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Turquoise dress

Turquoise dress

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  1. Color features
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Shades
  4. With sleeves
  5. With lace
  6. Popular styles
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  8. What to wear?
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Color features

Turquoise color got its name in honor of a semi-precious stone. In old times, turquoise was very revered and endowed it with magical powers. It was actively used for decoration of premises, as well as in jewelry. It was believed that the guardian with turquoise is able to bring good luck to its owner and protect it from evil forces.

The fashion for the turquoise color came to us for a long time, at the same time with the fashion for all the eastern. Since then, turquoise-colored clothing wins all the leading podiums of the world, then is forgotten for several years.

There is one thing invariably: the fashion for the turquoise color never leaves us too long - because it is so beautiful and joyful that it is impossible not to fall in love again and again!

Who is suitable?

Turquoise dresses are loved by a variety of girls, because this color looks equally good on women of all color types.

In the traditional sense of turquoise clothing is more suitable for fair-haired girls with tanned skin. But the turquoise color includes dozens of shades, and among this spectrum it is easy to choose the right one for a bright, tanned brunette and for a redhead girl with light, freckled skin.

Properly chosen shade of turquoise color will help to emphasize a beautiful tan or, on the contrary, it is advantageous to shade pallor and thinness of the skin.


Consider the most popular turquoise hues that designers choose to create dresses.


Dark shades of turquoise include: dark turquoise, turquoise pearls, very dark turquoise and a shade with the original name "Thrush eggs".

These are all muted shades of turquoise, which will surely appeal to owners of dark hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. And if you have blue or green eyes, then a dark turquoise dress will look great on you.

Dark shades are not provocative, they do not seek to attract attention to themselves, so this dress can be chosen even for official events.

Gentle, light

Light shades of turquoise include: light turquoise, aquamarine, celestial turquoise and Tiffany.

Stylists recommend choosing light shades of turquoise young ladies - delicate turquoise is the best way to emphasize the fresh skin and slim figure of the young girl. As for the type of appearance, then the owners of blond hair and fair skin should look at this color.

Dresses of a light turquoise color usually have a loose fit, so they look incredibly gentle and airy.


It is a bright shade most often meant when they talk about turquoise color. Bright shades include: bright turquoise, blue turquoise, cyan, turquoise-green.

Bright shades of turquoise are associated with the sea, heated by the rays of the southern sun, in the warm water of which bright fishes swirl around and corals of incredible beauty grow. A bright turquoise dress is the best option for a holiday, as it symbolizes the joy of life and an eternal holiday. Both brunettes and blondes will look very impressive in such a dress, you just need to choose the right makeup.

With sleeves

Turquoise dress with sleeves is a great solution for a cool evening or a working day in the office. In the first case, the presence of sleeves will not allow you to freeze, and in the second - it will support business style of clothes.

If the situation does not imply excessive severity in clothing, long sleeves can be compensated for with a shortened skirt or a playful neckline.

Not only a business dress, but also a turquoise evening dress can be complemented with sleeves. Quite often, this part of the dress is made of openwork guipure. Sleeve length may be full, ¾ or shorter.

With lace

There is nothing more elegant than an airy lace dress. Dressed in a dress of thin turquoise lace, you immediately feel airy and graceful. Traditionally, lace dresses are chosen for a cocktail - if the skirt is short or for a solemn outing - if the skirt is on the floor.

If you wear a lace dress does not allow the weather or dress code, you can choose a model whose lace will be made only individual elements. A turquoise dress with lace sleeves or a bodice looks no less impressive than an outfit completely sewn from lace.

Popular styles

Designers have long ago successfully mastered the turquoise color, so they constantly delight us with turquoise dresses of the most varied style and cut.

Sheath dresses As well as dresses with straight cut, with or without sleeves, are perfect both for the office and for the subsequent evening meeting with friends. The undoubted advantage of this style is that it fits well on almost all types of figures.

Dresses, tunics. Very fond of celebrities. A short turquoise dress with drapery is also suitable for performing on stage, and for a walk along the beach. Turquoise color will be beneficial to emphasize the beautiful tan open legs.

Dresses with a pleated skirt. Flirty, a variant from which blows mischievous retro. Turquoise dress with a skirt in the fold - a great solution for dancing, because this style does not constrain movements. Dressed in such a dress, you can safely go to the club to dance until the morning.

Fluffy turquoise dress. This is a real princess outfit that every young girl dreams of. Such a dress would be most welcome at the prom or at the wedding - of course, if the bride does not adhere to conservative views. Hue for a luxurious dress should try to choose a light and delicate - not to look like a huge, bright turquoise cloud. The best option is a light turquoise or Tiffany color.

Spectacular combinations

Turquoise is one of the few colors that makes up bright, successful combinations with various shades. Consider the most beautiful combinations.

With black

Black and turquoise do not randomly look together very harmoniously - after all, black blotches in a turquoise stone are very common.

The rigor and restraint of black color make a good contrast with the ease and ease of turquoise. For example, a jacket made of coarse black leather will serve as an original addition to an airy turquoise dress. But you should not get involved in experiments, otherwise instead of an eclectic image you will get a set of random things.

