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Coral dresses - for sophisticated girls

Coral dresses - for sophisticated girls

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  1. Color features
  2. Popular shades
  3. Length
  4. Spectacular combinations
  5. What to wear with: we select accessories
  6. What shoes fit?
  7. Makeup tips
  8. Stars in coral

Coral color is unusually beautiful and elegant, but it is not always present in the wardrobe due to the fact that creating a harmonious image with it is not easy.

Color features

Coral dress is equally well suited to both light and dark women. Color is not characterized by aggressiveness, such as orange. It is distinguished by saturation and softness.

The palette of shades is so great that almost every woman can choose for herself what really suits her. For women with dark blond hair color and various shades of it, a warm but intense coral palette is suitable. Owners of light blond hair recommend shades a bit muted and delicate.

Bright blondes and burning brunettes should give their preference to cold shades, and for the first - these are light and airy colors, and for the second - bright and juicy.

Coral will charge with optimism, energy, will add confidence.

Popular shades

This is not to say that coral is one color. It has many shades. Connoisseurs of color, the British, allocate 12 shades of it.

Pearl coral pink. Dress of this shade is incredibly light and gentle. It can be worn day and night. Jewelery made from pearl or moonstone will perfectly fit into the created ensemble and add magical notes.

Pale peach coral. This shade perfectly emphasizes tanned skin. Pale peach coral dress looks equally good both in the office and on vacation.

Pink peach coral. The hue surprisingly combines the seemingly incongruous - warmth and cold. It can be called festive and calm.

Light pink coral. The coldest and most reserved shade, but not dim. It seems to be between orange and pink. Dress of this shade looks elegant. Jewelry made of gold and silver perfectly emphasize its beauty.

Pink orange coral. In general, it can be described in one word - versatility.

Neon pink coral. The hue is quite cold. This dress does not fit every woman. Color is not for soft features, it will simply block them.

Bright pink-orange coral. Resembles scarlet, but more cool. Hue is expensive, it can be associated with exotic. With other colors you need to combine very carefully.

Red-terracotta coral. Lively, energetic and bright. The shade is ideal for an evening dress.

Hot pink coral. Very rich, therefore not suitable for everyone. It should be used extremely carefully. Hue will dissolve in a dim appearance, so in this case additional emphasis (bandage, bezel) is necessary.

Purple pink coral. Hue - a godsend for women with fair skin.

Crimson coral. In this dark and cold shade of pinkish tones less than saturated red. Remarkably emphasizes the dark appearance, which is not suitable shades of bright.

Red-orange coral. It is characterized by saturation and warmth. A dress of this shade is suitable for absolutely everyone - and blondes, brunettes, and brown-haired women. The occasion on which you can use the red-orange coral is also universal - walk, work, rest, holiday.



A long coral dress is the embodiment of luxury, femininity. Its advantage is that it is a representative of the classics, along with white and black. In addition, you can use the strap, which is in harmony with the shoes. Good look strap, shoes and clutch in white. Especially with the dress, in which there are draperies and folds.

In cold weather, the image can be complemented with a white jacket. And if you need to add a strict note, it would be appropriate to brown (jacket or jacket).

Turquoise decorations will add solemnity to the image.


A coral shirt dress can be a very interesting and stylish solution for everyday life. For accessories, choose a brown bag and shoes.

For summer romantic evening, perfect chiffon coral dress. Light and transparent chiffon will create a weightless and airy image.

Summer dress coral color in tandem with ballet shoes and a voluminous bag - one of the options for each day.


A short coral dress creates a pretty look. The use of this attire is universal. Whether it be a cocktail or casual outfit, it will emphasize your tenderness.

But note that the heel of the shoe should not be too high. He will spoil the proportionality of the figure. The best option is the average height.

Golden brown accessories will complement the look. But the decorations should be a minimum. Large jewelry fit the model, characterized by conciseness. Conversely, if the dress is folded, then the ornaments to it are light. The material from which they are made should not be alone.

