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Dark blue dress - for a mysterious image

Dark blue dress - for a mysterious image

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Blue is one of the most noble in the color palette, it carries depth and mystery, therefore it is perfect for creating a calm but sensual image.

Dresses of dark blue color can be chosen by girls of different color types. Cold brunettes with blue eyes will look in such a dress as impressively as bright brown-eyed brown-haired women. Blond and red-haired girls also should not avoid this color side, you just need to choose the right shade so that the skin does not seem too pale.

Popular styles

Dresses with a high waist can be of different styles, for example, baby dollars (shortened dress with flared skirt), in the Greek style (free dress to the floor) or just a dress.

Dress-stocking is a tight-fitting outfit sewn from elastic fabric. This dress fits the figure tightly, so it is usually chosen by confident girls. If you have any doubts about your figure, it is better to err and wear a corrective underwear under the stocking dress.

Sports dresses allow you to bring the convenience of clothing for sports in everyday life. These dresses are usually produced by firms producing sportswear.

Very often sports dresses are supplied with details typical for a tracksuit, for example, a hood or a drawstring.

A sheath dress is a dress of medium length (knee length or slightly higher), which slightly fits the figure.

Such dresses were at the peak of popularity in the middle of the last century and they were worn with pleasure by Edith Piaf and Audrey Hepburn. Today, a sheath dress is considered a universal wardrobe item, which is appropriate at a business meeting, on a date, and at a party. A dark blue case will be your solution for all occasions. Diversify the image will help properly selected accessories.

Spectacular combinations

With white

The combination of dark blue and white colors in many causes associations with a maritime theme. The female version of the sailor suit, which is a shortened dress with a turn-down collar and a pleated skirt, every new summer season becomes relevant again.

Dress in blue and white colors can be not only playful, carefree, but also business. Dark blue strict dress with snow-white cuffs and pockets has long been considered a real classic of a business woman's wardrobe.

This combination is quite suitable for an evening out, designers have been proving to us for many years.

With blue

Dark blue color goes well with all shades of blue, including blue. If your wardrobe has such a versatile thing as a blue denim shirt, you can safely wear it over a dark blue sundress or casual dress. With the same success, a denim jacket can replace a blue cardigan or jacket - this is more an option for a strict dress that is usually worn in the office. Bright blue tights are perfect for a warm, knitted dark blue dress: this unexpected detail will help you to create an original, slightly naughty image.

With red

Dark blue color in combination with red may seem to someone extravagant or even a daring decision, but in fact such a combination is fully justified and looks very harmonious.

Red looks bright and fresh spot against a gloomy, muted blue hue. Accessories and shoes made of shiny or matte red leather perfectly complement both casual and festive or business look. In this case, shades of red can be very different: from scarlet to cherry.

With green

The combination of green and blue is one of the most harmonious, as it is often found in nature. The most striking example is the incredible beauty of the underwater world, in which there are hundreds of shades of these colors.

Dark blue color is perceived by many as very gloomy, so green accessories are a great way to “dilute” a dark outfit, make it more fresh and dynamic. Green shoes and a handbag are perfect for a dark blue dress.

With black

The combination of dark blue and black is a classic color scheme for business suits and evening dresses. This discreet combination is perfect for official events. To make the image not too dark, it is recommended to add it with contrasting details. For office attire, it can be a light strap or shirt (if the style of the dress allows you to wear a shirt under it).

Dress for special occasions just need to accompany the sparkling jewelry - even if it is jewelry, the main thing that it was of good quality.

With orange

The unexpected combination of dark blue and orange looks summer-like bright and romantic. This color is best suited for light, feminine dresses - with a clearly marked waistline and flared skirt. The orange-blue color scheme is reminiscent of the bright colors of exotic birds or tropical flowers. Dress in orange and blue should be taken with you to rest, because it perfectly sets off a beautiful southern tan. In this outfit you just will not go unnoticed.


So, the dark blue dress is suitable for a variety of occasions, you just need to find a suitable model. The first thing to consider is the length of the dress.


A long dress in dark blue is, of course, an option for special occasions. Wedding, graduation party, New Year's Eve - these are exactly the situations when the dress to the floor will be most welcome.

A long dark blue dress can be with a bodice or with a closed bodice, have a fitted skirt or a fluffy one. There are evening models with long guipure sleeves, as well as asymmetrical dresses with only one sleeve. A girl dressed in a long dress in dark blue, as if shrouded in mystery, therefore inevitably arouses the interest of others.


The choice of medium-length dresses is simply enormous: these are frivolous sundresses, casual knitwear dresses, loose shirts and cases.

Dark blue fans always have in their wardrobe several dresses of different models that help out in any situation. Midi dresses have one great advantage - they can be worn at a variety of events, regardless of format. In a dark blue dress with a skirt to the knees, you can come to work and then go on a date.

