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Dress A-line - style of freedom and comfort

Dress A-line - style of freedom and comfort

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  1. Who is suitable?
  2. Features
  3. 60s style
  4. Length
  5. Season
  6. Sleeve type
  7. Short
  8. Without sleeves
  9. Most Popular Colors
  10. Is it suitable for pregnant women?
  11. Is the style suitable for full?
  12. Fashion trends
  13. What to wear?
  14. Footwear
  15. Accessories

Dress trapezoid, which appeared in the 60-70s of the last century, has again gained popularity in our days. These dresses are loved by many women because of their simple cut, comfort and practicality in wearing. With all this, it looks great on any type of shape.

Who is suitable?

These wonderful dresses fit almost everyone. Dress cut "trapeze" is able to hide the most common body defects - volumetric thighs, unexpressed waist, and future mothers can hide their "interesting position" for a long time.

Owners of small breasts can always choose styles with breast pockets, collar "collar" and other "distracting" elements. Of course, slender women look great in a dress-trapeze, and lovers to demonstrate their slender legs will not do without short versions of this style.

The cut of the trapezoid dress will skillfully hide imperfections, and focuses attention on the charming parts of the figure.


As the geometric name of this model itself says, the dress is tapered to the maximum along the shoulder line and flared to the bottom.

The most popular accessories of the trapezoid dress are patch pockets, embroidered embellishments, various brooches on the chest.

With all the baggy trapezoid shape of the dress, it is very comfortable and successfully disguises the defects of the physique in the abdomen and hips.

60s style

The “trapezium” style that appeared in the 60s of the last century was gladly accepted by all women, and it still doesn’t come out of the wardrobe of the fashionistas: the trapezoid silhouette, with its captivating simplicity, is very comfortable in motion and pleasant for the body.

If you decide to transform into a romantic girl from the distant 60s, we advise you to pick up gloves and tie a scarf around your neck. To complete the retro look, you can comb your hair high, make an emphasis on the eyes with expressive arrows, and apply an expressive shade of lipstick on the lips.


A-line silhouette is charming in dresses of all kinds of length.

Long to the floor

From guipure, satin, silk and velor outfits are sewn for special occasions. The length of the floor, sleek fit complemented by a deep neckline, open back or shoulders.

The maxi-long summer dresses with a bright pattern for walking, the beach, and holidays are elegantly beaten up.


A very feminine dress, trapeze neutral shades and midi length will match the dress code of any company.

Also, the length to the knee or a little lower, in combination with shoes with heels, looks favorably on full ladies.

A short

The charm and charm of the trapezoidal silhouettes are in flirty short dresses on young graceful girls. The charm of youth will emphasize the dress of the A-shaped silhouette of weightless chiffon for celebration.

In the evening version, mini dresses of brilliant material, as well as fabrics embroidered with beads and sparkling sequins, are unmatched.


Trapeze dresses are popular all year round. It is only necessary to select the appropriate fabric, and it will be perfect both from dense fabric holding the shape and from airy and softly draped fabrics.


Summer allows you to give free rein to the fantasy.Here you can see trapeze dresses with floral and floral prints, geometric patterns, polka dots and ethnic motifs.

Dress styles are on a yoke, with a different neckline, with patch pockets, embroidery, with a stand-up collar or turn-down in retro-style. You can choose any, because they are all perfect for a hot summer.

Spring / Autumn

In the classic spring and autumn models of trapezoid dress, there is often a rounded collar and patch pockets, a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. Cuffs and collar can be laced.

The creative combination for the off season is a double dress. This element will bring a healthy share of coquetry into the image.


In cold winter days, cozy trapezoid dresses made of thick materials, knitwear, wool fabrics or knitted. Under the sleeveless model you can always wear a turtleneck of a suitable tone. And evening dresses are sewn from luxurious satin or delicate lace.

Sleeve type

Laconic models of trapezoid dresses look equally good both with sleeves of any length, and in his absence.

A long

Long sleeves successfully hide the fullness of the hands, warm in the winter day and save in the summer from the scorching sun.

The dress-trapeze is used long sleeve straight, flared or tapering to the bottom of the cut.


The length of the sleeve ¾, straight or narrowed in shape, will hide from the prying eyes the full upper arm and allow the woman to show her elegant wrist. This length is appropriate in evening dresses and business attire.