With sleeves

Model with sleeves for cool evenings. A dress may have a cutout on the chest, but a variant of its absence is not excluded.

The most important rule: if one part is naked, then the other should be closed. Therefore, a coral dress with sleeves should be short.

Spectacular combinations

Ideal combination with cold or neutral colors.

With black

Black and red - a combination characterized by severity. The classic version is black shoes and coral-colored dress. This is a win-win choice.

With white

White and coral - a combination for the beach. The dress should be with straps, and shoes with flat soles in white.

With beige

Beige is combined with a shade of pink-orange. Tandem of tenderness.

With green

The green color looks perfect with a red-orange tinge of coral. Effective combination with emerald green and turquoise.

With blue

The color is combined with a light pink shade of red. Jeans is used as a textured fabric. This may be a short jacket or denim jacket.

Bright pink coral goes well with dark blue.

With red

Red shoes and coral dress - a good combination. Only shoes should be with high heels. Spectacular image for a party or a momentous event.

What to wear with: we select accessories

Light brown sandals, a brown bag and a belt are a great addition to a coral dress. This is an image for going to the cinema, walking, having a party.

Turquoise and mint decorations will create a very beautiful addition. The image will be refined and refined, especially for owners of tanned skin.

For a coral dress, designed for everyday life, do not use large and massive jewelry. A thin bracelet and elegant earrings will be enough.

Black handbag, the same sandals - this is a charm. By adding a gold-colored necklace to it, you will create a chic look for going to a restaurant.

Gold or silver jewelery will suit a coral dress made of chiffon; topazes, alexandrites, amethysts and diamonds.

With a long dress elegantly combined jewelry from pomegranate.

What shoes fit?

The role of shoes in the image is huge. It can be called the main one. In this regard, the choice of shoes should be approached responsibly.

One option is the shoes and dress of the same color. If it is impossible to make such a selection, shoes will fit, the shade of which is lighter than the dress by 1-2 tones: beige, golden.

Contrast is also possible - blue, lilac, white, gray. But the prerequisite of such an image will be the presence of color in any other element. It may be a scarf, handbag, scarf around his neck.

Blue shoes and chiffon dress - a chic contrast that makes the crowd stand out.

Makeup tips

Coral - the color is not capricious, therefore, it is not difficult to create make-up that emphasizes dignity favorably. The main thing is to match the tone of lipstick tone of the dress. This is a universal solution, and it is equally beneficial for both blondes and brunettes.

The color of the lipstick, depending on the dress and desire, can be both light and dark. It will favorably emphasize the golden tan tan skin.

As for eye makeup, then everything is a little stricter. In no case do not use the shade of purple or green. Ideal natural shades, brown, chocolate.

Makeup option. Peach color can be applied to the mobile eyelid, and gently pink to the edge of its outer corner, shading to the eyebrow line. White color is applied at the inner corner. You can give a slight shine with the help of appropriate shadows, causing them to overlay all the superimposed before. A dark bronze tint and a thin brush emphasize the line of the eye at the ciliary edge of the upper and lower eyelids. Before drawing the line, sprinkle the brush with thermal water. Mascara can choose both brown and black, blush - pink and peach. Shine a delicate pink hue to complete the look.

The best makeup option is nude style. Coral lipstick, brown eyeliner and the same mascara - profitable minimalism, which is often used by the stars, walking on the red carpet.

Stars in coral

Many world famous women prefer coral in their wardrobe. Their outfits are sometimes bright and aggressive, and sometimes gentle and soft.

Long evening gowns are one of the favorite images of movie and show business stars when they parade along the red carpet in all their glory under the flashes of photographers.

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    What annoys me a little is that if color is in fashion, then at the festival almost everything is in that color. A few years ago I bought such a dress, and there were 5 girls in a dress of that color at the party. It was a bit annoying.

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