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Shift dresses - simple and elegant at the same time

Shift dresses - simple and elegant at the same time

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The image of the heroine Audrey Hepburn from the famous picture “Breakfast by Tiffany” in 1961, which appeared before us in a dress-shift did not leave anyone indifferent, and this model of the dress was forever in the history of fashion.

The concept of shift (shift, displacement), which gave the name to this style, began to symbolize a shift in culture among young people, away from all that is familiar. Women, who had become more relaxed, had to like a dress, which gave them the opportunity to work comfortably, to dance and just to move freely all year round.

Hanging on the shoulders, a short concise, smooth dress became a classic. It deservedly occupied its niche in the fashion world, popular and loved by women all over the world.

Very comfortable, practical dress today is a favorite piece of clothing, both for the office and for celebrations.


Shift dress is a short, free-flowing dress with straight lines, straight or trapezoidal to the bottom. This style does not highlight the waist and the curves of the figure. Rather like an elongated top, it usually reaches a length above the knee or mid-thigh. Unlike its original version with open shoulders, the modern dress Shift is also sewn with any length of sleeves.

The classic version of the dress - with an oval neckline or a boat, collar types - a small "turn-down" rounded or pointed at the corners.

Retro-style emphasize patch pockets or waist below the waist.

The laconic, free cut of the dress-shift makes you feel relaxed and hides the body defects from prying eyes.

Who is suitable?

The universal dress Shift with its loyalty allows you to look elegant and at ease with a different build: with a boyish or rectangular figure, on the owners of the tummy and volumetric hips.

It is worth noting that the lack of emphasis on the waist can give some obesity to the image, therefore, free cuts are recommended for crumbs. You can experiment with a thin strap or belt to the dress. The extra kilos in the waistline hide the flared to the bottom of the style.

The version of the dress "midi" will appeal to more mature women. Features of the model will mask excess volumes in the abdomen and thighs, and the exquisitely modest image will be pleasantly diversified by the colors, fabric and accessories chosen to your taste.

And, of course, shiftdress is a win-win for tall girls with slim legs. Those who want to demonstrate a flawless figure can confidently choose options for a more form-fitting dress.

Tips for choosing

One of the options for dress-shift, this semi-adjacent silhouette.

"Classics of the genre", in a dress Shift is a short length. Of course, it is worth considering the age, shape of the legs and purpose of the dress. After all, a square cut, without a flare, makes the dress even shorter. If you, nevertheless, are determined, and are not going to go to the office in it, then you can put on a dress with tight tights, dark monophonic leggings.

The material will dilute the simplicity of cut: rich shades, the game of contrasts in detail, all kinds of prints, patterns, cell and polka dots.

When choosing a fabric, a well-holding material is recommended, in the hot season flax and cotton are relevant, and in winter, knitwear, wool and knitted fabrics will warm them.

What to wear?

Dress-shift is a valuable representative of the basic wardrobe. The classic version of the sleeveless, stylish looks in combination with a turtleneck, knitted jumper.

In the office, choose a more extended version of the dress.

Under the dress with open arms, you can wear a long-sleeved blouse. Also, at a business meeting, shiftdress will look organic with a jacket.

In cool time, it will be comfortable to put on over a dress cardigan or a short leather jacket.

As mentioned above, the problem of a loved one, but too short a dress with lush hips, can be solved by wearing thick tights, leggings or tight pants.

Accessories in the form of a scarf, or emphasizing the waist of an elegant strap will diversify the discreet outfit.


Dress Shift allows you to use several eye-catching jewelry: necklace with pendant, massive bracelet, multi-layer beads.

This property allows women, with such a modest silhouette, always look different.

But do not abuse it - if a monochromatic dress can be diluted with a bright necklace, a ring, a belt, then the accessory to a colored dress should be combined with a pattern on the fabric.


Well in harmony with our model and adds comfort shoes with low soles, sandals, boots and low shoes, shoes with a small wide heel.

In winter, a spectacular combination of shiftdress with high boots on a flat sole or with a small heel, as well as boots that are worn with tight tights.

In solemn occasions, the dress-shift will be a great company with high heel shoes.

Dress-shift will serve a good service in the wardrobe of every woman, giving her owner a unique comfort and, at the same time, emphasizing the good taste and sense of style.

  1. Olga

    Oh, Audrey Hepburn ... how amazing she is ...

  2. Alina

    Dress Shift universal - any shape will suit. and accessories can easily change the image.

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