Maine Coon

How to call a Maine Coon cat?

How to call a Maine Coon cat?

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  1. Breed features
  2. How to name a cat?
  3. Funny names for Maine Coons

Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds of cats in the world and has an unusual origin. Their name is associated with the state of Maine (USA), where they appeared. This breed is very well adapted to the harsh winter conditions and is considered a descendant of Norwegian cats.

Breed features

The nature of the Maine Coon, in most cases, quite good-natured and friendly. Breed different atypical behavior, compared with other cats. Cats are unselfish, like communication and attention. Maine-coons do not avoid the company and other animals - due to the large size of the cat can behave on a par with even dogs. Maine-coons usually live in groups, and pleasant company is the best environment for them.

It is better to keep small pets of rodents, mice and hamsters, birds and fish away from the cat. You can wake the hunter in it. The love of hunting for the Maine Coon is fixed at the genetic level. This, by the way, can be a big plus if you need a deceptive, but at the same time graceful and showy cat.

With rabbits and guinea pigs, it can be introduced quietly.

Maine coons love to play. They patiently treat small children, for which they received the nickname of nurse-cats. The cat loves movement and is very active, she is constantly looking for work. Therefore, experts recommend playing with it at least half an hour a day. Maine-coon does not tolerate loneliness, but also unobtrusive, although with a caring person will always be around and meet after work. In this case, the cat does not mind sitting next to the owner, whether he is on the bed, at the table, on the couch or in the armchair.

Interesting fact! Kun-father lives with the kun-mother together. So they both care about their babies.

How to name a cat?

But here in your apartment house such a kid runs, and the duties of the “educator” are shifted to you. How to call him? When choosing a nickname, many owners are guided by the following.

  • Color. It is known that these cats can have a different pattern and color, for example, smoky, cream, tortoise, and even Siamese. Most maine coons are brown.
  • Behavior. When a Maine Coon cat is cold, she wraps her body with a bushy tail. Then, if the kitten does it often, the kitten can be called a bun or fluffy, which is also suitable if it is very fluffy.
  • Funny cases. Do not be afraid to call Maine Coon a nickname associated with water, if you suddenly find a cat's love of swimming. As strange as it sounds, these cats love water. Their wool is quite thick and has water repellency.
  • Names with a value. Names like Sonya or Murka speak for themselves. Some owners are specifically looking for names whose meaning suits the pet. For example, the name Miya, which resembles a cat's meow, means "stubborn, rebellious." It has a Scandinavian origin, you can also pay attention to this, if you know which country the origin of the kitten is related to.
  • Names of mother cats or cats of friends or relatives. Many choose a name for a kitten, after consulting with other people who have cats. This is also an option, as it is the most common.

Beautiful nicknames for girls

  • Angella, Anji, Angelica, Athena, Agnes, Amelie, Agnes, Adeline, Aurora, Anabella, Amelia, Astra, Aphrodite, Ariel, Ayumi, Akira, Adel.
  • Broshka, Bagheera, Belle, Beatrice, Brittany, Barsi, Beatrice.
  • Vicky, Cherry, Vasilisa, Venus, Vivienne, Verona, Virgi, Wendy, Vitaminka.
  • Hera, Gerda, Guinea, Grace, Goldie, Galaxy, Gretta, Galatea, Gella, Grace (grace), Galadriel, Galaxia, Hermione, Duchess, Grace.
  • Jessica, Jane, Dushka, Dina, Duffy, Jessie, Julie, Diane, Danae, Chanel, Dolores.
  • Christmas tree, Eve, Blackberry, Efimia, Eveline.
  • Pearl, Juliet (Juliet), Julia (Julia), Jasmine, Dead Man's Blind, Jeanette, Joly, Joset, Jozen.
  • Bunny, Zaya, Star, Zara, Zafira, Cinderella.
  • Isabella, Isolde, Isabelle, Ivy, Ingrid, Iyulka, Irma, Illyana, Indira.
  • Kunya, Kassandra, Cyrus, Droplet, Kylie, Kiwi, Kiara, Cleo, Cassie, Christie, Cleopatra, Carmen, Princess, Catherine.
  • Lilu, Luska, Linda, Lily, Lusia, Luna, Lupochka, Lilith, Laima, Lola, Lana, Lilia, Lada, Lilya, Laura, Lyusik.
  • Mani, Muska, Musya, Marusya, Masya, Murka, Monica, Madonna, Milka, Mint, Melissa, Mura, Milan, Muza, Mia, Mila, Mei-Mei, Mao.
  • Nyusha, Nick, Navi, Knox (goddess of the night), Nancy, Nora, Nefertiti, Nadine, Nellie, Naomi, Nyuta, Nuri, Neilin.
  • Olivia, Olympia, Odyssey, Ophelia, Orinoco, Oladushka, Octavia.
  • Fluff, Fluff, Fluff, Pusya, Ponochka, Puffy, Panther, Pandora, Fluff, Perseus, Persia, Penka, Patricia, Pushilda, Pinki.
  • Ryushka, Rosa, Raina, Reisel, Ria, Rhea, Ray, Raisa, Rick, Rebecca, Riana, Rada, Rachel, Rochelle, Ritsuka, Ruri, Rina.
  • Snowflake, Sally, Sonya, Sophie, Sonia, Stella, Sabrina, Seraphim, Sylvia, Suzy, Celestia, Sakura, Sunny, Sunny, Selena, Sayuri.
  • Tuchka, Teyla, Tayya, Taisiya, Tracy, Torah, Tori, Tigran, Teona.
  • Una, Ulja, Umka, Uri, Usel, Uslada, Ulana, Ursula, Ulrika, Ulm.
  • Fenechka, Chasolka, Frida, Fanta, Furya, Feona, Fisa, Faisa, Fiona, Flaffi, Florence, Fixi, Fanny, Fairy, Freya, Francesca, Feonora, Felicia, Flora, Felicita.
  • Happy, Holly, Hannah, Chloe, Hilda.
  • Tsapa, Tsarapka, Tsera, Zian, Tsunami, Tsercey, Cesaria, Tselon, Tsez.
  • Cherry, Chernichka, Chelsea, Chika, Chidori, Chucky, Gull, Chayinka.
  • Chanel, Sharon, Sheila, Sherry, Charlotte, Spool, Shagane, Shel.
  • Alice, Elsa, Elina, Electra, Emilia, Envi, El, Amy, Emily.
  • Yuki (from Japanese - snow), Yula, Yunita, Yumi, Utah, Yuji, Justin, Juno, Eugene, Junik.
  • Yanessa, Yanita, Yarik, Yafa, Yassi, Yarish, Yato.

Funny names for Maine Coons

A funny and unusual name can come from the name of your favorite actor or character. This may be Galandriel, Arwen or Tauriel from The Hobbit, Chanel in honor of the famous French fashion designer or Audrey, as a famous actress. One of the most famous Maine Coon - Mrs. Norris, one of the three cats who played in the film "Harry Potter". Sometimes the name may come to mind after long reflections suddenly, and sometimes in the first few minutes.

Any name will fit your maine coon cat perfectly if you pronounce it with love!

Interesting facts about the Maine Coon are waiting for you video below.

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