In light summer dresses, there is a variety of types of short sleeves - a classic vtachnoy, softening angular forms of a single cut sleeve, a comfortable “raglan”, a lush “flashlight”, and delicate “wings”. The choice is yours!

Without sleeves

A sleeveless trapeze dress always looks exquisite. One of the options - American armhole, which will emphasize the beautiful shape of your shoulders.

Sewn from thick fabric, discreet shades and knee-length or slightly higher, the dress is appropriate in the office without a strict dress code. In winter, a sleeveless dress goes well with turtlenecks and blouses.

Most Popular Colors

Universal trapezoidal silhouette styles are relevant to the most diverse colors.


Dazzling white dress will look aristocratic, while modest and feminine. This color of innocence, according to psychologists, makes others want to take care of and save from difficulties.

The dress trapeze in white execution will be suitable for special cases, and also will look easy and elegant in everyday life.

White color is good both in itself and in contrast with other colors.


Spectacular red color awakens energy in us, creates the image of a femme fatale. He is also today at the height of success in the fashion world. You will not go unnoticed at any party.

The black

A-line dress in black is versatile and stylish. It is indispensable in the wardrobe of a business woman.

The dress is easily combined with various accessories, so it can always look new.


Noble shades of blue - the colors of the sky and infinity, do not go out of fashion. Dress refreshing deep blue tones, will look amazing throughout the day and in any situation.

A chic effect is produced by a combination of shades of blue different in saturation.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

The dress trapeze which is not constraining movements is very popular among future mothers.

Business ladies are free to wear this dress discreet colors in the office throughout pregnancy. Trapeze dresses look very feminine and elegant and are an excellent choice for pregnant women. Do not forget that such a dress will serve well and immediately after the birth.

Is the style suitable for full?

This cut is a real “magic wand” for the donuts, helping to balance the proportions.

A dress extending from the chest line will hide the abdomen, the lack of a pronounced waist and excess in the hips.

It should be preferred models to the middle or below the knee. Shoes or boots with heels visually elongated figure. The width of the bottom of the dress should be approximately equal to the width of the shoulders.

The ease of the image will be given by the concealing unwanted volumes of multi-layered summer and evening dresses.

Fashion trends

Each year, new trends offer more modern models that enchant with their retro charm. New methods of decoration and fabrics, geometric prints, “animal” and “ethno” motifs, applied overlays on plain material, as well as flounces, ruffles and cuts are used. In the new season relevant models with sleeves of various forms.

Short dresses and midi length, which allows you to avoid baggy style, are now especially popular. Leading designers use bright colors in summer models and boldly combine them.

What to wear?

In cool weather, a cozy turtleneck or cardigan can be worn under a sleeveless trapeze dress. We complement the image with a scarf, warm tights and high boots or ankle boots. In the office, such a dress can be combined with a blouse of a tint harmoniously combined with it. As the outerwear fit cardigan, raincoat or coat.


The model of the trapezoid dress is quite democratic for the shoes, which only need to match the overall style. So, in everyday life, sandals, ballet flats, high boots and ankle boots will do. The best option for women with curvaceous - shoes with heels.

For a solemn occasion, complement a luxurious outfit with elegant shoes or sandals and a clutch.


  • A simple cut of the dress of a trapeze dress when combined with suitable accessories allows you to demonstrate good taste, creating an elegant and attractive look.
  • In the summer it is easy to combine it with bright costume jewelry, hats with wide brim, bags to match additions.
  • However, romantic dresses, in which there are lace details, do not need additional accessories.
  • Not always fit belts and various belts to the dress-trapeze, so you should refrain from this accessory.
  • For a rather laconic dress of this model, it is worth picking up bags of different sizes, but without an extra weight-heavy finish.
  • When creating an image of the 60s, in addition to gloves and a corresponding make-up, large and rounded dark glasses, as well as a light scarf tied around the neck, fit the trapeze dress.
  • Trapeze dresses have occupied their niche in the fashion world and deserve a place in the wardrobe of every woman. They help us add sophistication and femininity to our appearance.
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    I love trapeze dresses. It's easy to change the image just by making a strap around the waist. They are very variable.

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