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Milk dress - to create a gentle look

Milk dress - to create a gentle look

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White color has many derivatives. One of its shades is milky. Although this color has several variations: the color of baked milk, the color of white chocolate, pink milk, etc.

Milky dress is indispensable in the warm season. Reflecting the symbolism of color, it characterizes its owner with the best hand, because adds an image of purity and innocence. The dress can be quite simple, or, conversely, intricate, with a lot of decorative elements.

For summer, models of free cut are ideal, made from natural materials such as bleached linen or cotton.

Milk dress can be both festive and everyday. There are also universal models. A simple fitted dress of the “hourglass” style looks equally harmoniously in the office and at the party. Just add a stud, a bright blazer, grab a miniature clutch with you - and you're ready to go out. That is why dresses of milky color are so popular and, sooner or later, find themselves in the wardrobe of every lady.

Milky color is easy to combine with accessories in other colors. Therefore, it is quite simple to make an interesting and original set that characterizes you. Many girls recently choose for themselves a wedding dress of a milky shade. It looks much more expensive and more advantageous than the usual white.

Who is suitable?

Milk dress can choose for themselves any woman. The main thing is to observe the color balance and carefully relate to one of the four color types. Milk-colored dress is well suited for women of cold color types, such as "winter" and "summer." Such models have a grayish-blue tint. But for the girls of the color types “spring”, “autumn” an ideal option would be a dress of the color of baked milk, which has a creamy warm tone.

There is a deep misconception that the white color and its shades make the figure visually somewhat more voluminous. This forces some women to abandon it in favor of other darker colors. If there is a similar feeling, most likely you have chosen an inappropriate model for yourself, and the color has nothing to do with it.

Today, designers offer all sorts of options for dresses in milky tones. This makes it much easier for women to choose the right dress for the chosen shade. The right choice will always emphasize the dignity of the female figure, and will delicately hide small flaws, if there are any. If the reflection in the mirror confuses you a little, the dress has an unsuitable style.


The most delicate version of a dress of a milky shade is considered to be a model created from delicate lace. Especially luxurious, it looks on a tanned body. This may be a lace dress in the floor with a slit or without. Ideal for romantic meetings during summer walks somewhere on the coast.



A lace dress with short lining to the floor looks incredibly attractive. Favorably revealing female legs, it makes the image sexy and seductive.

A long dress in the Greek style of this shade looks no less attractive and always refreshes the image. Picking up a matching hairstyle in the same style, you can easily complement the image.


Midi dresses of a milky shade can be of several options: a ball gown, a shirt dress, a cocktail dress of a fitted silhouette with a contrasting thin strap, emphasizing the waist.

A milky shirt dress is perfect for a fresh, casual look. Milky midi dress made of thick fabric, which has a long sleeve, can be worn during the cold season. Often, such models are decorated in detail with lace or bow. It always adds to the image of femininity.

A short

One of the favorite models of modern girls - bandage ultrashort dress, tight-fitting shape. Stylists recommend wearing this model for young girls under the age of 30 years. Many stars prefer this dress model in a milky color. Such a "bow" looks seductive only if the figure is flawless.

Spectacular combinations

The most spectacular look combinations of a milk dress with bright accessories such colors as red, turquoise, cherry, crimson. Sometimes a dress that is dull at first glance looks differently if you add a thin bright red strap to it.

Blue color is not inferior in popularity and is often used to create a contrasting and non-dull image.

Turquoise and mint auxiliary elements easily get along with a milk dress, making the "bow" really summer and fresh. These accents can be in the form of bracelets, beads, fashionable handbags or shoes. Summer cool evening is to wear a mint jacket. Often these colors can be seen in the print of the dress itself.

In order to diversify a casual look, it is sometimes enough to pin a brooch or put on a bright scarf of any proposed shade.

What to wear?

You can wear a milk dress in a bolero, blazer or cardigan. The most suitable to the dress of this color will be nude tights, which repeat the skin color. A dress of simple cut in the cold season will always be decorated with dense relief panty hoses of a similar shade.


Combinations of a milk dress with shoes of natural beige shades look harmoniously and always elegantly. A dark brown belt in combination with leather sandals or shoes will make the look elegant and noble. These same colors can pick up boots or ankle boots for a cooler autumn-winter period.

Classic black shoes pumps - magic wand for all occasions.


Bright accessories in gold or silver, decorated with numerous stones or rhinestones, will make even the simplest milk dress festive. These catchy add-ons make it possible to shine at any party.

Fuchsia plastic bracelets and sandals of the same shade look spectacular and immediately catch the eye. Having added the dress with accessories of glossy neon colors, no girl will go unnoticed at any event.

  1. Vera

    Milk dress is more delicate than white. At the same time creates the effect of a bright image. Softness, tenderness and lightness ... I love milk!

  2. Hope

    Milky, like ivory, is very gentle and attractive. Dress of this color should be in the wardrobe of every girl!

  3. Lina

    I just love the dress in the "To suit" section. So beautiful! The combination with a gold belt is generally magical.

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