on any figure such a dress looks very attractive. Skirts can have one or two seams, but there are also options without seams. Their length can vary greatly - it is represented by products from the maximum length to very short models.

Who is suitable?

Dresses with a skirt the sun will suit every woman, since the natural folds formed in them add to the figure refinement and grace. At the same time, such a skirt will help and add volume in the missing places, and if necessary, hide extra centimeters.

  • Slender girls, whose figure is similar to a rectangle, are recommended to wear this dress a little longer than the knees. In such a dress, their hips will look more voluminous, and the waist will become more slender. Very well on such a figure will look a dress of dense material, as well as a dress with a multi-layered skirt the sun.
  • If the girl's figure looks like a triangle, she should look for a dress in which the skirt will begin to expand not from the waist, but from the line of the hips. This will hide the fullness and add lightness to the image.
  • With a figure that resembles an “inverted triangle”, dresses of such style will be a good choice. Thanks to the multiple folds, starting from the waist, the hips will visually increase, which will balance the silhouette as a whole.

With sleeve

For dresses with a skirt, the sun sleeves may be completely absent, but if such a piece of cut is available, the length of the sleeves may vary. Choose a product is advised according to the season. For example, models with sleeves are often bought for the office and for cool weather, and dresses of this style with straps are in demand in the summer.



Such dresses especially like beauties with long slender legs. Summer dresses with short lengths are made of cotton fabrics, and models for velvet, wool or velvet are in demand for the cool season.


The average length of dresses, in which the skirt of the "sun" style, has become popular since the 70s of the last century. Now such models are also extremely in demand. Elegant midi dresses sew from satin, chiffon or lace. If they cover their knees a little, then they look very feminine.

Long to the floor

Such models of dresses with a skirt the sun was especially popular in the sixties of the 20th century. Now they are often represented by light sleeveless sundresses worn with sandals, bulky bags, glasses and a hat. Such dresses are often chosen by girls whose legs are not very slim.


Models of dresses with a skirt, the sun for the summer period is sewn predominantly from thin fabrics, for example, from cotton, satin or silk. Such outfits can often be noted bright colors and the lack of sleeves. There are models with a fairly frank cut on the back or neckline. Very attractive dresses with a chiffon translucent skirt the sun.

Colors and prints


A short black dress with a skirt the sun successfully replaces the sheath dress. It is quite restrained for official events. If you add bright accessories to this, this dress will be a good choice for special occasions.In a long black dress of this style, the girl looks unusually elegant.


In snow-white dresses with a skirt the sun girl personifies femininity and tenderness. Short models can have a V-like neckline, shoulder straps, boat neckline, or other top. Often there are white dresses of this style, complemented by a bright belt.


Dress with a skirt the sun in red tones suits bold and uninhibited girls. The length of this dress is very different. Short models with long sleeves look impressive, dresses to the knees are very attractive, but products on the floor look especially festive. Red dresses are often worn with a black or white belt to emphasize the waist.

In a cage

Checkered outfits with a skirt the sun can be short, to the knees or to the floor. The most common color combinations of this print are red and black, as well as black and white.


Polka-dot sun skirt looks cute and perky. The upper part in this dress can be from the same print or monophonic. Depending on the shape, the size of the peas is picked different. The most popular colors of a pea dress with a skirt are the sun - black and white, white and black, red and white, red and black and blue and white.


Floral motifs in dresses with a skirt the sun is most often found in summer models. Such dresses are bright and attractive. Floral print is often chosen for models in retro style, as well as for sundresses on the straps.

Is it complete?

The dress, the skirt of which has the “sun” style, is recommended for girls with full hips, since this part of the figure will be hidden from view. In addition, so voluminous skirt will emphasize the waist.

What to wear?

  • Shoes to a short dress with a skirt the sun should be with high heels, and for long models you can wear sandals or ballet flats.
  • The dress of this style can be worn with a single-colored or contrasting belt, the width of which will differ depending on the model of the dress and the figure of its owner.
  • From above on a dress with a skirt the sun it is possible to put on a short jacket or a bolero.
  • Products of this style without sleeves can be complemented with short gloves.
  • Jewelery, matched to the sun along with the skirt, should be elegant. However, some models of such dresses are well combined with large bracelets and long beads.
  • Choose a small clutch, handbag-reticule, or tote bag for this dress.
  • Complementing a dress with a fluffy skirt of this style with sunglasses and a hat, you will create a vintage look.
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