The combination of turquoise and black can be seen in dresses of the most famous brands.

With white

The turquoise sea and the white sand heated by the sun - this is the image that appears in the head when we see a combination of white and turquoise in clothes.

White, like turquoise - it is a very gentle and pure color, so a dress in white and turquoise tones will definitely like subtle, romantic natures. White may also be present in the outfit as the color of accessories. For example, elegant white shoes and an airy white cape will be a great combination with a turquoise dress.

The combination with the beige color is also popular. Body color is used to create a naked body effect.

With blue

Blue and turquoise are related colors, so combining them in clothes is very easy. Blue is a calmer color, with its presence it seems to counterbalance a bright, active turquoise.

The combination of blue and turquoise can be a contrast - if you choose a bright shade of one and a light shade of a different color. The colors of the dresses look very interesting, where the blue color smoothly turns into turquoise. Azure, sapphire and ultramarine shades are well combined with turquoise.

With green

The combination of turquoise and green colors is perceived very harmoniously, as it is often found in nature.

Turquoise dress will effectively complement the green shoes, handbag or jewelry with green stones. The combination of turquoise and green is associated with the underwater world, therefore it is often used to create the image of a mermaid: long, flowing hair and a fitting dress in the floor with an open bodice.

With pink

The combination of turquoise and pink flowers looks fresh and unusual.

Using different shades of these colors, you can create diametrically opposed images: from Barbie girl to sport chic. The combination of light, pastel shades of turquoise and pink looks very gentle and romantic. Combining the bright, rich shades of these colors, you can achieve a spectacular, dynamic combination. Pink accessories are perfect for a turquoise dress.

With yellow

The combination of turquoise and yellow colors, first of all, is associated with summer, relaxation, bright sunshine, cloudless skies and watery surface. An outfit made in a turquoise-yellow color range is great for days when you want to share your great mood with others.

If you go on vacation in the summer, be sure to take a turquoise dress with you, and to him a yellow hat, sandals or large beads. In this image you can take sunny, bright pictures that will charge you with a positive and remind you of pleasant days.

What to wear?

Turquoise dress is beautiful in itself, but, complemented by matching accessories and clothing, it looks even more impressive.

Additions to the turquoise dress should be selected based on the season. For example, in the cold season it can be tight tights and a jacket or cardigan. Moreover, in order not to merge into one turquoise spot, these garments should be selected in a neutral or contrasting color. In summer, a turquoise dress can be complemented with bright ornaments, such as a necklace of multi-colored stones.


Depending on the length, turquoise dress may be suitable for a variety of occasions.

Long to the floor

A long turquoise dress is not necessarily an option for special occasions. Dress with a simple silhouette of a thin fabric, for example, chiffon or calico, is ideal for walking on the beach or the promenade on a hot summer day. Do not forget to complement the image of comfortable, but elegant shoes and bright accessories.

If it is still about publishing, choose a dress from more noble materials, such as silk or velvet.


Turquoise dress of medium length is great for a variety of cases, you only need to correctly determine the style and material. Strict dress from opaque fabric muted shade of turquoise - a great option for the office.

In cold winters, you can remain feminine and elegant by choosing a turquoise dress with a sleeve - knitted or sewn from a dense, warm material - such as boucle or gabardine. The image can be supplemented with beige, black or colored tights.

A short

A short turquoise dress is usually a choice of young girls. Due to the fact that the turquoise color has the ability to form beautiful combinations with almost the entire color palette, fans of turquoise color can safely experiment, diluting the romanticism of the image with a jersey, biker leather jacket or colored boots. Turquoise mini with a tight-fitting silhouette or, on the contrary, with a fluffy skirt will be suitable for celebrations.


We have already said that turquoise color is perfectly combined with a variety of colors.Therefore, the problem of choosing shoes for a turquoise dress is solved very easily. The most obvious solution is, of course, turquoise-colored shoes.

To make the image not monotonous, we advise you to choose shoes a few shades lighter or darker than the dress. Another classic option is white or black shoes. The first are suitable for creating a more gentle image, and the second - for a more strict one.


Accessories for turquoise dress, you can choose in tone and contrasting colors.

Jewelry and jewelry should be selected based on the color of the dress. For a turquoise dress in bright colors, more refined ornaments made of silver metals and translucent stones are more suitable. For a bright turquoise dress it is recommended to choose more eye-catching jewelry, for example, from gold and multi-colored beads, although silver ones are no exception.

Create a spectacular image with a turquoise dress is quite simple!

An earring or necklace made of real turquoise will look great with a turquoise dress.


Turquoise, like no other, shades the color of the eyes, so with the help of cosmetics should emphasize this part of the face.

Choose bright shadows that will contrast with the color of your eyes. Do not forget also about eyeliner - black or color - to create a more expressive look. For a light and airy turquoise dress you need to choose a more calm, translucent makeup in soft, pastel colors. If you brightly highlighted the eyes, then you should not draw a lot of attention to the lips - it is better to do with the bright shine of a natural shade.

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