A short

A short dark blue dress can be a dress for a hot summer day, or for a party with cocktails, it all depends on the style and fabric.

Cocktail dresses are usually sewn from denser materials. The dress in which you are going to go dancing can fit a figure or have a full skirt (in the latter case, the model is a bit like a tutu). Top options can be infinitely many: open bodice, neckline, American armhole, etc. Light summer dresses are usually sewn from thin, natural fabrics and their style is often quite plain.

Lace, guipure

A woman wearing a lace dress looks incredibly attractive.In this case, the dress does not have to be transparent: models with a lining of neutral or contrasting color look no less impressive.

Dark blue lace can be a great outfit for a cocktail or gala evening. A lace dress in front closure looks very beautiful, but with a deep neckline at the back. Such a dress is the most suitable occasion to demonstrate a beautiful posture. Those who do not like openwork dresses can recommend models with lace details, for example, with guipure sleeves.


A dress of dark blue velvet is a real classic. It is perfectly suited for ceremonial and cultural events. In such a dress, you can appear at a dinner party, and at the theater premiere.

Velvet dress is most often long, form-fitting, with a beautiful neckline on the chest or on the back. You can wear your best jewelery along with blue velvet, but remember that glitter should be in moderation.


Atlas is quite dense and heavy material, so it is best to choose it for evening dresses.

Satin dresses can be not only long, but also mini. The only thing that should be taken into account is that this fabric drapes badly, so finding a satin dress with a full skirt will not be easy. Choosing jewelry to the side of satin, remember that this material glitters in artificial light, so try to do without a lot of rhinestones and other shiny details.


Polka-dot dress, although they belong to the retro style, looks more harmonious on very young girls. As a rule, is a short dress with a mischievous skirt in the fold.

However, a polka-dot dress is not always a frivolous outfit. Older girls can choose a model of medium length, straight or slightly fitting, with a strap to match the pattern.

With a collar

Dresses with a collar, despite the fact that they are usually associated with business style, look very cute. In this dress, even an adult girl can feel like a high school student. You can wear a navy blue dress with a collar for study and work, and after that appear in a meeting with friends. Collars may be of the same fabric as the dress, or may have a contrasting texture and color. Flirty ribbons on the collar, even a strict image will add lightness and romance.

What to wear?

The dark blue dress is good because on the basis of this item of clothing you can create many sets that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Experiment - change shoes, accessories, jewelry, invent your own, unique images.

Having accompanied a dark blue dress with glossy red shoes and the same lipstick, you can turn into a real seductress. And putting a strict jacket over a dark blue dress and taking up a voluminous clutch of matte leather, you can play the role of a business woman.

Jewelery, bijouterie

Dark blue - the color is restrained and calm, so the image in this color scheme can be easily diluted with all sorts of decorations.

If we are talking about an evening dress, then jewelry made of gold and silver will perfectly suit him. Sapphires in white gold are in perfect harmony with the dark blue dress. For light, summer images fit a simple, but high-quality jewelry. For example, a romantic dark blue dress can be complemented with bright beads or large earrings made from multi-colored beads or stones.


Tights for a dark blue dress should be chosen depending on the season. A universal option - it is thin body-colored tights or with a slight shade of tan.

In the cold season, black pantyhose - translucent or thick - will suit such a dress.

Colored tights periodically return to fashion, so you can wear tights of bright colors, for example, green or yellow, to a casual dress of dark blue.


Well, if your wardrobe has shoes of black or beige color - they are perfect for a dark blue dress, however, as well as for almost any dress.

No need to ignore the shoes of contrasting colors.

Red, yellow or green shoes will look with a dress of dark blue color really impressive, provided that you manage to guess with a touch.

Classic shoes fit the elegant dress, and you can buy sandals or sandals of neutral colors by the summer outfit.


The biggest mistake that girls make when choosing makeup for a dark blue dress is the predominance of blue and blue colors. Stylists advise not to try on the image of the Snow Maiden, but to stop at a warmer, more contrasting palette.

Experiment with gold, beige and pink shades of shadows. For lips, choose lipstick with a bright or, on the contrary, natural tone. To create the effect of volume, use lip gloss.


Blue lacquer looks really beautiful only on well-groomed hands. If you can boast a perfect manicure, then to the dark blue dress you can choose one of the shades of blue lacquer coating.

Light glossy varnish allows you to hide all the defects of the manicure, besides, it always looks natural and does not catch the eye. For everyday manicure to a dark blue dress, we advise you to choose a delicate pink or beige lacquer. To create a bright image, use lacquer saturated colors, such as scarlet or emerald.

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    The dark blue dress is universal: it can be worn for work, for a walk, and in a cafe. Manicure, I think, is better to do neutral.

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