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Mint dress: notes of freshness in the image

Mint dress: notes of freshness in the image

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Pastel shades are now in great demand among fashionistas, and noted the most popular in mint color. What are the dresses in this color and what is important to know before buying?

Who is suitable?

Surprisingly, mint shades will suit every girl. However, depending on the hair color you need to choose your own mint color.

Blondes are more bright colors, for example, with an emerald or turquoise accent, and red-haired girls and brunettes should stop buying a dress of a more muted mint shade.


The length and style of mint dresses are very diverse, so you can easily choose an outfit to fit your figure.

Long to the floor

Such dresses do not lose their relevance for several summer seasons. They can be silk, chiffon, satin or cotton.

In mint color, long dresses look light and romantic. Complement this dress with stylish sandals or stiletto, as well as accessories to match, and you can go on a date.


A mint shade dress made from satin or chiffon is suitable for a romantic meeting. An attractive knee-length mint dress with a skirt or wide skirt also looks attractive.

A short

Simple and comfortable cocktail mint dresses will help you create a stylish, feminine look for special occasions.

No less in demand and casual versions of mini dresses in mint color. In cool weather, they can be supplemented with a denim or leather jacket. Also, to the mint mini dress you can wear a short jacket of blue or coral color.

Color combinations

A fairly wide range of shades from classic black and delicate pink to deep blue and calm gray is combined with mint tones. Let's look at these combinations in more detail.

With black

In this combination, the mint has to play a secondary role, giving primacy to black. If you allow the opposite situation, when the main tone is mint, and black acts as a supplement, then you risk getting a disproportionate and inharmonious image.

With white

The combination "mint and white" looks bright, radiant and bright. This is the perfect summer combination, to which you no longer need to add any other shades. However, if you want to dilute this fresh "duet", it will successfully combine with silver or golden color.

With beige

Such a union looks solid and discreet, but requires the addition of a large white accessory, otherwise the image will not be very expressive. In addition, a combination of beige and mint can also add a golden or silver color.

With brown

This combination is one of the most successful. In this case, dark brown as a companion to the mint will look better on the brunette girls, as it emphasizes the brightness of their hair.

With pastel colors

Mint perfectly combines with the whole pastel range. For example, the combinations “mint + peach” or “mint + pale pink” look very delicate and fresh. The dress, in which the mint is combined with gray, looks calm and neutral. It looks good mint tone with related shades - light green or light blue.

Another nice and unusual combination is mint and lilac.

With bright colors

If the tone of your mint dress is bright, then it will be wonderful to combine with a bright pink shade, fuchsia, bright yellow or orange tone. Such combinations of colors are well suited for a party, a trip to a cafe and other interesting events, where you need an effective and bright image.

With blue, blue

This combination looks quite attractive and calm. At the same time, the mint tone transforms its dark and nondescript companion, making the blue very juicy.

With sleeve

Since mint-colored dresses are most often in demand in spring and summer, their sleeve is either short or completely absent.

Very common models of mint dresses with thin straps. In this case, the lack of sleeves is compensated by using a jacket or jacket.


A mint-colored dress with a voluminous skirt is often chosen for important events, such as a graduation party or a wedding. Such a dress can be either short or to the floor.

Lush mint dresses are made of tulle, organza, taffeta and other elegant fabrics. They are selected accessories suitable for the occasion, for example, jewelry in white gold.


Dress in mint color with lace is also a great outfit for the holiday. It looks airy and very elegant.

For such a mint dress should carefully pick up stylish shoes and shading accessories, as well as a romantic hairstyle.

What to wear?

  • You should not wear accessories to match the dress of a mint shade, as they will simply be lost and the image will be blurred.
  • The best addition to the mint dress is considered to be accessories of beige color, snow-white jacket, and also a thin brown strap.
  • With bright accessories to mint dress should be careful. If you overdo it with bright color, it will worsen the perception of your stylish image.


The choice of accessories for mint-colored dresses is quite large. They are represented by scarves, bags, shawls, lightweight hats, sunglasses and many other details.

A wonderful addition to mint outfits will be precious metals, for example, a thin neck chain, silver or gold stud earrings, thin rings, pendants with turquoise or zirconium.

In the absence of expensive jewelry, a mint dress can be supplemented with high-quality bijouterie of a golden hue with green stones.


Mint-tone shoes for a dress pick up to your taste, because with such an outfit it will look good:

  • high heel shoes;
  • clogs;
  • leather sandals with a lot of straps;
  • lace boots;
  • elegant ballet flats.

Such shoes can be represented by any shade of green, emerald green, ivory or coffee tone.

Do not forget that the tone of the handbag should be the same.


Having planned to create a romantic image with a mint dress, make-up should be gentle and light. There is inappropriate bright lipstick, so you should limit yourself with a shine with a pink tint or completely colorless.

Note that the best mint-colored dress will look on tanned skin, so you need to pay special attention to skin tone. Blush dark girls will not be needed, and in the presence of pale skin, it is recommended to revive the soft pink blush. Silver shade can be called a universal option, especially if the accessories to the dress (bracelet, shoes, clutch and others) will also be in silver color.

The inconspicuousness of the mint tone requires that the eyes be emphasized, and the classic solution will be neat black arrows.

For daytime activities, you can choose emerald or turquoise liner. With it, you will look elegant, but avoid unnecessary emphasis on the eyes.

The ink should be only black, so the experiments with color mascara leave for other outfits.


Under the mint dress, especially for tanned hands, it is recommended to choose a pale turquoise color varnish. This shade of lacquer successfully combined with white and delicate yellow color.

Rhinestones, “lace”, and nail art can serve as decor (pink flowers look very beautiful on a turquoise background). In addition, in manicure under the dress of a mint shade, you can use beige, pink or lilac varnish.

  1. Marina

    Mint dress is very blonde. We become immediately expressive and tender in a dress of this color.

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