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What to wear red dress?

What to wear red dress?

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Red color never goes out of fashion, it is a win-win in almost any situation. In red dress You will look spectacular, stylish and guaranteed to be in the center of male attention, wherever you are.

Remember, red is for everyone, the main thing is to find the right shade and style of dress. And if you add the right accessories and a happy smile, it will be impossible to look away from you!


Sheath dress fits girls with any shape, it slims, pulls out the silhouette and makes the image more subtle. In it you will look very impressive!

If you have any flaws, they will help hide the decorative elements on the dress, folds, drape and other types of finishes.

Try to choose a dress that is not overloaded with details, so you can select a new shoe and accessories for it every time, depending on the occasion.

As for shoes, the best solution would be black or nude boats, which visually lengthen the leg. In the summer you can wear sandals with high heels.

In the red cell

Dresses in a cage do not go out of fashion for many seasons in a row. There is an incredible number of shapes, sizes and colors of checkered pattern. It is these nuances, like the style of dress, that influence the choice of shoes and accessories.

Of course, there are universal models that can be worn with both classic and sports or regular casual shoes.

Dress in a cage would be appropriate in any situation. In the warm season, an ideal shirt-dress that can be worn with sandals, a hat and a small handbag will be ideal.

In a more strict A-line dress, you can go to work, complementing it with boats and laconic accessories. This can be a bracelet or small earrings. You can wear a plain jacket on top.

Replacing the studs on lightweight sneakers and throwing a light denim jacket on top, get a great city look for every day. If the street becomes very cool, with a checkered dress, a leather jacket and tight black tights will look great.

A short

Contrary to popular belief, a short red dress can be worn not only at a party, but also on romantic information or even at work, if its length does not go beyond the declared dress code.

In any case, it should not be overshadowed by accessories, because the red dress is already the main part of the image. In a working atmosphere, neutral dark hues look best: black, navy, and brown.

If you go to a party, add it with beautiful decorations, a fur bolero, spectacular shoes or sandals on a stiletto and a neat clutch.

A short dress can be entered into a casual look. Complement it with a hat, hair dressing, black tights, a small bag on a long strap and sunglasses. From jewelry pick up a concise necklace and a few bracelets.

The perfect shoes for every day are ballet shoes, sneakers or slip-ons.

Long and midi

Putting on a long red dress, be prepared for the fact that all the attention of others will be riveted on you. Therefore, be very careful when choosing accessories. The abundance of jewelry will make the image overloaded and vulgar. Enough a pair of jewelry and a small handbag.

Choosing shoes, focus on the address code of the event to which you are going. If it's an evening out, you should wear shoes or sandals with a neutral heel. For informal events, you can pick up shoes at a low speed, suitable sandals or pumps without a heel.

Fashion combinations

This year you could see a lot of red dresses on the catwalk. Therefore, this fashionista will be difficult to do without him.

If we talk about fashionable color combinations, it can be white, black, green, blue, gray, yellow. But you should be very careful when choosing bright colors, if you have impeccable taste, it is better to choose neutral colors.

Designers and designers are calling us to this, judging by what we can see on the runways: a minimum of jewelry and accessories, neutral shoes.

Red dresses will be especially popular next autumn and winter, but in summer they will become the highlight of your wardrobe.

The perfect solution is a red chiffon dress with a polka-dot print or a silk dress with lace in a linen style. Last season this season is universal: wear it to work with a jacket and boats, wear a dress with sandals and massive decorations to go out. These should be rings and a pair of bracelets or a large necklace.

If you want to remove a touch of luxury from him to wear for every day, put on a white t-shirt and add comfortable sneakers. When it's cool outside, you can throw on a denim jacket or a leather jacket.

As for make-up, the eyes fade into the background, they must be absolutely neutral. Focus on flawless skin tone, perfect eyebrows and bright lips. To the red dress they will be most welcome!

What tights to wear

Since with the onset of autumn, red dresses will become particularly relevant, they will certainly have to pick up tights. They must be solid, transparent or black. For every day, tight tights or even leggings will do, and thin stockings will be appropriate for publication.

Girls with very slim legs can take a chance and wear white pantyhose. In this case, shoes must be black, not white, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous.

What shoes to wear

The undeniable classic is a red dress and black shoes. This combination always remains a win-win, but it is better to treat it as a backup plan, because it can quickly get bored. Therefore, shoes can be nude, colored or silver. A prerequisite - it must be shoes with a pointed toe.

For every day, choose Roman sandals and other "wicker" shoes with lots of straps. Girls who prefer casual and eclectic can wear a dress with sneakers. Sneakers have faded into the background, now they are more appropriate on the treadmill.


If this is an evening out, pick up status jewelry that will fit your dress. These can be chic pendant earrings or stone pendant. Hair in this case is better to remove back.

Want to emphasize the waist? Then put on a thin black strap. On top you can throw a black jacket or cardigan, which will be appropriate in the cool season.

Lovers of the classics will enjoy the combination of a red dress with a thin string of pearls and pearl earrings. This set of jewelry is also suitable for a business image, especially if you are wearing a beige jacket on top.

Accessories should be simple and concise, especially if you pick them up for every day. In the fall, this may be a volume scarf and a felt hat; in the summer, sunglasses and a light scarf.

Handbag should be medium or small in size, clear-cut. Large bulky bags are no longer popular, so put them off until better times.

Remember that the main decoration of the red dress is you yourself. Self-confidence and impeccable smile should form the basis of the image. After all, if you decide to wear this outfit, wear it with pride!

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