Colors of dresses

What colors of dresses are suitable for blondes?

What colors of dresses are suitable for blondes?

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  1. What are blondes?
  2. Choice by eye color
  3. By hair shade

Every woman is very sensitive to the choice of dress. And not in vain, because well-chosen model can make drastic changes to the female image. And vice versa - the discrepancy will turn all the advantages of appearance into disadvantages. The opinion that blondes fit everything is wrong. Consider the rules for choosing the color of the dress for blondes: you will be an irresistible woman with a perfect taste.

What are blondes?

The conversation here goes not about personal merits, but about the distinctive characteristics in appearance. Surprisingly, not all colors look equally good on a fair-haired girl.

Each blonde hair has a peculiar shade. It can be light beige, cold platinum, smoky ash, champagne, gold, honey and many other shades of blond. The first three options are bright representatives of the "cold" blondes. The clothes that suit them are absolutely contraindicated for “warm” blond young ladies.

The choice of color is influenced by the following parameters:

  • eye color;
  • skin tone and the presence of blush;
  • cold or warm hair tone;
  • season:
  • tone of the event.

For example, if a girl has pale skin, and her eyes are blue, green, or gray, her clothes can be either a single shade with eyes, or purple. The presence of dark skin and natural blush will allow you to choose bright dresses.

All these moments are very important, so let's figure out which blondes you are and what you can wear.

Choice by eye color

Girls with blond hair are divided into light-eyed (with gray and blue eyes) and dark-eyed (hazel and green).

Gray and blue

For owners of light eyes and pale skin, you should choose turquoise dresses and dresses of delicate shades of pink and green, as well as gray-blue, peach and asphalt. Brightness of the image will add the berry-pink tone.

If the skin is dark, feel free to choose bright shades. For example, mocha or cappuccino, yellow and orange, blue and green are the colors of an apple.

Green and brown

Dresses in green and brown tones are well suited for green eyes, it is possible to add a violet hue with yellow elements.

You should not avoid brown-orange, dark pink, coral outfits. Dark colors are better reserved for winter, and in summer you can allow yourself to be bright and memorable.

The most successful option in choosing clothes for brown-eyed blondes will be different shades of chocolate. Do not get around the side of the dress red-brown, gray-yellow and light purple flowers.

Dark eyes and dark skin are favorably emphasized by moon-yellow and dark blue shades. A dress of the color of ripe cherry can also be used. An interesting will be an image created from blue and orange tones.

Gray outfits can be used, but always with bright accessories, otherwise dark skin will become gray.


If the eyes are blue, and the face has bright, well-defined features and a natural blush, then you can safely choose clothes of bright colors. This appearance in combination with blond hair does not create problems in the selection of clothes.

All shades of blue and green, including even the brightest, will create a successful combination with a blush.The face will seem even more tender, and the image - beautiful and bright.

To work is allowed to wear gray dresses, diluted with expressive accessories. Well, the restaurant can be dressed and navy outfit.

Classic combinations (black with white or red with white) can be kept in mind and show similar images at every opportunity.

But light yellow, acid-purple and pale pink outfits should not be kept in your wardrobe at all.

By hair shade

Blonde color has many different shades. Blondes by hair shade can be divided into two categories: warm and cold. It is worth considering when choosing the color of clothes.

For "warm" blondes

If your hair can be called sunny, and the shade is between golden and apricot, then you belong to the "warm" blondes.

Such hair should shine and favorably emphasize clothing. You can achieve this result due to the following shades:

Dress in such colors can be put on a celebration in the event that you will be the only blonde. A red dress with a seductive and immodest neckline will be a chic option for such an occasion. In the orange dress you can go on a date or evening walk.

You have the right to choose the length and style of such a dress yourself, focusing on the features of your figure and the nature of the celebration. You can be sure that all attention from men will be directed to your person.

Turquoise. The quest for the most tender and romantic color ends on turquoise. For summer, this is the most current color that is perfect for blondes with warm tones on their hair. Due to the turquoise dress you can be at the same time sexy, tender and romantic.

With turquoise goes well with white and beige colors. Under the dress of turquoise is better to pick up shoes with high heels and golden accessories

Blue. Recently, blondes have become popular overalls in rich blue shades, but this does not mean that the evening dress can be thrown at the farthest shelf of your closet. For a celebration, a romantic dinner, the office of “warm” blondes, you can without a doubt wear blue dresses of any style.

Pastel shades. Create a special image that will stand out and be remembered, it is possible not only from bright dresses.

For girls with golden hair, it is possible to choose beige and pink dresses, but be sure to have pastel shades. Apricot and caramel outfits can also be included in the list of available.

For the expressiveness of the image let them answer with bright accessories, fashionable shoes or contrasting details on the dress itself. Emeralds are perfectly combined with a pastel image.

Green. Dresses in rich shades of grass are popular among owners of hair with warm light shades. Such outfits can participate in the formation of everyday images, ceremonial and office bows. All the surrounding ladies will look at your green dress, yellow belt and fashionable shoes with genuine envy.

Yellow and peach. With yellow dresses you have to be extremely careful, but it’s definitely worth including such models in your summer wardrobe. A beautiful figure will look even more seductive in a correctly chosen dress of yellow or juicy peach color.

Coral. Dress coral will look very nice in tandem with "warm" hair.

Dark violet. The color of well ripened grapes looks great on blondes. They look more sexy. In the matter of choosing such an outfit you should pay attention to the noble material and high-quality tailoring.

A choice of ivory-colored dresses in gold tones is also allowed.

What kind of color "warm" blonde should beware?

All cool shades will add to the skin dullness and dullness, while the look will seem inexpressive and dull.These properties have shades of mint and olive, pale tones of yellow, pink, blue colors.

If in your wardrobe there is a dress from a gray-brown scale of shades, then immediately get rid of it. Thanks to such clothes, it will seem to those around you that your hair is not well-groomed, and it is not well enough dyed. Following the gray-brown dress, silver dresses and snow-white outfits should disappear.

What color in clothes should be chosen by “cold” blondes?

The presence of the moon shade in your hair makes you a “cold” blonde. Such girls hair may acquire pearl, pinkish or ashy shades. For chic looks, you should stick to the rules in choosing the color of your dresses.

WITHOrnate and bluish pastel shades. These dresses are equally well suited for spending time with friends and important celebrations.

TOrassny. Even not just red, but bright and saturated dresses in which you will be noticeable, and even a fatal woman. Enhance the effect of porcelain leather and the use of ornaments with green stones.

Mint, green and sky blue pastel shades. Such dresses are suitable for all “cold” blondes, but they are especially well combined with platinum-colored hair.

Pink and lilac. With lilac dresses, the matter is clear - everyone loves this color, but blondes with a cold shade of hair look incredibly beautiful in such robes.

But to pink shades, not everyone feeds on love. You can make this color by combining various items of clothing. Another possible option would be a dress in pink with black or blue accents.

Notes of sexuality will be able to make the image of the dress snow white and gray colors. Such outfits must necessarily take place in your closet. They will definitely not be dusting - you can find a lot of reasons for their demonstration. The use of white and ashen dresses is possible, but their combination with yellow color and a touch of ivory is extremely undesirable.

What colors should beware?

Owners of hair with a cold shade of blond should be avoided and not even look in the direction of dresses of orange and gold colors. Your gorgeous hair just get lost on the background of such dresses. Another taboo are dresses in warm shades with the addition of red and turquoise tones.

It is on these rules should be based every your shopping. Then all your images will be correct, beautiful and just perfect.

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    Blondes are almost all colors, just need to choose the right makeup.

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